Hoosier under age 19 has died due to coronavirus

first_img Pinterest Twitter WhatsApp Google+ Hoosier under age 19 has died due to coronavirus Pinterest Previous articleSouth Shore Line extends May monthly tickets through JuneNext articleGov. Whitmer extends State of Emergency order to May 28 in Michigan Network Indiana WhatsApp Facebook By Network Indiana – May 1, 2020 0 486 Twitter Facebook CoronavirusIndianaLocalNews Google+ This undated electron microscope image made available by the U.S. National Institutes of Health in February 2020 shows the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, orange, emerging from the surface of cells, gray, cultured in the lab. Also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus causes COVID-19. The sample was isolated from a patient in the U.S. (NIAID-RML via AP) Someone under 19 in Indiana has died from the coronavirus. That person was the first that young to die from the disease in the state, said Indiana’s state health commissioner Dr. Kris Box, at Thursday’s daily briefing on coronavirus.“We’ve seen a few deaths occur in young people nationally. But, here in Indiana nearly 91 percent of the individuals who have lost their lives from this disease have been over the age of 60,” she said.Box also noted that Indiana passed 1,000 deaths from the disease. She called the number released this afternoon, 1,007, more than heartbreaking.Gov. Eric Holcomb didn’t show up for the briefing until near the end, and via remote. He had been touring the GM plant in Kokomo with Vice Pres. Pence. He noted that 600 ventilators had been built at the plant so far, and that it was set up in just 17 days.“And then to have General Motors and Ventec Life Systems go from seeing that partnership where they’re used to building big parts, and now getting into these very small, where you have to be 100 percent correct, has to work every second of every day.”Holcomb remarked on the smaller size and portability of the ventilators being built there, the portability making it easier to keep patients up and moving.Box noted that when testing increases next week, through a partnershp with private company OptumServ, that as many as 10,000 Hoosiers per day could be tested. She said the state arrived at that number, basing it on CDC guidance that says about 6,600 Hoosiers need to be tested per day.“We also are working with our local health partners to identify areas of the greatest need across the state to locate addtional 30 Optum sites,” she said. Twenty testing sites will initially be selected, and as many as 30,000 people per week could be tested at the beginning of the venture.last_img read more

Cortese’s pay packet revealed

first_img Accounts to June 30, 2013, published by Companies House, show that the Italian, who resigned on January 15, banked £1,965,511 (around £38,000 per week) for Southampton’s first season back in the Premier League. It was a payrise of more than £500,000 from his renumeration package the previous year, when Saints earned promotion from the Championship. Press Association Nicola Cortese was paid almost £2million pounds in his final full season as Southampton executive chairman, accounts have revealed.center_img The figures are revealed in accounts published by Southampton’s parent company DMWSL 613 Ltd, which is now known as St Mary’s Football Group Ltd. The accounts show the highest paid director’s salary, with Cortese the only director for the period in question. Owner Katharina Liebherr was appointed a director on Cortese’s departure. So too was Josef Lenhart, whose occupation of the role lasted three days. Figures for his renumeration could be revealed in the 2013/2014 accounts. last_img read more

The Pattaya 8-Ball Pool League

first_imgDivision 2 Crazy Eddie’s330261979 Mee Chew2021020-102 Pussy Galore3303510259 San Snack Bar211151504 Joy’s Paradise2021020-102 Chill Out Bar3121228-164 Parrot Inn10178-11 Webby’s Star220228146 Cock Inn330252059 Wobbly’s211151504 Shoot Pool1109633 Black Sheep3031926-73 Results: San Snack Bar P v P Shoot Pool, TJ’s 5 v 10 Pussy Galore, Black Sheep 6 v 9 Dean’s Bar, O’Leary’s 7 v 8 Cock Inn, Joy’s Paradise 5 v 10 Crazy Eddie’s, Mee Chew 0 v 0 Bye, Wobbly’s 8 v 7 Blarney Stone TeamPlayedWonLostForAgainstDiff.Pts. Results & Standings Nov. 1 (week 3) Dean’s Bar211161424 OK Corral321271897 The Lion Bar3122223-15 Jan & Bookie’s321231767 Ruby (2)321261977 TJ’s3031728-113 TeamPlayedWonLostForAgainstDiff.Pts. O’Learys3121728-115 Britannia220191186 Old Thaiangle3122124-35 The Windmill312232215 The Lincoln3121728-115 Bunker Bar3212124-37 Blarney Stone321261977 Moonshine Place2021020-102 Division 1 Results:  Bunker Bar 5 v 10 Ruby (2), OK Corral 7 v 8 The Lincoln, The Windmill 6 v 9 The Lion Bar, Jan & Bookie’s 10 ns 0 Chill Out Bar, Britannia 9 v 6 Old Thaiangle, Webby’s Star 0 v 0 Bye, Parrot Inn P v P Moonshinelast_img read more


