BENS BLOG You have to pick a pocket or two dear

first_imgA Staff has got away with it – Again! Was I the only person to see that a Boylesports betting-shop manager, was found guilty, last week, of nicking £590k, over a period of two years?Firstly; HOW does it take you TWO YEARS to realise that someone is nicking over £5k a week from a cash betting-shop?Secondly; what was his punishment? A five year jail-sentence…SUSPENDED for it’s entirety!!!What?! What kind of example is that, for The Staff, all over the bookmaking world?If you own a cash betting-operation, it’s hard enough to beat the punters, pay the exes and tax, and then quickly get the cash out of the till, before the wage-slaves have their own ‘private dividend’.This is a terrible example, and green-light, for a free-for-all.The Staff, all over the country, must be rubbing their hands with glee, after this one!Over and out, B xlast_img read more