Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Platform Diversity Leads to Strength in Numbers

first_imgWhen all you have in your toolkit is a single type of hammer, it’s little wonder that every workload starts to look like the same proverbial nail. That’s the case with vendors that give IT organizations the choice of only one hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platform. They may have integrated compute and data storage onto a single platform, but, as is often the case with any platform, the devil is in the details.At Dell EMC, we offer two distinct types of HCI platforms based on appliances and rack-based systems that uniquely address different customer requirements. Within the context of an IT environment where organizations have standardized on VMware, those two platforms manifest in the form of VxRack SDDC that unify compute, storage and networking and VxRail Appliances that unify compute and storage. Both of these platforms are co-engineered with VMware to provide higher levels of performance than any rival platform.Explore the results of the Principled Technologies tests comparing Dell EMC VxRail to HPE HC 380. These materials include an infographic, video  and gated full report with the metrics and proof points from testing.For example, VxRail outperforms rival HCI platforms when it comes to processing VMware workloads. In fact, a set of benchmarks conducted by a Principled Technologies show that, as the number of virtual machines deployed scales higher, the VxRail Appliances configured with VMware vSAN software can regularly process up to 50 percent more database transactions than a comparable HCI platform from HPE. Those same tests show that VxRail Appliances can deliver 22 percent more IOPs as well*.These numbers are achieved not just because of the performance of the physical hardware. Working closely with VMware makes it possible for our customers to take advantage of capabilities, such as inline data duplication and compression, while at the same time attaching storage policies to each virtual disk to maximize IOP performance. Achieving similar levels of performance on any other HCI platform requires creating additional logical unit numbers (LUNs). In the case of the HPE offerings, an IT organization would have to create and manage as many as 86 LUNs to achieve what a VxRail Appliance can accomplish using one data store.That capability translates itself into additional savings spanning everything from the number of appliances required to lower heating and cooling costs. In effect, VxRail requires half the physical space in a data center to store the same amount of data as an HCI appliance from HPE. The comparable savings on the number of VxRail Appliances that need to be acquired when compared to rival platform are nothing less than considerable because VxRail appliances scale out linearly from three to 64 nodes spanning thousands of virtual machines. Best of all, data replication, backup and cloud tiering are all included.Of course, VMware represents only one private cloud stack, but it is the dominant platform in the enterprise today. IT organizations have spent years of time and effort mastering it. But some organizations may opt to embrace additional HCI platforms over time. The best part about working with Dell EMC is that we have expertise across industry leading stacks. Dell EMC also developed XC Series powered by Nutanix on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. Beyond qualification of the solution, we have invested considerable time and effort in augmenting it with features for deployment, orchestration and ongoing management. XC Series appliances are best suited for customers requiring hypervisor choice, which may include Microsoft Hyper-V, and support a variety of specific use cases, ranging from typical enterprise business applications to VDI environments.Whether it involves deploying systems running software from Nutanix, the open source OpenStack cloud management framework or the recently released Microsoft Azure Stack, platforms from Dell EMC that provide to common management framework serve to reduce both the total cost of acquiring multiple platforms as well as managing them across a hybrid cloud computing environment.Dell EMC, unlike most of our rivals, is not simply bundling instances of software on top of a bare-metal server. We have made extensive firmware investments in improving the management experience across the lifecycle inclusive of services, support and deployment and tailoring the configurations to match HCI workloads. These are delivered within the HCI model of seamless operation for the customer providing an integrated trusted experience.  This is available across our offerings including VxRail Appliances, VxRack Systems and XC Series to cover a broad range of customer’s hypervisor requirements including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V among others.  Regardless of the path chosen, Dell EMC is uniquely capable of not only supporting multiple stacks of software across a common base of  infrastructure, we work closely with our partners to make sure that software stack can seamlessly integrate with public clouds. Whether it’s an instance of VMware Cloud Foundation or Microsoft Azure, our investments in a common management plane for diverse hybrid cloud environments is unparalleled.On top of that, our customers can leverage the financial muscle of Dell Technologies to consume that infrastructure either as a capital or operational expense. The days when organizations were forced to commit hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront to acquire modern infrastructure are over. They can now either buy equipment, or employ multiple OPEX models to acquire various types of platforms with no upfront payments required.SummaryHCI platforms are the fastest growing segment of the data center market for good reason. They lower both the total cost of acquiring and flexibly deploying IT infrastructure in ways that were never possible before. But all HCI platforms are far from created equal. Depending on the nature of the workloads a VxRail Appliance can be twice as efficient as any rival HCI offering. As the number of VxRail Appliances scale out, the financial benefits afforded by that platform only start to compound.Of course, HCI platforms don’t supersede every other class of platforms in the data center. There are plenty of instances when being able to scale compute, storage and networking resources independently of one another in a rack-based hyper-converged system such as VxRack Flex or VxRack SDDC makes more sense. But there’s also no denying that HCI platforms running everywhere from the branch office to deep inside the data center are now critical infrastructure. Viewed in that context, determining the robustness of the HCI platform is clearly one of the most strategic infrastructure decisions any IT organization is ever likely to make any time soon.Visit DellEMC.com/CI for more information.* Based on Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell EMC, “Empower your databases with strong, efficient, scalable performance,” June 2017, comparing a similarly configured Dell EMC VxRail P470F vs. HPE Hyper Converged 380, using 50ms think time and 36 VMs. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage, and manufacturing variability.last_img read more

