Melissa Rivers To Be Honored For Work In Youth Suicide Prevention

first_img“Fashion Police” producer and co-host Melissa Rivers – who was a college student when her father, television producer Edgar Rosenberg, died by suicide – will receive the 2016 Beatrice Stern Media Award for her passionate efforts to raise awareness about suicide among youth and college students.Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services will confer the honor at its 20th Anniversary Erasing the Stigma Leadership Awards on Thursday, April 28, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Actress Eva LaRue will emcee the event, which is expected to raise over a half million dollars for Didi Hirsch, a leading community mental health agency that is also home to the nation’s first Suicide Prevention Center.“Stigma around mental health illness manifests in so many ways, but the common thread is that it prevents people from seeking help,” says Rivers, whose late mother Joan Rivers often spoke in her act about the pain her husband’s suicide caused the family. “By raising awareness and speaking aloud about our pain, we can help to prevent the shame that stigma causes.”Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services presented its first Leadership Award to Tipper Gore two decades ago and has since honored such advocates as Quincy Jones, Patrick J. Kennedy, Terry Bradshaw, Carrie Fisher, Larry King, Ronda Rousey and Howie Mandel. Other participants in the event have included Dustin Hoffman, Annette Bening, Ed Harris, Liza Minnelli, Julia Ormond, Tracey Ullman and Joe Pantoliano.“Melissa has been a brave and eloquent spokesperson for suicide prevention for many years,” says Didi Hirsch President/CEO Dr. Kita S. Curry, PhD. “We are proud to honor her for all she’s done to erase stigma, inspire hope and increase support for mental health care.”For more information about the event, click here.last_img read more

Yukon debate continues over Peel River watershed

first_imgAPTN National NewsHow to protect the Yukon’s Pell River watershed has been a major source of debate.Now, the public has one last chance to give their input.As APTN National News reporter Shirley McLean discovered, even -40C weather didn’t stop one elder from coming out to give his views.last_img

