first_imgHannaford sued over security breachTwo law firms have filed lawsuits against Hannaford Brothers Company after the grocery chain reported a data security breach of its computer systems that has left its millions of customers vulnerable to credit card theft. The Philadelphia based law firm Berger and Montague, and Bangor based attorney Samuel W. Lanham Junior have filed class action lawsuits against the company in Portland and Bangor, respectively. The lawsuits were filed on behalf of all customers whose credit or debit card information was stolen as a result of Hannafords negligence towards maintaining its computer datas security system.Up to 4.2 million account numbers were stolen by thieves who cracked computers between December 7, 2007 and March 10, 2008. An estimated 1,800 cards have been used fraudulently. Hannaford explained that credit and debit card information was exposed when shoppers swiped their cards at checkout line machines and the information was transmitted to banks for approval. This form of theft is especially unusual, since information was stolen while it was in transit, as opposed to past scenarios where thieves accessed information from data stored in the databases maintained by merchants or card processors.Just last month, while the hacks occured undetected, Hannafords security system was found to be in compliance with the security standards required by the Payment Card Industry, a coalition founded by credit card companies. Hannaford still doesnt know how the hack occurred. The thefts are currently under investigation by the US Secret Service.last_img

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