Highest Performing XPS Desktop Now Up to 46 Percent More Powerful

first_imgLast week Laptop Mag reiterated that Dell’s XPS 13 is still their overall favorite laptop, dating back years. While the XPS laptop line is the best in the market, not everyone is looking for a mobile PC. Many people need a powerful and configurable desktop and Dell’s XPS Tower desktops offer the same standard of XPS design and innovation excellence. The XPS Tower Special Edition is our high performance, VR-ready desktop with a compact, toolless chassis designed with easy access for future upgrades, perfect for video or photo editing, content playback, virtual reality, gaming and multi-tasking.Today we are excited to announce the XPS Tower Special Edition has been updated with up to 46 percent more performance* with the addition of the new 8th Generation Intel® Core™ desktop processors, more configurability options and increased memory. A few select reviewers were able to get their hands on systems early and the feedback has been very positive. PCMag and Tom’s Guide each gave XPS Tower Special Edition an “Editor’s Choice” award and Hot Hardware gave their “Recommended” award.“If you want a gaming PC that’s powerful, upgradable and unassuming enough to sit anywhere, from your office to your command center, the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition is at the top of its class.”  –Tom’s Guide Let’s dig a little deeper to see what’s new on the XPS Special Edition!Move at the Speed of Your Own Ideas Combining the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 desktop processors with high performance graphics creates the ultimate desktop performance. Whether you’re editing video, gaming or both, more cores means increased performance when you multitask or use highly-threaded applications. The new XPS Tower Special Edition with 8th Generation Intel Core 6-core processors delivers up to 46% more CPU performance than 7th Generation Intel Core processors.*Create Your Own Config The online store in North America has moved to a full “configure to order” format. Tech enthusiasts, this is for you. You know exactly what you want and you will be able to dial in just the right configuration to suit your need at Dell.com.Get Finished, Faster With memory up to 64GB DDR4 2666 MHZ and options for both SSD, traditional HDDs or cached hard drives that uses Intel’s new Optane technology, you’ll have both the speed and storage options available to match your needs.Powerful, configurable and faster – learn more about the most powerful XPS ever, available in the US and China today starting at $999, at Dell.com.*Based on an October 2017 internal testing using CINEBENCH R15 (multi-core) performance benchmark, comparing an XPS Tower 8930 with 8th Generation Intel Core processor vs. similarly configured systems with 7th Generation Intel Core processor.  CINEBENCH is a real-world cross platform test suite that evaluates your computer’s rendering performance capabilities. Actual results will vary. For more information, please refer to https://www.maxon.net/en/products/cinebench/last_img read more