first_imgDeputy Thomas PringleReduced standards in hygiene as recently reported by HIQA is a direct result of cumulative cuts in the health budget imposed by the current Government, according to Deputy Thomas Pringle.In response to revelations regarding HIQA’s recent report on hygiene standards in Letterkenny General Hospital, the Independent TD for Donegal says ‘cuts in the health budget, understaffing and the moratorium on recruitment has meant hospital staff are stretched to their limit. The reduction in hygiene compliance is a direct symptom of that.’‘We are witnessing a decline in hygiene compliance in most hospitals across the country. What is a pressing concern are the immediate health risks for patients in Letterkenny Hospital as outlined by HIQA. This issue needs immediate attention especially as we approach winter and hospital admissions increase,’ says Pringle. ‘The Government needs to get its priorities right in the area of patient care and staffing in light of the upcoming Budget’, concluded Pringle. HOSPITAL IS VICTIM OF THE SCANDAL OF CUTS, SAYS TD was last modified: October 8th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalletterkenny hospitallast_img read more

Behind enemy lines, 49ers vs. Browns: 5 questions with opposing beat writer

first_imgSANTA CLARA — Here is what Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com had to say of Monday night’s matchup between the host 49ers and Browns:1. Did that win over the Ravens validate all the offseason hype, or at least enough to save the Browns season?I actually do think it saved the Browns’ season. If they were 1-3 right now with this grueling stretch of the season coming up (49ers, Seahawk, Patriots on the road), things could’ve come apart this week. Instead, they pulled together and …last_img

