Seven stories in the news for today June 28

first_imgSeven stories in the news for Wednesday, June 28———FEDS CONFIDENT OF SOFTWOOD VICTORYNew U.S. anti-dumping duties on Canadian softwood announced this week were lower than expected and that has Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr hoping Washington is finally accepting that Canada isn’t subsidizing the industry. The U.S. boosted the import duties on Canadian softwood in the belief the industry is selling wood in the U.S. at rates lower than in Canada. Canada says there are no subsidies at all.———TRUDEAU: LIBERALS INHERITED $18B DEFICITPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says his Liberal government has been keeping its promise to be fiscally responsible and blames the previous Conservative administration for being at least partly responsible for higher-than-expected deficits. He says the Liberals have remained consistent with their election promise to add about $10 billion in new spending for 2016-17, their first full year in office. But Trudeau argues that the Liberals had to deal with a baseline deficit of $18 billion after coming to power.———JURY TO GET FINAL INSTRUCTIONS IN ALBERTA MURDER TRIALThe fate of an man charged with killing a father, his toddler and a senior in Alberta is expected to be handed to a jury today. Derek Saretzky, 24, faces three counts of first-degree murder in the 2015 deaths of Terry Blanchette, his two-year-old daughter Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette and 69-year-old Hanne Meketech five days earlier. Saretzky has pleaded not guilty to all charges.———TOUGH ROAD AHEAD FOR SARETZKY JURY: ADVOCATEThe Alberta jury in the Derek Saretzky triple murder trial has a difficult road ahead even after they finish their deliberations, says a former juror who suffered PTSD from his time in the jury box. Mark Farrant, who spent five months at a 2014 murder trial in Toronto and was later diagnosed with PTSD, is now an advocate for the need to provide counselling for jurors hearing horrific cases. Farrant says the Saretzky jurors have been bombarded with horrific images and it takes a toll every day.———MONTREAL SUSPECT IN U.S. AIRPORT STABBING BACK IN COURTA Montreal man accused of stabbing an airport police officer in Flint, Michigan, returns to court today to learn if he’ll remain in custody. But Amor Ftouhi, 49, is unlikely to be granted bond because of the serious charges and the fact he resides outside the U.S. Ftouhi is charged with committing violence at an airport by stabbing Lt. Jeff Neville in the neck a week ago. Neville was released from a hospital Monday.———CANCER-DETECTING PROBE AIDS TUMOUR REMOVAL: STUDYCanadian researchers have developed a fibre-optic probe that can detect errant cancer cells within healthy tissue during brain tumour surgery with close to 100 per cent accuracy and sensitivity. The hand-held, pen-like instrument, known as a Raman spectroscopy probe, is able to differentiate between cancer cells and healthy cells. The research is published in the journal Cancer Research.———CHIEF’S ‘LAMENT FOR CONFEDERATION’ REMEMBEREDAs Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, Chief Dan George’s family and friends are urging Canadians to reflect on his moving and visionary speech, “A Lament for Confederation.” The acclaimed actor and former Tsleil-Waututh Nation Chief delivered the address at Canada’s centennial celebration in Vancouver on July 1st, 1967. The speech forcefully critiques Canada’s treatment of indigenous people and calls on First Nations to “seize the white man’s instruments of success” to rise again.———ALSO IN THE NEWS TODAY:— Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada will provide an update on their response to the opioid crisis.— Italian President Sergio Mattarella will meet with Prime Minister Trudeau in Ottawa before visiting Montreal.— B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong will deliver his 2016-17 fiscal update.— The team representing Canada in this year’s Invictus Games will be announced in Toronto.— Canadian singer Michael Buble will be honoured at a ceremony by Gov. Gen. David Johnston at Rideau Hall.— Ken Pagan, who tossed a beer can towards a Baltimore outfielder during a Blue Jays playoff game in 2016, will be sentenced.last_img read more