Server Automation – Your Key to a Faster, Secure, & More Efficient Data Center

first_imgThere’s a lot of truth to the old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”Then again, the opposite is often true as well. Sometimes you have no idea what you’re missing until you have it – and then you can’t imagine how you ever lived without it!There are countless examples of automated products, services, and technology that came along have changed our lives for the better – in ways we could never have imagined before.Take banking, for example. It wasn’t all that long ago that we had to drive to the bank and interact with an actual human to deposit a check or get cash. And if it was Sunday? Too bad, closed. Then, miraculously these fancy gadgets called Automated Teller Machines came along and made life so much easier! Suddenly we could do basic transactions from all over the place at any time. And now with mobile deposit?! Whole new world. We can snap a pic on our phone and deposit in less than 30 seconds.It’s easy to see how automation in banking saves us time and adds tremendous value, but the benefits of automation extend across almost all industries: Medical (hello auto prescription refills!), shipping (what did we ever do without Amazon Prime?) car transmissions (how many people under 30 know how to drive a stick shift?). And of course, another key place where automation brings tremendous benefits: Your data center.Server Automation in the Data centerServer automation is critical to helping things run faster, saving employee time and reducing human error. It’s also key to modernizing approximately 50% of today’s applications that cannot be moved to the public cloud.[i]Despite its tremendous potential benefits, many IT departments have yet to embrace server automation. Perhaps, like those pre-ATM days, they simply don’t realize how much easier and more efficient their work can be. Or maybe the idea of implementing new systems seems too daunting. Or perhaps they’re afraid automation threatens their job? We get it, change is hard. But if for whatever reason your organization has been putting of automating your data center, it may be time to re-think your position.After all, server automation:Saves time (faster deployment)Reduces human errorDecreases downtimeFrees up employees to work on other tasks that add value to the organization.Helps with AI implementation (71% of organizations say inefficiencies due to lack of server automation are a challenge to their AI strategies)[ii]How Does Dell EMC Help with Server Automation? Dell EMC PowerEdge servers were the first servers to offer “embedded management automation.” All PowerEdge platforms, including rack, tower and modular servers, can be managed by the same management console, OpenManage Enterprise. Which means manageability is simple and consistent across all PowerEdge servers.All PowerEdge servers also include iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller). iDRAC is the “brains” behind many automation features; from deployment, to updates, to monitoring, to maintenance and remediation.The Dell EMC policy-driven management systems, OpenManage Enterprise and iDRAC, can automate server management tasks and ultimately enable customers to free up IT resources and increase system uptime.Additionally, users can manage both their virtual and physical IT environment by utilizing OpenManage integrations within third-party management consoles such as VMware vCenter.Check out how the IT Staff at CERN Get More Sleep with OpenManage EnterpriseDon’t Wait, Automate. If you’re like 62% of other enterprises, you are dissatisfied with the quality, speed and cost of your application releases.i You may also be frustrated with the agility of your architecture to support both mission-critical workloads as well as data-intensive workloads. If that’s the case, you are certainly not alone. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve and overcome these common challenges.No matter what stage you’re in with your automation, there are ways you can improve performance by automating specific tasks. Sure, you’ll need to commit to the process and make sure you have the right hardware and systems in place. But once you’re rocking along, you’ll realize the tremendous benefits of switching from manual to automated processes (and probably wonder why you didn’t automate sooner!) You’ll be able to react quickly and support data-intense workloads. Your employees will have time to focus on other, more important tasks that add value to your business.For a more complete overview on server automation and how Dell EMC can help your organization reach its potential download the EMA white paper, Automate IT Infrastructure for Speed, Security, and Efficiency.Join the conversation, and stay in the loop PowerEdge automation on Twitter at @DellEMCservers[i] Source: EMA white paper commissioned by Dell EMC: Automate IT Infrastructure for Speed, Security, and Efficiency, November 2018[ii] Source: Forrester white paper commissioned by Dell EMC: Insights From Modernized IT: How to Achieve The Greatest Success As You Automate, November 2018last_img read more