Top 10 Mobile Products Of 2012

first_imgRelated Posts 7. Nuance – Dragon/SwypeNuance is a repeat offender on this list, mostly because it is very difficult to keep it off. Swype, the typing feature that allows users to input text by swiping letters across the keyboard without taking their fingers off the keyboard, is one of the most addictive features included in many Android devices. Nuance licenses Swype to many mobile manufacturers, such as Samsung.Nuance has built a neat little business licensing its technology (whether it was built by Nuance or acquired, like Swype was) to mobile manufacturers. Nuance also licenses its speech recognition service to smartphone makers and it is believed to be one of the technology suppliers for Apple’s Siri personal assistant app on the iPhone. 2013 will bring good things for Nuance as it works on its own voice-controlled personal assistant mobile systems and makes additions to its Swype and Dragon line of products. 6. GeoloqiWe normally do not like to add products on this list that have been acquired and are now a cog in a larger organization, but Geoloqi deserves its spot as one of the bright startups working to solve many of the problems associated with location services on smartphones and tablets. Portland, Ore.-based Geoloqi, which joined Esri this year, provides accurate and granular location services to app developers and manufacturers while still trying to preserve the battery life of a device. Essentially, Geoloqi provides developers with a software developer kit (SDK) that runs its location services in the background of any app in which it is included. The ability to run a data-gathering, persistent background location service without killing battery life cannot be understated. The use cases are vast, from government agencies using apps to track employee locations in the field to helping manage power consumption in your home through your location. Geoloqi is one of those companies that most mobile users will never really hear about. But, the old cliché applies, “good technology should be almost indistinguishable from magic.” Well, if you are ever using your phone and it performs and action that say to yourself, “how’d it do that?” There is a good chance a company like Geoloqi is behind it. 5. LookoutIf we saw anything in 2012, it was that the proliferation of mobile devices is changing the nature of computing on a vast, accelerating scale. Well, with any industry-changing event, the good comes with the bad. In this case, the bad is the pace and volume of mobile malware in the smartphone ecosystem looking to steal your data and cost you money. This is especially true for Android, but if you have an Internet connection with your cellphone, you are not immune from spam, scams and viruses. A variety of companies are working to tackle the mobile malware problem. Kaspersky Labs, Sophos, Bitdefender, Symantec and others are all on the forefront of research and defense against malicious hackers. But, for the second year in a row, we think that Lookout is one of the best companies working on preventing and detecting mobile malware. Lookout updated its Android app in September and added several new features. The app will scan all of your apps looking for vulnerabilities in your system. In and of itself, that is not really profound. Add Lookout’s ability to find your phone (even your iPhone) anywhere you may lose it, scan all your apps to determine what permissions they can use to share your personal information, institute Safe Browsing in Chrome for Android and backup just about every piece of data on your device, and you have one of the most comprehensive and powerful mobile security services available.4. Chrome for Android/iOSIf we have to pick just one mobile browser, it has to be Chrome. Dolphin, Opera and Firefox for Android are all worthy candidates, but the Chrome browser for iOS and Android from Google is the best of the best. Chrome for iOS and Android brings all the great features that you expect from Chrome on your PC. It is fast, remembers your history and has a robust bookmarking capability. The best feature is the ability to sign in to your Google account and sync your Chrome browser across all of your devices, remembering pages that you may have visited on your Android smartphone, iPad or PC. This cross-platform sync is not unique to Chrome, but now that you can tie your browser to your Google account across any type of computing platform you might use, the ease and benefit of using Chrome is apparent. 3. EvernoteWhen Evernote landed $50 million in funding in July 2011, the startup’s CEO Phil Libin said that he thinks his company can last for 100 years. We’re inclined to believe him. Evernote Toolbar Widget for AndroidIf you are an Android user, there is a pretty good likelihood that you have downloaded and installed the Evernote Toolbar Widget… and cannot live without it. If you are a copious note taker on your mobile device, Evernote is one of the best apps you can find to take photos, audio files, save articles or just jot down thoughts and sync it to the cloud. If we think of the factors driving new era of computing – mobile and cloud – Evernote is the undisputed thought leader in the personalized cloud productivity space. 2. SpotifyWhenever I ask people about apps they cannot live without, I get a fairly short list: Maps (usually Google’s variety), email, Twitter, Facebook, Zite/Flipboard, Instagram (or some type of photo app) and maybe something specialized to a person’s specific interest, like RunKeeper or Strava Cycling. Those who have been indoctrinated also add one app that may slip off a casual user’s list.Spotify.The cloud-based music streaming service engenders such loyalty among its users that many of them have trouble remembering a life before the ability to look up just about any song they want and stream it immediately, from anywhere. It also allows users to save files locally, has a Pandora-like radio streaming service, can be social or anti-social per the user’s preference and generally has any song you are looking for (yet, for some reason, a surprising paucity of Hootie And The Blowfish).Spotify WidgetSpotify and streaming services like Pandora, TuneIn, Rdio and the rest of its ilk are also causing a subtle shift in how people buy and manage their mobile phones. For instance, the Apple iPhone has long come in three storage sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Apple has built a very robust business on this tiered-pricing model. But, as more people move to streaming services for audio and video, the need for extra storage for media purposes is lessened. The priority then falls on the amount of data and speed you can get from your carrier. These services are changing user spending behavior and Spotify is leading the charge. 