The Odds Of The Rockets Missing That Many Threes 1 In 72000

Considering everything that had taken place earlier in the series, it would’ve been hard to imagine the Rockets having a better start than the one they had in Monday’s Game 7.About midway through the second quarter, Houston had held Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green to 1-of-7, 2-of-6 and 2-of-6 shooting from the field, respectively. Klay Thompson opened the game hot — and was 4-of-5 from the field — but his effectiveness was dulled to some extent because he’d uncharacteristically landed three fouls in the first four minutes of action, forcing Steve Kerr to yank him early. Meanwhile, Houston found a comfort zone from deep, hitting 6 of 13 threes. And even when the Rockets misfired, they often outworked Golden State, strong-arming offensive boards on nine of their 19 missed shots.Houston had a 42-30 lead with 6:13 to go in the half as likely league MVP James Harden ducked behind a Clint Capela screen for a 3-point try over the outstretched arm of Green. The shot, a miss, didn’t seem significant in that moment. But what would follow — 26 more missed threes in a row, the longest stretch of missed triples in NBA postseason history — turned out to be one of the biggest outliers in recent memory, one that will haunt the title-worthy Rockets now that they’ve been taken out by a Warriors team that they had right where they wanted.So how unbelievable was it that Houston missed that many threes — many of which were wide open — in a row? To get a better sense, FiveThirtyEight leaned on Quantified Shot Probability (qSP) data — used to weigh the likelihood of a shot going in depending on who’s taking it, how close the nearest defender is to the shot, and how quickly that player is closing out — from Second Spectrum and NBA Advanced Stats, which use high-level cameras to track on-court movement.By using that metric — and looking at the probability of each individual shot’s chance of going down, from Harden’s 33 percent hoist that began the drought to his 31.6 percent chance on the last shot of the dry spell — we can conclude that the Rockets embarked on an approximately 1-in-72,000 cold streak from deep at the worst possible time, with a trip to the Finals on the line.As much of this was happening during the third period, a span in which Houston went 0-of-14 from deep, the Warriors were doing what they do best: staging a massive comeback after halftime. Specifically, Curry caught fire after the break for the second straight game (albeit in controversial, illegal-screen fashion at times), hitting 4-of-5 from 3-point range in the third. He and Durant combined for 24 in the period, a span in which the duo outscored the entire Rockets team by nine.Houston had overcome Golden State’s Mario Star-like third period earlier in the series during Game 4. But without any juice from the Rockets’ trademark long-distance shooting, the Warriors pulled ahead and stayed there for good, earning a fourth consecutive Finals trip.But given that many saw Houston as the club with the best chance to take down Golden State (the oddsmakers have the Warriors as enormous favorites over the Cavs), that confounding stretch of missed threes — which lasted half the game, from the 6:13 mark of the second quarter all the way until the 6:28 mark of the fourth — will be talked about for a long time.What could possibly cause a team to go that cold? Some would point to tired legs, particularly since coach Mike D’Antoni had been using a short rotation — somewhat out of necessity, since future Hall of Famer Chris Paul was out. But the dry spell was also related to matchups. Case in point: D’Antoni avoided using the slow-footed Ryan Anderson for the vast majority of the series. But when he dusted him off and played him Monday, Curry nearly brought Anderson to his knees on D, and Houston got outscored by 12 points in Anderson’s 8 minutes on the court — keep in mind, the final margin in the game was nine.Many probably asked a totally logical question in all this: Why wouldn’t the Rockets just temporarily abandon their reliance on the 3-ball since they couldn’t make anything from outside? Yes, this team took triples at a historic rate — the first ever to attempt more three-pointers than twos — but putting the ball on the floor to get looks from closer in seemed sensible.Doing that would have a been a little bit easier said than done for two reasons. First, without Paul, the Rockets were missing their most reliable midrange player, someone who at times had his way against the Jazz in the second-round series because of his ability to neutralize a club that was generally happy surrender that sort of lower-percentage look.Beyond that, Harden and the Rockets might not have been confident that they’d earn trips to the line by merely being more aggressive. In Game 6, for instance, Harden drove to the cup a game-high 21 times, according to NBA Advanced Stats. Yet he didn’t draw a single free-throw attempt from those drives. (Green told reporters after the game that they expected Harden to wear down late in the contest from having to create so much offense in Paul’s absence. Whether that expectation was valid or not, Harden shot 6-of-25, or 24 percent, from 3-point range over the last two games of the series.)In an era where so many thought this Warriors’ team was untouchable, Houston managed to push Golden State to the brink. With a healthy Paul, maybe they would have won and taken down a team that’s still seeking to go down as the greatest to ever play the sport.Houston’s Gerald Green was asked to describe his feelings after the tough loss. “Heartbroken,” he told reporters. Asked to expand beyond that single word, he responded, “Heart. Broken.”The cost of coming that close and falling short. The cost of arguably the wildest drought we’ve ever seen.Check out our latest NBA predictions.CORRECTION (May 29, 2018, 1:20 p.m.): A previous version of this story mistakenly said Curry and Durant outscored the Rockets by 10 points in the third quarter. The duo outscored Houston by nine. read more

BAHAMAS Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release – OAS and Chinese Scholarships

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, February 2, 2018 – Nassau – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received communications about a message that is circulating on social media regarding scholarships being offered by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Government of China.The Ministry wishes to clarify that, while the Government of The Bahamas, from time to time, receives scholarships from agencies and countries with which we have relations, the information circulating on social media is not completely accurate.The scholarships being offered by the OAS are available to all nationals of member countries of the OAS and not specifically Bahamians.  Also, the OAS has subsequently informed that the amount attached to these grants is $15,000, rather than $30,000 as stated in the social media message.The Chinese Government offers six scholarships to the Bahamian Government annually; however, there is no mention of the amount of monies attached to these offers.Official information about scholarships, fellowships and other forms of technical assistance managed by the Ministry can be found on the Ministry’s website,  Information about OAS scholarships can be accessed on the OAS website.The Ministry takes this opportunity to caution members of the general public about circulating information not obtained from official sources.Release: Ministry of Foreign Affairs(BIS)last_img read more