Tips to Help Keep Cybercriminals at Bay This Holiday

first_imgWe love online shopping. Cybercriminals do, too.The uptick in online shopping during the holidays means more chances for cybercriminals to steal your data. This can happen in any number of ways – visiting compromised websites, clicking on phishing emails or fake social media posts, falling for holiday charity scams and even buying from fraudulent shopping sites. The methods vary and cybercriminals get more innovative each year, but their goal remains the same: steal your personal and financial information.Here are a few precautions you can take to help protect your information while shopping online:“S” stands for secure: Make sure the website you’re using is secure by looking at the URL. If it begins with https:// (there must be an “s” after http), then the website is secure and will encrypt your information. Also, strive to use sites with reputable brands you know and trust.Just say “no” to public computers for online shopping: Public computers (like those in libraries, hotel business centers, etc.) may contain malicious software that could steal your personal information.Be wary of public Wi-Fi:Public Wi-Fi may not be secure and could provide easy access for criminals to intercept your personal data.Strong passwords are a must: Strong passwords are one of the easiest and most important ways to secure your devices. Use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols to make your password complex and difficult to guess, and don’t use names of family members, pets or birthdays. And never use the same password across multiple sites (you may wish to try password manager software to make it easy to never repeat the same password).Resist the click: Bogus links and attachments in emails, tweets, social media posts and online advertising are ways cybercriminals can compromise your device. If it looks suspicious, delete it. Also, always hover over a link with your mouse and review the destination address carefully before you click.Stay in the know with account alerts: Activate fraud alerts with your bank, credit cards, and credit bureaus to help detect suspicious activities like new payee, money withdrawal, high-value credit card transaction, activity in unusual locations, etc.Ship securely: Be sure to ship your new purchases to a secure location. If you know you won’t be home, ship to your office or to a neighbor to help prevent package theft. Also, packages left on a porch or otherwise in site of the public could be an indicator you may be away from home and invite criminal activity.Staying safe online will continue to require vigilance, and the convenience of online shopping will continue to come with risks. But by being diligent when shopping online, you can help combat cybercriminal activity during the holidays and year-round.Wishing you a happy, and safe, holiday shopping season!last_img read more

Dell Technologies at #HIMSS20: Envision Smarter Digital Healthcare

first_imgUPDATE 03/05/2020: Since the publication of this blog, the HIMSS 2020 conference in Orlando has been canceled. If you’d like to learn more about our solutions, please visit the Dell Technologies Healthcare page.  On March 10 -12, 2020, the Dell Technologies Healthcare-Life Sciences team will join 45,000 health IT professionals, clinicians and executives from around the world in Orlando, Florida at the HIMSS20 Annual Conference & Exhibition, one of the largest health IT events in the industry. This year’s conference theme is “Be the change,” and Dell Technologies is helping our customers and partners “be the change” with our solutions that combine a “patient-first” and a “data-first” perspective to accelerate safer and smarter patient care diagnosis and treatment.With our company’s social impact goals to transform the lives of a 1 billion people by 2030 with healthcare being an important area where technology can have an enormous impact, our innovative end-to-end technology solutions, from edge to core to cloud can help deliver enduring results.Our broad portfolio of software, hardware, platforms, solutions, and services aligned with our robust partner ecosystem is helping healthcare organizations around the world execute on their initiatives for Health IT, Precision Medicine, Connected Health, and Application Transformation – all surrounded by security and data protection.As healthcare organizations deploy our IT solutions for electronic medical record (EMR) optimization, advanced medical imaging for radiology, cardiology and digital pathology along with high-performance computing for genomics – they can envision the possibilities to improve patient care outcomes with more effective treatments. Precision medicine is also poised to advance, moving forward treatments for cancer, neurological disorders, and chronic and autoimmune diseases to benefit many patients that may have not had access to treatments in the past.Dell Technologies is also working with healthcare providers to drive their multi-cloud strategies as they match the needs of their specific clinical and business workloads to an integrated cloud infrastructure (compute, storage, networking & security) that can run on-premise and in public and private clouds. Organizations should expect consistent operations with consistent infrastructure across private, public, and the edge – for a true hybrid cloud experience that is seamless to its clinical and business end-users.Healthcare data is continuing to grow exponentially and grew 878 percent in just the last two years, with much more coming from sensors, wearables, and mobile apps for preventative care and chronic disease management. And, you can just imagine the data that is being generated within the acute care setting, where there’s 10-15 connected devices for every U.S. hospital bed.To get to true actionable insights, we are helping healthcare organizations move forward their Health IoT initiatives with our Edge and IoT capabilities leveraging distributed analytics to improve patient safety and monitor recovery, expand chronic disease management, and provide researchers with new opportunities to enhance precision medicine — just to name a few use cases. Emerging technologies such as AI, IoT and 5G operating at the edge will also enable healthcare organizations to innovate with data in real, actionable ways that were never thought possible.During HIMSS20, at our booth #2121, we encourage our healthcare customers and partners to visit us to learn more about our Healthcare strategy and how our technology solutions can, and are, helping healthcare organizations envision smarter digital healthcare. HIMSS20 participants can also hear directly from our customers who will be speaking in our theater about the positive change Health IT can make in the daily lives of patients, care providers and the community – through digital transformation.To round out your HIMSS20 experience, we also suggest that you visit other Dell Technologies businesses: VMware in booth #2021, Virtustream in booth #7845, and Dell Boomi at 8300-25 in the Interoperability Showcase. No matter where you are in your digital transformation strategy, we look forward to discussing how we can help make your organization’s vision for smarter digital healthcare real today.last_img read more