Is dark energy static or dynamic

first_img(—While hypothesized dark energy can explain observations of the universe expanding at an accelerating rate, the specific properties of dark energy are still an enigma. Scientists think that dark energy could take one of two forms: a static cosmological constant that is homogenous over time and space, or a dynamical entity whose energy density changes in time and space. By examining data from a variety of experiments, scientists in a new study have developed a model that provides tantalizing hints that dark energy may be dynamic. Copyright 2012 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of The scientists, Gong-Bo Zhao of the University of Portsmouth in the UK and the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing; Robert G. Crittenden of the University of Portsmouth; Levon Pogosian of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, and the University of Portsmouth; and Xinmin Zhang of the Chinese Academy of Science, have published their paper on the evidence for dynamical dark energy in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.In their paper, the scientists focused on constraining dark energy’s equation of state, which has historically been a very difficult task. The equation of state characterizes the way that the universe is expanding, and scientists use observational data to constrain this parameter in an attempt to find its precise value in the real world. Knowing the true value of the equation of state would not only lead to a better understanding of dark energy, but gravity as well. The key question is whether the value of the equation of state ever equals -1, since that might point to the breakdown of Einstein’s theory of general relativity on cosmological scales. Some models have estimated an equation of state very near -1, which has prompted the search for a quantum theory of gravity.In the new study, the scientists’ main finding is that the latest observations give a slight preference to a dynamical dark energy model whose equation of state evolves from less than -1 at low redshifts to greater than -1 at higher redshifts – at some point equaling -1. “If this result were confirmed, it would imply an additional intrinsic degree of freedom of dark energy and could be a smoking gun of the breakdown of Einstein’s theory of general relativity on cosmological scales,” Zhao told Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Is dark energy static or dynamic? (2012, November 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: Gong-Bo Zhao, et al. “Examining the Evidence for Dynamical Dark Energy.” PRL 109, 171301 (2012). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.109.171301 Journal information: Physical Review Letters To attain this result, the scientists combined cosmological data from the latest supernova, cosmic microwave background, redshift space distortion, and baryonic acoustic oscillation measurements. Then they applied a new reconstruction method to the data, which has the advantage of minimizing the biases that occur in some other reconstruction methods. “Perhaps the greatest significance of the work is the demonstration of the method as a means of determining whether dark energy is dynamical without relying on an arbitrary model for how dark energy could evolve,” Zhao said. “It is quite interesting that when it’s applied to the present data, these dynamical models do well, even when accounting for their larger flexibility.”The scientists’ model allowed them to compare a range of dark energy models and determine which models best fit the combined data. Although the dynamical dark energy model was slightly preferred, the researchers noted that models with the cosmological constant still fit the data, though not quite as closely as the dynamical model. The results are still far from conclusive, but the scientists hope that future data might narrow down the models with greater accuracy. They hope that observations by the Planck spacecraft (launched in 2009; first data available in April 2013) and the Euclid spacecraft (launch date is 2019) could help pinpoint the dark energy models that most closely describe our expanding universe. The researchers explained that there are two general reasons why reconstructing the evolution of dark energy’s equation of state is so challenging.”There are two issues here; the first relates to the difficulty of observing changes to the rate of the Universe’s expansion,” Crittenden said. “It took us 70 or 80 years to realize that the expansion rate was even accelerating, and this is largely because it’s hard to find the reliable standard rulers and standard candles which we use to measure it. We are now attempting to distinguish between models which predict very small differences, and to do this convincingly we need future data such as will come from the Euclid satellite. “The second issue relates to our lack of clear alternatives to explain the acceleration; without knowing what it should look like, it’s harder to recognize it. Previous work has tended to assume particular forms for the dynamics, but if these assumptions were wrong, they give us biased information and could miss out on seeing the dynamics entirely. We have tried to make fewer assumptions, which allows us to reconstruct a much larger class of possible models and capture the dynamics if it is there. By improving the quality and quantity of the data, we should be able to verify or falsify a very broad class of dynamical models, which will be crucial to understand the nature of dark energy.” Statistical modeling could help us understand cosmic accelerationlast_img read more

SAINTS were battered bruised and had players bang

first_imgSAINTS were battered, bruised and had players banged up but came within a whisker of beating Wigan to reach their first Challenge Cup Final since 2008.They were edged 18-12 despite producing a stirring second half comeback when 18-2 down to almost pull off the impossible.Although bitterly disappointed, Royce Simmons praised his charges afterwards and said their character shone through.“I thought we were very courageous,” he said. “The blokes showed a lot of character. We went into the game with a fair few blokes carrying a lot of bumps and bruises. At our first training session we had eight who couldn’t train, then for the second one we had four.“We put a side together the day before but we still had a couple of senior players carrying severe injuries into the game. It all adds up doesn’t it?“At the end of the day we had a fair bit of possession but we tended to get excited and went from sideline to sideline.“We are a better side when we play direct. James Roby was chasing the ball all over the park and that isn’t good. We needed to punch forward and then go to the edges.“It would have been good to get across the line to say we have played some good field position, controlled it well and it would have been good to get a reward, but their defence was too good.”He continued: “In the second half we didn’t have as much ball but I thought Brett Finch was pretty good in his performance in putting on the pressure and getting the results he wanted.“It’s disappointing but every time there was a decision to be made hands went in the air. There were a couple of things around their third try and hands were waved everywhere and the referee hadn’t even made the decision.“Finchy kept doing that for the whole half and got the result.“We were courageous but at the end of the day Wigan have won and it just wasn’t enough. It’s unfortunate but we put up our dukes and fight again. We have Huddersfield on Friday and then the lads will get a short break to recharge the batteries mentally and physically after that.“I am very proud of the boys today.”Saints are next up on Friday August 12 (8pm) when Huddersfield Giants come to town for Super League action.Kicking off at 8pm, tickets are now on sale from the Club Shop in St Helens Town Centre, by calling 01744 455 052 or by logging on to www.saintssuperstore.comlast_img read more