first_img November 15, 2003 Regular News Judicial Appointments In response to the October 1 News article headlined “Bush Seeks Judges with ‘Integrity,’” I found our governor’s comments once again quite alarming. Jeb Bush indicates that he is looking for someone who shares his “judicial philosophy.” Jeb Bush then states his judicial philosophy and that he would appoint someone with a like view, a respect for the separation of powers, and recognize the judiciary has an important role. He then further explains that “they don’t need to be legislating, even if our legislature is imperfect, even if the governor is a crazy son of a gun. The judiciary role is not to clean up after my frailties or the weakness of the legislature.” Obviously, Mr. Bush has never been taught the concept of separation of powers in our form of government. That is exactly what the judiciary’s role is, to clean up after constitutionally imperfect legislation, or as he states, a “crazy” executive branch. It is, to be quite honest, very scary and depressing to know that a man with no concept of our form of government is the head of our state. Marc A. Falco Sarasota November 15, 2003 Letterslast_img

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