5G: Where We Are and Where We’re Heading

first_imgIn the last few months, we have seen society’s embrace of technology accelerate dramatically. Automation, Artificial Intelligence, virtual experiences, autonomous vehicles and robotics have all become much more accepted as humanity realized what those technologies could mean to human progress. The global pandemic has also forced corporations to shift business models, redefine education, recast healthcare over distance and fundamentally opened the door to different ways to do almost everything we understood before COVID.At the same time, the wonders of technology have caused divides—both economic and geographic—that need to be addressed as we look to recover and rebuild. Today, the future of the economy and our communities depends on the ability of business and governments to invest in a long-term digital transformation strategy that includes everyone and everything regardless of their location or prior relationship with modern technology. One of the key elements of making this transformation real is having a pervasive way to reach the entire digital ecosystem. We will be dependent on modern connectivity to connect the clouds to the edges to the people to the devices across society; and at this time the single most important new technology to make that happen is next generation 5G wireless communications technology.Building 5G on Top of Existing 4G Infrastructure – An Important First StepToday, 5G is at best an extension of the 4G environment with legacy or traditional technology powering cellular networks for moderately faster speeds. The big four U.S. carriers have each introduced technology that aims to bring 5G connectivity to consumers – essentially adding on 5G equipment to an existing 4G LTE network.While these early efforts to bolster 4G LTE networks are admirable and demonstrate the appetite for the 5G experience, they are still very early in delivering the high broadband speeds, near zero latency, and high device density promise of 5G. The journey to get there is the challenge, and we have pretty significant hurdles to overcome from a U.S. perspective and will need the full investment of the US innovation ecosystem.The Race to 5G Dominance Heats up Across the GlobeOne of the biggest impediments to 5G infrastructure is the limited marketplace that exists, particularly in the U.S., which lacks at-scale providers of modern 5G equipment used to build these new networks. If we don’t fix that problem, 5G adoption in the U.S. will lag behind other nations and the US technology ecosystem will participate from the outside of this critical technology. The government must find creative ways to attract U.S.-based companies into the 5G ecosystem by sharing risk and creating incentives. With the capital, resources, and talent to build a 5G infrastructure, big tech will be able to increase their participation in 5G at an accelerated rate. We know that when the technology industry of the United States is fully present in a technical ecosystem, amazing innovation happens, and true progress occurs. We have seen this in Cloud, IT, software defined systems, virtualization, security and even in wireless technology many years ago.This change in the role of the U.S. technical ecosystem is critical. The lack of a robust secure supply chain, U.S. technology, and control over the intellectual property rights of the 5G ecosystem introduces significant strategic, security, economic, and political risk to the communications industry. The impact of these deficiencies goes beyond just mobile connectivity. The U.S. must drive the innovation and standardization of national 5G infrastructure to not only get left behind on the world stage, but also play a major role in the marketplace as it has for nearly every other technological invention. By doing so, we can increase market competitiveness, prevent vendor lock-in, and lower costs at a time when governments globally need to prioritize spending. More importantly, we can set the stage for the next wave of wireless that will far more resemble the cloud and IT ecosystems than traditional telecom systems.To Stand up a 5G Network in the U.S., We Need a New ModelUntil now, major efforts to develop a national 5G network have been segmented, but not for lack of trying. Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) standard is a great place to start – open is always better than closed when it comes to innovation and standardization. However, with O-RAN, you run the risk of open environments without optimization. If you can’t make the disparate parts work together, you don’t necessarily have an effective open environment.We need to change how we approach building a 5G infrastructure, starting from the ground up. 5G is not simply an evolution of 4G; it requires massive transformation, a multitude of additional towers and demands new distributed architectures using software-defined networks. Dell Technologies believes the model should mimic how you build a cloud; it’s done with a coalition, an ecosystem, and people who understand how to build modern systems beyond just the specific needs of telecom networks. And that’s where Dell Technologies and others are starting to emerge as potential facilitators to enable that collaboration and integration at scale.Now is the TimeBuilding sustainable 5G networks is a massive undertaking, one that requires federal support and investment from American companies. Deploying 5G networks in the coming years requires immediate capital for new infrastructure, devices, and services. It also requires a focus on not just creating demand for 5G but in creating U.Ss sources of supply of the underlying technology. This is an investment in creating new players or pulling adjacent companies into the 5G ecosystem. At the end we must have a wireless ecosystem that includes not just the existing well-respected international players but also fully includes a number of at-scale U.S. technology companies playing primary roles in the future of wireless.The events of the last six months have changed the way every technologist thinks about innovation. As more and more data are created at the edge, we’ve become a culture reliant on remote access. Permanent expansion of digital healthcare, education, remote work, job training, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement requires accessibility to a high-speed network, and investment in 5G technology infrastructure can make closing the digital divide possible. The US is leading the innovation in almost every aspect of that future except the core technology to connect it all together. That must change as a matter of national interest. Now is the time for us to seize the opportunity to invest in the infrastructure for a digital economy and to ensure the future global competitiveness of our nation.last_img read more

