This Kirby is an adorable magnetic allconsuming nightmare god

first_imgLet’s talk about how terrifying Kirby is. He looks like a cute pink ball, but he can consume anything and take its power. This was especially horrifying in Kirby Triple Deluxe, where the Hypernova power-up made him a world-destroying vacuum. I still remember seeing a Waddle-dee cling futilely to a pipe, trying not to get sucked in as Kirby consumed the stage. That actually happened in the game.But he’s a Nintendo mascot, and of course he has action figures and other toys. This one is the Good Smile Nendoroid Kirby, a Japanese collectible figure and the first Loot Drop video we have in an all-new format. Watch, understand the horror, and then we’ll talk about the toy.Like all Nendoroids and Figmas (Good Smile’s on-model collector figures, while Nendoroids are super deformed figures, though Kirby is literally both at the same time), Kirby comes with a bunch of accessories. He has four different faces (happy, angry, sucking, and full mouth), two feet, three hands (including one with a peg for holding accessories), a star rod, a sword, a Link hat, a fireball, a fire hat, and a clear articulated stand.Kirby’s body is split evenly in half. The front half consists of whichever face you choose, and twists securely onto the back half. The back half has a peg hole for the stand. There’s a separate stand arm for the fireball, so you can show Kirby breathing fire. Kirby’s body and limbs are magnetic, so you can freely move them around. It’s a clever way to make his figure extremely flexible for posing while using almost no joints or pegs. It also let me give Kirby a sword-dick, which is still hilarious. The hats are also magnetic.The sword accessory and Link hat highlight what a terrifying monster he is. Kirby gets his powers from those he consumes. He gets a sword and a green cap. He ate Link. He just ate him. And he’s going to eat me, and probably you and everyone else.Since Kirby’s a Japanese collector’s figure, he’s more expensive and difficult to find than your usual action figures. You can expect to spend around $40 on him either online or at comic book and anime shops and other specialty stores. He’s a horrific monster, but he is adorable. And I need him to fill a space on my desk since I can’t find my Link Figma anywhere.last_img read more