Bake Off: The Professionals seeks contestants for 2021

first_imgThe hunt is on for talented pastry chefs to take part in the next series of Bake Off: The Professionals.Love Productions, the television production company behind the show, is looking for teams of two to take part. One member, of head pastry chef level, would be the team captain and would nominate another team member to join them. The two members do not have to work at the same establishment but both need a real passion for pastry, Love Productions said.Prospective contestants may work for a 5-star hotel, a renowned restaurant, a high-end patisserie supplier or run their own venture, it added.The 2020 series, which recently finished airing on Channel 4, saw Laurian and Thibault from Cardiff’s Cocorico Patisserie crowned the champions.The deadline for applications is Tuesday 15 September and those interested can apply via dates are expected to be between January and March next year.last_img read more

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Platform Diversity Leads to Strength in Numbers

first_imgWhen all you have in your toolkit is a single type of hammer, it’s little wonder that every workload starts to look like the same proverbial nail. That’s the case with vendors that give IT organizations the choice of only one hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platform. They may have integrated compute and data storage onto a single platform, but, as is often the case with any platform, the devil is in the details.At Dell EMC, we offer two distinct types of HCI platforms based on appliances and rack-based systems that uniquely address different customer requirements. Within the context of an IT environment where organizations have standardized on VMware, those two platforms manifest in the form of VxRack SDDC that unify compute, storage and networking and VxRail Appliances that unify compute and storage. Both of these platforms are co-engineered with VMware to provide higher levels of performance than any rival platform.Explore the results of the Principled Technologies tests comparing Dell EMC VxRail to HPE HC 380. These materials include an infographic, video  and gated full report with the metrics and proof points from testing.For example, VxRail outperforms rival HCI platforms when it comes to processing VMware workloads. In fact, a set of benchmarks conducted by a Principled Technologies show that, as the number of virtual machines deployed scales higher, the VxRail Appliances configured with VMware vSAN software can regularly process up to 50 percent more database transactions than a comparable HCI platform from HPE. Those same tests show that VxRail Appliances can deliver 22 percent more IOPs as well*.These numbers are achieved not just because of the performance of the physical hardware. Working closely with VMware makes it possible for our customers to take advantage of capabilities, such as inline data duplication and compression, while at the same time attaching storage policies to each virtual disk to maximize IOP performance. Achieving similar levels of performance on any other HCI platform requires creating additional logical unit numbers (LUNs). In the case of the HPE offerings, an IT organization would have to create and manage as many as 86 LUNs to achieve what a VxRail Appliance can accomplish using one data store.That capability translates itself into additional savings spanning everything from the number of appliances required to lower heating and cooling costs. In effect, VxRail requires half the physical space in a data center to store the same amount of data as an HCI appliance from HPE. The comparable savings on the number of VxRail Appliances that need to be acquired when compared to rival platform are nothing less than considerable because VxRail appliances scale out linearly from three to 64 nodes spanning thousands of virtual machines. Best of all, data replication, backup and cloud tiering are all included.Of course, VMware represents only one private cloud stack, but it is the dominant platform in the enterprise today. IT organizations have spent years of time and effort mastering it. But some organizations may opt to embrace additional HCI platforms over time. The best part about working with Dell EMC is that we have expertise across industry leading stacks. Dell EMC also developed XC Series powered by Nutanix on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. Beyond qualification of the solution, we have invested considerable time and effort in augmenting it with features for deployment, orchestration and ongoing management. XC Series appliances are best suited for customers requiring hypervisor choice, which may include Microsoft Hyper-V, and support a variety of specific use cases, ranging from typical enterprise business applications to VDI environments.Whether it involves deploying systems running software from Nutanix, the open source OpenStack cloud management framework or the recently released Microsoft Azure Stack, platforms from Dell EMC that provide to common management framework serve to reduce both the total cost of acquiring multiple platforms as well as managing them across a hybrid cloud computing environment.Dell EMC, unlike most of our rivals, is not simply bundling instances of software on top of a bare-metal server. We have made extensive firmware investments in improving the management experience across the lifecycle inclusive of services, support and deployment and tailoring the configurations to match HCI workloads. These are delivered within the HCI model of seamless operation for the customer providing an integrated trusted experience.  This is available across our offerings including VxRail Appliances, VxRack Systems and XC Series to cover a broad range of customer’s hypervisor requirements including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V among others.  Regardless of the path chosen, Dell EMC is uniquely capable of not only supporting multiple stacks of software across a common base of  infrastructure, we work closely with our partners to make sure that software stack can seamlessly integrate with public clouds. Whether it’s an instance of VMware Cloud Foundation or Microsoft Azure, our investments in a common management plane for diverse hybrid cloud environments is unparalleled.On top of that, our customers can leverage the financial muscle of Dell Technologies to consume that infrastructure either as a capital or operational expense. The days when organizations were forced to commit hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront to acquire modern infrastructure are over. They can now either buy equipment, or employ multiple OPEX models to acquire various types of platforms with no upfront payments required.SummaryHCI platforms are the fastest growing segment of the data center market for good reason. They lower both the total cost of acquiring and flexibly deploying IT infrastructure in ways that were never possible before. But all HCI platforms are far from created equal. Depending on the nature of the workloads a VxRail Appliance can be twice as efficient as any rival HCI offering. As the number of VxRail Appliances scale out, the financial benefits afforded by that platform only start to compound.Of course, HCI platforms don’t supersede every other class of platforms in the data center. There are plenty of instances when being able to scale compute, storage and networking resources independently of one another in a rack-based hyper-converged system such as VxRack Flex or VxRack SDDC makes more sense. But there’s also no denying that HCI platforms running everywhere from the branch office to deep inside the data center are now critical infrastructure. Viewed in that context, determining the robustness of the HCI platform is clearly one of the most strategic infrastructure decisions any IT organization is ever likely to make any time soon.Visit for more information.* Based on Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell EMC, “Empower your databases with strong, efficient, scalable performance,” June 2017, comparing a similarly configured Dell EMC VxRail P470F vs. HPE Hyper Converged 380, using 50ms think time and 36 VMs. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage, and manufacturing variability.last_img read more