1. Google NowYou have heard of artificial intelligence. Chances are, you probably do not quite know what that means in its entirety. True artificial intelligence (robots that are as smart as humans and can think and behave on their own) may never become a reality, but Google is trying its darndest to give us the smartest kinds of computer intelligence, straight into our pockets. Google Now has the ability to know where you are, what you are doing and then give you help along the way. Leaving on your morning commute? Now will detect traffic and give you an alternate route, if desired. Its Card-based system can hold your boarding pass, local weather, reservations, events, appointments and meetings or the score of your favorite sports team. What makes Now special is that it has the machine learning Google is known for, the cloud to sync its information anytime, anywhere and the information intelligence that is unique to Google’s approach to the world. Now should just be getting started. Google ramped up its team in 2011 to work on Now, making it a priority within the company. In successive versions of Android, Now should become smarter, more intuitive and more able to serve your needs no matter what you are doing.  What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement When it comes to the mobile industry, we talk a lot about new devices and the virtues or detriments of each one. Is the iPhone 5 the best thing ever or does the Samsung Galaxy S 3 blow it out of the water? These questions, while pertinent and fun to talk about, really are ancillary to what makes the mobile industry run.Why do people buy smartphones and tablets? It is not because they have quad-core processors or super fast LTE connections. People buy mobile devices for what can be done on them. Apps, and the services that run them, are truly the backbone of the mobile industry.So, we present our top 10 mobile products of the year. To make this list, a product needed to be mobile-Web or -platform enabled. So, no devices (which we ranked earlier this month) or the platforms themselves. What made our top 10 in 2012? See the list below.10. InstagramNo company or service has had a bigger roller coaster year than Instagram. The social photo sharing app released an Android version, had a very public backlash against its Terms of Service and, oh yeah, was acquired by Facebook for nearly a billion dollars. Instagram also saw the type of exponential growth that startups can only dream about. It grew by tens of millions of users when it announced its Android app and then added tens of millions more when it was acquired by Facebook. Instagram in 2012 went from a popular iOS photo-sharing app with around 20-25 million registered users to a 100-million-user behemoth that has become synonymous with social photos. The elm trees of Central Park, New York City by Dan Rowinski9. LevelUpWhen it comes to mobile payments, we gave Square the No. 1 honor for mobile products in 2011. The dongle-based mobile payments system was truly deserving and we could very easily include it on this list this year. But we are taking this opportunity to highlight another mobile payments startup that is beginning to make waves in the industry and has a ceiling that could lead it to be a major player (or acquisition bait) in 2013 and beyond.Boston-based LevelUp is an app that uses QR codes to make payments at local merchants using the company’s system. LevelUp will provide retailers with Android smartphones to act as QR code scanners (or Near Field Communications later, if needed) and provides loyalty discounts to consumers. For instance, if you are at Four Burgers in Cambridge, Massachusetts and you pay for the first time with your smartphone on LevelUp, you get a $3 discount on your order. Come enough times and you can “level up” to greater discounts. LevelUp has two important factors working in its favor. First is what the company calls “interchange zero.” Interchange zero is the concept that merchants do not have to pay a fee for every transaction made on the system, such as the 2.75% or so that they have to pay through financial processors like Visa or American Express. LevelUp makes its money through the loyalty/advertising sector as opposed to interchange. The other prong in LevelUp’s attack is that it is making significant progress in getting its system into actual retail locations, something that larger companies are having trouble with (right now). As of the beginning of December, LevelUp had 500,000 registered users and had processed two million transactions. That is a drop in sea of the large payments industry, but the model LevelUp is using has significant disruptive potential.8. WazeSocial… driving. When we first heard of Waze, this seemed like a bad idea. A very bad idea. The last thing we want is for people to be on their phones while in the car. Yet, upon further inspection, Waze is much smarter than just an app that helps you tweet traffic alerts. Waze is a background location and turn-by-turn navigation app that works with your friends and the people around you to know where traffic is, where cops might be hiding or where the cheapest gas on your route is. Waze taps the collective consciousness to get you where you are going faster and smarter. Waze also saw huge growth in 2012. The Israeli-born, San Francisco-bred company scored a big win when it partnered with Apple as part of its iOS Maps system and has added many users through its expansion to various mobile operating systems. Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock.center_img dan rowinski Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#apps#Google#Mobile Payments#Nuance#Payments#security#Services#spotify The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

