first_imgGovernor Announces Changes in AdministrationMontpelier — Governor Jim Douglas has announced that the secretariesof human services and administration are planning to switch positions inthe next phase of the Governor’s efforts to strengthen governmentservices, save Medicaid and reform health care.Effective Monday, February 21, Charlie Smith will become administrationsecretary, state government’s equivalent of a chief operating officer andMike Smith will become human services secretary, overseeing the largestand most costly agency in state government. Both men will work closelytogether to ensure a smooth transition of all management and legislativeissues.Governor Douglas said both men have served extraordinarily well in theircurrent positions and that each agency will benefit from the change.”Charlie and Mike are invaluable members of my team and both have workedvery hard in their agencies to improve the service we provide Vermonters,”Douglas said. “Each of them offers important skills that will benefit theagency they are moving to.”Douglas noted in particular Charlie Smith’s work with consumer and peeradvocates to develop and embark on an intensive effort to transform theway the Agency of Human Services delivers its services. After months ofmeetings, focus groups and surveys, a plan for one of the most significantreorganization of government services in more than two decades waspresented to the legislature and approved in the waning days of the lastbiennium.”This is the next phase of our government reorganization efforts,” Douglassaid. “A few of our folks will be changing positions, but we’re keepingthe same great team on the field.”SAVING MEDICAIDDouglas said both men would continue to work closely to address currentbudget challenges, especially his plans for health care reform and savingMedicaid for the most vulnerable.Vermont’s Medicaid program faces extreme and deepening annual deficits.Without structural and programmatic changes in the fiscal year 2006, theMedicaid deficit is of $80 million is expected to approach three-quartersof a billion dollars over the upcoming 5 fiscal years.ABOUT CHARLIE SMITHDouglas chose Charlie Smith to lead is Agency of Human Services inDecember 2002. Smith, 50, of Burlington, was District president of KeyBank and President of the United Way of Chittenden County.”Charlie is a proven public and private sector manager, as well as acommunity leader,” Douglas said. “Charlie has all the skills required toaccomplish my goals for state government.”Douglas pointed out that he asked him to “create a Human Services Agencythat delivers services more efficiently and more effectively,significantly improves the client’s experience with the Agency and willmaximize the value of every tax dollar spent in this agency each year.” Achallenge he has met through an Agency wide reorganization.In the late 1970’s Smith served two terms in the Vermont House ofRepresentatives and later served as staff director for then CongressmanJim Jeffords.Smith earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.ABOUT MIKE SMITHPrior to his appointment in December 2002 as administration secretary,Mike Smith, 51, was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officerof Yankee Captive Management, Inc., an independent captive management firmlocated in Vermont.He has also sat on the Board of Directors of the Yankee Insurance Group,whose subsidiaries include Hackett, Valine and MacDonald and YankeeCaptive Management, Inc. From 1995-1999, Smith served as Deputy StateTreasurer under then State Treasurer Jim Douglas.Prior to returning to the public sector, Smith was the General Manager ofPublic Employer Risk Management Association, Inc. (PERMA) a workers’compensation insurance pool for public entities.In addition, Smith has been a partner of MMA Consulting Group, Inc., aconsulting firm for cities and towns in the northeast. He is also formertown manager of Hardwick, Vermont and a former member of the VermontLegislature representing his hometown of Woodstock and surrounding area.From 1972-1975, Smith was a member of the highly decorated SEAL Team Two,the U.S. Navy’s elite commando unit.Born in Rutland, Vermont, Smith earned a bachelor’s and master’s degreefrom the University of Vermont.Smith will head the largest agency in state government. “Mike is a man ofgreat compassion and strength,” Douglas said. “He will make an excellenthuman services secretary.”OTHER CHANGES * Commissioner of Human Resources Cindy LaWare will becomeDeputy Secretary of the Agency of Human Services. * Commissioner of Finance Robert Hofmann will becomeCommissioner of Corrections * Deputy Commissioner of Finance Jim Reardon will becomeCommissioner of Finance and Management. * Commissioner of Corrections Steve Gold will become DeputySecretary of Administration.###last_img

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