Snite hosts Day of the Dead

first_imgAs part of the celebration events for Día de los Muertos, organized through the Center for Arts & Culture, visiting artist Sandra Fernández of the University of Texas at Austin gave a talk about her artwork Friday in the Snite Museum of Art.Fernández said her artwork documents the various journeys and experiences of her life and allows her to express her opinions, political, social and otherwise.“Migratory paths have dominated my existence and are the ones that have defined who I am and what my art is about,” she said. “My life is a story of migrating and immigrating.”Born in Queens, New York to Ecuadorian immigrants, Fernández said she moved to Ecuador with her mother when she was one year old. She said she left Ecuador for political reasons and returned to the United States in 1987.In art, Fernández said she discovered a means of coping with her new and unfamiliar environment.“Trying to understand a different culture, I turned to art to handle the conflicted feelings and emotions that I was experiencing,” she said.  “Some of [my] works at this time also talk about the necessity to find familiar connections in a new culture where I felt completely alone and uprooted.”Originally, Fernández said she turned to photography to orient herself in alien surroundings. From photography, Fernández segued to bookmaking, which she said was a way for her to tell the story of her past and communicate her heritage to her children.“By this time, it was evident that for many years to come my home would be in the USA,” she said. “For this reason, I wanted to leave a legacy for my children, to teach them where they came from, about their roots, make them feel proud of who they are by knowing their origins.”Fernández said she continued to draw from the memories of her childhood in subsequent collections, including one which featured skirts in every piece. She said these works discussed gender and the social role of women, and they reflected various techniques she learned in Ecuador, such as sewing and embroidery.Fernández said her art has become more politically oriented recently. Although many of her early pieces incorporated political themes in response to her persecution in Ecuador, Fernández said only in the last several years has her art regained its political voice.Fernández said most of her political art today focuses on issues regarding immigration and undocumented residents. She said she sympathizes with those she terms “the dreamers” or the “undocumented students that have gone through the educational system.”“I came to admire these kids so much,” she said. “They kind of reminded me of when I was young, when I was at their age, when I was fighting for all these things that I wanted to change.”Looking back on her career, Fernández said she believes her art sustained her through the years and allowed her to shed light on the problems she sees in the world today.“When I started making art, I was confronting my own experiences, and it took me a long time to be able to get out of my shell,” she said. “Now after 22-plus years of making art, I’m trying to bring awareness of other people’s plights.”Tags: Dia de los Muertos, Immigration, Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture, Sandra Fernandez, Snite Museum of Artlast_img read more