Government shutdown delays launch of new tech products

first_imgGetty Images Tech lovers may see fewer cutting-edge gadgets hitting the market in the next few months. That’s because the Federal Communications Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and other US agencies that certify the safety of consumer-electronics devices are closed due to the government shutdown, now in its 21st day.And if the government doesn’t reopen soon, the shutdown could also affect the rollout of the next generation of wireless networks, built around 5G technology that promises to make them significantly faster and more responsive. Trade group the Telecommunications Industry Association, which represents makers of telecom gear, said Friday that the shutdown is slowing the introduction of new connected devices that need certification from the FCC and that the closure could ultimately hamper 5G deployments.The shutdown “comes at a vital moment when the US is competing to stay ahead of the world in the race to 5G,” said TIA Government Affairs SVP Cinnamon Rogers. If companies can’t get their required FCC thumbs-up, there’ll be a “serious and negative impact on the approval of new connected devices that are designed to enable both 5G deployment and the full ecosystem of next generation technologies that 5G will support,” he added in a statement.The partial shutdown, which began Dec. 22 after the House of Representatives and Senate failed to come to agreement on President Donald Trump’s demand for $5 billion to fund work on a border wall, doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. Neither congressional Democrats nor Trump show signs of caving to the other’s demands.The impasse is having real economic consequences for 800,000 federal workers, who on Friday didn’t receive their first paycheck since the shutdown started. But the ripple effects are now starting to be felt more widely, including in the tech industry, where some device makers are being forced to put product launches on hold.  What’s being hit by the shutdownThe FCC officially ceased most operations Jan. 3 but kept some going, such as work on the 5G spectrum auction currently underway. But the agency furloughed more than 80 percent of its staff and shuttered several databases used by certification bodies authorized to work with product developers and labs. The FCC requires most new devices that emit radio frequency energy to be certified to ensure that the energy doesn’t harm humans or interfere with other products or services that use radio spectrum. Almost all the actual testing is outsourced to FCC-authorized companies or Telecommunications Certification Bodies. For many products, though, the FCC must provide the final sign-off. When the agency detailed its plans for the shutdown, it spelled out that these third parties wouldn’t “be able to upload applications for equipment authorization or issue grants of certification,” because they’d lack access to the necessary database.”Any product with a transmitter in it is not getting certified until the shutdown ends,” said Ron Quirk, an attorney heading up the IoT practice for Marashlian & Donahue PLLC. “And if it’s not been certified by the FCC, manufacturers and equipment suppliers can’t sell it, or even market it, in the US.”  What kinds of products are we talking about? Think new phones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers and a host of internet-of-things gadgets, like the net-connected ball that watches your pets, the connected sensors for your home water system to combat leaks and waste, or the $400 internet-connected juicer. And it’s not just FCC-certified devices. The shutdown could also impact some consumer-electronics products that’re considered medical devices and thus need approval from the FDA. That includes health care devices shown off at CES 2019 in Las Vegas this week: things like DIY sonograms, watches that measure your blood pressure, or vests that alert patients they’re in heart failure.It’s unclear how many consumer-electronics products may be affected by the closure, since it’s hard to know where specific companies and devices were in the approval process when the shutdown started. Neither the FCC nor the FDA returned calls seeking comment. But the list of new IoT devices needing FCC approval alone could be in the thousands, considering the number of new gadgets expected to flood the market over the next few years. In 2017, there were 8.4 billion connected devices. The volume should hit 20.4 billion by 2020, according to analyst firm Gartner. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel took to Twitter to comment on the sweeping effects of the shutdown on equipment makers. “Go ahead, take a look at the back of the nearest electronic device,” she wrote in her tweet. “You’ll see an [FCC] number. The agency certifies every innovative mobile phone, television, and computer that emits radio frequency before they can head to market. Guess what is not happening during the shutdown?” screen-shot-2019-01-11-at-8-07-25-pmThe FDA’s policy for device certification during the shutdown is somewhat different than the FCC’s. The agency has said it’ll still continue to process applications submitted before the shutdown took effect, but it won’t process any new applications. Still, attorneys from the law firm Hogan Lovells, who shepherd clients through the FDA approval process, say the backlog that’s growing during the shutdown will be a problem once the government reopens. “Depending on the length of the shutdown, medical product centers may well be looking at a sizable backlog of applications to triage when the agency is fully operational again,” they wrote in a blog last month. “Thus, if the current shutdown persists, industry should anticipate that certain agency delays will likely continue for some time.”Smaller companies to feel the heatExperts also point out that it’s smaller startups, rather than huge tech companies, that’ll suffer the most from the shutdown.”It’s companies focused on creating a ‘unicorn’ business around one or two key innovative products that will be affected most,” said Marc Martin, a partner at Perkins Coie LLP, who heads the firm’s communications industry group. “They don’t have a vast array of products in the market to keep them going.”By contrast, companies like Apple, Samsung, and Sony might not be happy about putting their plans on hold, but delaying a product launch by weeks or even months “isn’t going to bring down their business,” Martin said. Still, Martin and Quirk say their clients aren’t freaking out just yet. The timing of the shutdown, over the holidays, has likely softened the blow, since it’s typically a slower period. But concern is growing. “It’s one thing if the shutdown lasts a few weeks,” Martin said. “Everyone can take some delay in stride. But if it goes on another month or two months, I’m going to be getting some angry calls.”The Smartest Stuff: Innovators are thinking up new ways to make you, and the things around you, smarter.5G is your next big upgrade: Everything you need to know about the 5G revolution. Tags 1 FCC Donald Trump Comment Mobile Share your voicelast_img read more