IPL 2011: Sachin, Rayudu lead Mumbai to nine-wicket win

first_imgMumbai captain Sachin Tendulkar and Ambati Rayudu put on a 110-run unbeaten partnership and in the process helped their team to an impressive 9-wicket win over Bangalore in their IPL match at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Tuesday. Score | Photos A 141 run target wasn’t a very tough one for the Mumbai team considering their fine batting line-up and openers Sachin Tendulkar and Davy Jacobs got off to a flyer. The two had put 33 runs for the first wicket when Bangalore’s Aussie import Dirk Nannes clean bowled Jacobs on 22 to stop their charge.Soon Master Blaster Tendulkar and Rayudu got going at the Chinnaswamy Stadium nipping in bud Bangalore’s hopes for a win.Like Bangalore opener Tillakaratne Dilshan, Tendulkar too carried his bat through to help his team win by a massive nine-wicket margin. Tendulkar remained unbeaten on 55 and Ambati Rayudu on 63 even as the final team total read 143/1 in 18.3 overs.Bangalore inningsEarlier, Bangalore opener Tillakaratne Dilshan carried his bat through scoring an unbeaten 59 and helped his team post 140/4 against Mumbai.Earlier, Mumbai skipper Sachin Tendulkar won the toss and put the hosts in the middle. And it proved to be a good decision as Mumbai’s Sri Lankan import Lasith Malinga clean bowled Bangalore opener Mayank Agarwal on the first ball of the match.Next man Virat Kohli too did not last long and fell to Kieron Pollard while trying to smash him across the line. An edge off his bat got carried away towards keeper Davy Jacobs on 19/2.advertisementThen Bangalore opener Tillakaratne Dilshan and AB de Villiers got on with a partnership thwarting the opposition attack. The duo batted on to put 91 runs for the third wicket before AB de Villiers fell to Kieron Pollard getting caught by the West Indian off his own ball on 38. Bangalore were 110/3 at the stage.No sooner had De Villiers departed that next man Asad Pathan too fell with Malinga crashing his yorker into his stumps. He was out for a nought as Bangalore went down to 112/4.Dilshan, who was still at the crease and Sourabh Tiwary added 28 runs to help Bangalore to a fine 140/4 in 20 overs.last_img read more


first_imgWelcome to the first edition of Sixty Seconds in Touch for August, with International news taking up some of this week’s talk, there’s also plenty of news on merchandise sales and what’s happening with the National 18 Years Championships, plus heaps more… * The 2005 South Pacific Island Nations (SPIN) tournament has been dominated by Fiji who grabbed the title in all divisions on offer. For all the info and reports check out the following website: SPIN TOURNAMENT WEBSITE * The stocktake sale is getting bigger with the latest offer perfect for junior or social teams chasing a cheap uniform. Check out the following article for the deal DEAL ON UNIFORMS FOR TEAMS which includes various t-shirts at $5 each and 2 free shirts for each team you purchase for. * For all the other great stocktake sale deals visit www.myclubtouch.com.au and then click on shop. You can either register online and purchase or email your orders and credit card or payment details to Casey at [email protected] * The NSW Touch Association 2005 City versus Country Tournament will be contested at Harker Oval New Lambton (Newcastle) on the 2nd (Friday) & 3rd (Saturday) of September. For more info check out www.nswtouch.com.au * The Northern Eagles are doing big things for the development of their region, with representative Touch being revitalised through several inter-affiliate competitions at Narrabri, Ballina and Port Macquarie. For more info check out NORTHERN EAGLES WEBSITE The Northern Eagles website is one of the most frequently updated websites and always has the latest news and events in Touch for their region and Australia. Congratulations to the Northern Eagles workforce who keep their players so well informed. * If you’re interested in the Game Development area of our sport, there are currently two vacancies for Game Development Officers in Victoria. Please check out www.victouch.com.au for all of the application details. * Australian Touch Association is now Touch Football Australia (as it is slowly making its way into our vocabulary.) Please be patient with us when we answer the phone, it’s hard to break habits and answer the phone with the new name when you’re so used to answering a certain way. * ACT Touch have announced their junior representative teams, check out www.acttouch.com.au and congratulations to all selected, good luck at your upcoming events. * Preparations are well underway for the upcoming National 18 Years Championships. The draft draw is not far off being released and I’m working in a short Opening Ceremony for all of the teams, which will also be combined with a send-off for the 10 Australian sides heading to the All Nations tournament in October. * In other National 18’s news the referees nominations have also been above and beyond normal expectations, in excess of 60 nominations already it looks as though the referees are going to be at their strongest come competition time. * Sides have been selected and announced on various websites, with the defending champions QSST set to be strong again, although traditional rivals NSWCHS will also be tough to beat. My tip however is that there are several danger sides to keep your eyes out for…in the Mens Competition it’s the Southern Suns and Northern Eagles, with many players returning from their grand final appearance at the NTL Mens 20’s division. The South Queensland Sharks also look like they will be strong in both divisions and the ACT Women have been on the improve over the last few years at Under 18 level. There’s certainly going to be some extremely tough competition at this year’s National 18’s Championships. * Having taken over merchandise from Gwynne for this year’s National 18’s Championships, I’m promising you that there will be some great deals on offer. We’ve got stacks of old shirts and other gear that will be sold at extremely cheap sale rates. There will also be plenty of new gear up for grabs, so make sure you drop in and visit the merchandise shop this year. (Although if the stocktake sale keeps going the way it is, there won’t be too much left.) If you’re interested in the stocktake sale check out www.myclubtouch.com.au and then click on `Shop’ to view all the bargains. * What’s happening in Coaching in Western Australia? Check out http://www.touchwest.com./coaches/index.html where you’ll find all the latest info, including the need for Mens and Womens Open coaches in Fremantle Touch. * The next edition of Touch-e-Talk (August edition, Issue 5) has been released this week. Check out the website. It’s got some more great stories on a couple of our All Nations representatives, as well as coaching drills, referee signal of the month, the Volunteers of the Month for August and a profile on one of our National Technical Panel. * Remember, if you need any assistance with getting some media coverage for your National 18 Years side or your All Nations representatives then contact [email protected] Also, if you have any items of interest for the regular Sixty Seconds in Touch article, please also send those to the above address. * Finally, keep the nominations for Volunteer of the Month rolling in. It’s a great chance to recognise someone who Volunteers at your local association. Simply send a few details on what they do and a way we can contact them to [email protected] or [email protected] By Rachel Moylelast_img