Yasiel Puig isn’t the only intriguing Reds outfielder in 2019

first_img“The last couple years, I didn’t work hard because I still have a contract to go,” Puig said. “Now I think I’ll work hard more than any year in my life.”  MORE: Opening Day schedule for all 30 MLB teamsHere’s why that’s not a big deal: Puig is the headline maker, but he’s not the only story that could unfold in a remodeled outfield for Cincinnati. Billy Hamilton (Royals) and Adam Duvall (Braves) are gone. Puig and Matt Kemp, also brought over from Los Angeles, are in and will fight for time with Jesse Winker, Scott Schebler and perhaps even 2016 first-round pick Nick Senzel, an infielder who’s getting outfield reps in spring training.  So, who fits where?  Puig started in right field in the exhibition opener, and that would appear to be where he’s expected to start. The bigger question is where he can carve out a niche in the order. Puig hit mostly in the bottom third of the Dodgers’ order last season, but there will be an opportunity to move up a few spots with the Reds. This is a chance for Puig to be a star, and he needs to take advantage of it.  If he doesn’t, then the other outfielders will take advantage.  Schebler has the most experience from last season. He hit .255 with 17 homers as a regular in right field and hit .296/.333/.456 against lefties. Knowing Puig hit .209 against lefties and is .250 for his career, there could be a platoon of sorts that leads to an opportunity for more starts in center field.  Kemp is a sleeper to watch this season. He hit .290 with 21 homers and 85 RBIs last season, but that’s not why he’s interesting in Cincinnati. Look at his .289 with 10 homers and 36 RBIs in 36 career games at the Great American Ball Park. Kemp hit a homer in his spring debut hitting behind Joey Votto, and he has a chance to scrape out enough at-bats across all three outfield positions (although he hasn’t played center field since 2014) to be a key contributor in the top third of the lineup.  MORE: Sporting News All-Stars return in 2019 Topps Heritage setWinker, a 2012 first-round pick, hit .299 with seven homers and 43 RBIs last season. He is favored to start in left field. That leaves Senzel, who hit .314 across the minors the past three seasons and fared well enough in Triple-A that it won’t be long before he’s in the lineup.   The outfielders who stick will be the ones who can provide protection for Votto and Eugenio Suarez. The outfielders who consistently hit in the leadoff and No. 3 spots around Votto will be the best bets for success. For Puig, that means working into the top third of the lineup — even if he doesn’t have as much recent experience in those spots.  There are enough outfield options to make for some excitement around the Reds, who have finished last in the NL Central each of the past four seasons. Puig can be a catalyst for that — and there is an opportunity to be that exciting contributor he was early in this career with the Dodgers. Puig says he’s going to work hard. If he doesn’t, then he won’t be able to cash in on that contract year. And one of those other stories in Cincinnati’s outfield will be much more interesting. The Reds made some bold offseason moves heading into the 2019 season, and none made a bigger splash then bringing Yasiel Puig into the mix.  Puig is in a contract year with the Reds, and his comments to ESPN about his time with the Dodgers made their own splash this week. last_img read more