A hint of Israel

first_imgIndia has 15 million visually challenged people as a part of its teeming population. This fact drew attention of 17-year-old Aneesha Madhok. She took on the responsibility of helping visually impaired people with her initiative of opening a company called El Tamim Productions. A dance drama titled Aliaz Free will be performed in the Capital with a message to extend a hand of friendship towards the visually impaired.  Aneesha thinks, many people believe their job is done once they have contributed financially for visually impaired. So, this will not be a charity event, rather a commitment event to extend friendship to at-least one visually impaired person.Aliaz Free a dance drama is set in Jerusalem of 1950’s. It has Hebrew songs and a lot of Israeli influence. It is not a remake of any theatre done so far.  The play is written, conceptualised and directed by Aneesha Madhok which also marks her debut. The drama is choreographed by Bollywood ballet dancer Fernando Aguilera with a cast of graduates from National School of Drama.last_img read more

JU students manhandle VC

first_imgKolkata: Jadavpur University V-C Prof. Suranjan Das was allegedly heckled and manhandled on Tuesday by a section of students who were staging a demonstration on the university campus demanding students’ union election.Das was admitted to a private hospital in the city. The incident took place after Das attended the executive council meeting of the university and was about to get into his car. State Education minister Partha Chatterjee condemned the incident saying that the students should have placed their demands in a democratic manner. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata Bose”I feel very insulted. Such an incident never happened to me in the past. The students blocked my path and turned aggressive. I tried telling them that I was ready to speak to them in a proper manner,” Das said. Debraj Debnath of Arts Faculty Students’ Union (AFSU) said V-C’s security guards tried to push aside their members when they tried to speak to the V-C. Debnath claimed that 4-5 members of their organisation received serious injuries. One of the injured students had to be admitted to a hospital. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataHe also added that AFSU and SFI members wanted to know if the executive council meeting took up the issue of “inordinate delay” in holding students union election. They also demanded immediate steps to hold the elections from Tuesday before Gandhi Bhavan on the campus. It may be mentioned here that students belonging to these students’ organisation also called an indefinite sit-in demonstration before Gandhi Bhavan from Tuesday till their demands were met by the JU authorities. According a press statement, issued by the private hospital, Das was admitted to the hospital around 6 pm after he received injuries when a scuffle broke out between two groups of students. It also mentions that Das gave a declaration that he would not lodge any formal police complaint. Das was administered necessary medicines and he underwent X-ray tests on his right shoulder, chest and the hip bone. He received the injuries when he fell down. The doctors are keeping him under observations. Das has also been suffering from hypertension and high-level of blood sugar, for which he takes regular medicines. According to the statement his health condition is stable now.last_img read more