Sheriff: Teen wrote threatening song after school suspension

first_imgPALM COAST, Fla. (AP) — Sheriff’s deputies arrested an 18-year-old high school student in Florida after they say he admitted to recording a song in which he threatened to kill a school administrator. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office says Joseph Washington was arrested Tuesday on felony charges of making written threats to kill. A judge released the teen from jail Wednesday and his trial is pending. Washington told investigators he wrote and recorded the song in retaliation for being suspended from Matanzas High School for a dress code violation and for using offensive language. Officials say Washington is heard in the song saying he will “gladly do it again.”last_img

Agriculture secretary nominee Vilsack endorses biofuels push

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — Tom Vilsack, President Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of agriculture, is pledging to focus on climate change initiatives and work to address racial inequities in agricultural assistance programs. Vilsack, who testified Tuesday before the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee, brings more on-the-job experience than any other Biden Cabinet nominee. In addition to serving two terms as the governor of Iowa, he spent eight years as President Barack Obama’s Agriculture Secretary. In his testimony, Vilsack heavily endorsed boosting climate-friendly agricultural industries such as the creation of biofuels. Vilsack seems to enjoy bipartisan support and faced no serious criticism from Republicans on the committee.last_img

Pakistani PM urges Kashmir referendum, talks with India

first_imgISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s prime minister says his country will allow people in the Pakistan-administered section of divided Kashmir to decide whether they wanted to join Pakistan or prefer to remain independent in a future referendum on the disputed Himalayan region. Imran Khan spoke at a rally on Friday in the town of Kotli in the Pakistan-administered Kashmir as the country marked the annual Day of Solidarity with Kashmir. Khan expressed readiness to talk to his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, if he reverses steps taken by New Delhi in 2019 by changing the special status of Kashmir, which is split between Pakistan and India and claimed by both in its entirety.last_img

Police shooting sets off fiery protests in southern Chile

first_imgSANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — The shooting of a street juggler has set off protests over alleged police violence in southern Chile, where several buildings were set ablaze and an officer held in custody for investigations. Local news media showed about 10 buildings set ablaze following Friday’s shooting. Police say 27-year-old Francisco Martínez Romero resisted officers at a routine identity check. A video circulated on social media showed an officer shooting toward the feet of the man, who waved what appeared to be two blunt machetes used in his performance. He then rushed toward the officer. Several shots were fired and the man collapsed in the street.last_img