Yukon debate continues over Peel River watershed

first_imgAPTN National NewsHow to protect the Yukon’s Pell River watershed has been a major source of debate.Now, the public has one last chance to give their input.As APTN National News reporter Shirley McLean discovered, even -40C weather didn’t stop one elder from coming out to give his views.last_img

Results are in for the Citys AgeFriendly Assessment

first_imgRecommendations based off of the eight dimension-specific frameworks included;Action• Continue to ensure that City communications employ a diverse range of strategies and tools to communicate with seniors, including traditional media, posters, social media, emails, and word of mouth.• Advocacy • Work with community-nonprofit organizations and local media outlets to continue supporting the development of routine seniors communication tools.• Work with the Fort St. John Public Library and Northern Lights Collegeto continue developing and offering social media training for older residents. By using the interviewing process of key members of the City such as Northern Health, The North Peace Seniors Housing Society, Save our Seniors and other groups not listed, gave their views on amenities and services offered to seniors in Fort St. John.A physical walkthrough of the City was done by several of the members of the fore mentioned groups going to places most regularly used by seniors and assessed mobility barriers at each location. The third data collection tool was a survey of all residents of Fort St. John, 55 years and older, 118 responses to the survey were received.Assets to the senior’s community are a range of groups and organizations that provide services to seniors. Seniors are advocating for themselves and using their political voice which is important in a community such as Fort St. John that has a younger demographic profile.  There are facilities such as the Pomeroy where seniors can go to be active as well as senior-focused facilities that support healthy ageing such as the seniors Hall.The barriers that can be an issue for ageing are a shortage of affordable housing and most noticeable in rental units. After a census in 2016, 44 percent of seniors who rent have inadequate or unsuitable shelter or the shelter costs that exceed 30 percent of their income. The Handy Dart was recognized as a vital part of transportation yet has limited hours and availability. Social media is becoming a barrier regarding communication for seniors as they may no longer be aware of upcoming events. As the Seniors Hall is an asset, it is only open two days a week which means limited opportunities for social participation. There was also a large emphasis for long waitlists with medical and health professionals as another barrier.To make Fort St. John more age-friendly, recommendations were broken down into global recommendations such as;• That the City of Fort St. John establish an Age-Friendly Advisory Committee• That the City of Fort St. John review current and future policies and programs through  an age-friendly lens• That the City of Fort St. John develop and adopt universal design policies and bylaws for all new constructioncenter_img FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Results and findings of the Age-Friendly Assesment and Action Plan were presented to City Council.Seniors are a growing segment of the population in Fort St. John, and with the findings of the Assessment and Action plan, these will provide a foundation for planning and decision making for Seniors programs and services in the future.By using a framework assesment structure to look at both the physical and social environments for Seniors. The eight dimensions include; Housing, Transportation, Outdoor Spaces and Buildings, Community Support and Health Services, Social Participation, Civic Participation and Employment, Communication and Information, Respect and Social Inclusion.last_img read more