first_img:09 During the NBA MVP presentation two things became real clear. #1…Just because you have a zillion dollars doesn’t mean you know how to dress. LeBron, who told you to wear those sky blue, tight pants? Whoever it was fire them right now! C’mon man. And #2…Jordan, Magic, Byrd and others with three MVP’s but Kareem Abdul Jabbar won six. We forget how great the big fella was.:08 Now you all have heard me praise each and everything about the Savoy Restaurant…and I still do. But to the ladies that roll in around midnight (and I do mean “roll-in”) no matter what anybody tells you, including your Mama and your Man. Your Mama’s going to lie to you because you’re her baby and she has to…it’s the law. And your man’s going to lie to you cause he wants to keep the “Good and Plenty”…“Good and Plenty,” ONE-SIZE-DOES NOT-FIT-ALL!!! Listen I am a big man…been a big man all my life. So I get it. But my old man told me a long time ago…Son just because they make it don’t mean you can wear it. Ladies the only place you’re going to get the truth is the mirror. Please, please, please…let the mirror be your new best friend!! I am just saying!:07 Floyd “Big Money” Mayweather just took Miquel Cotto to the wire in their Las Vegas fight last week that brought in the biggest pay-day ever. Not because he had to but because he wanted to. Trust me, Mayweather ain’t fightin nobody that can beat him before the real payday with “The Pac-Man.” Don’t worry it’s coming. They ain’t stupid!:06 Speaking of fighters, and I was. (You’re finally getting how this works?) Rayco “War” Saunders just came home after another great 12 rounds. But the decision went to the other guy…Look, his hometown, he gets the decision, that’s just how it goes. Now here’s a couple things for you to chew on. #1. When you win the Light Heavyweight Title of the world, like Rayco did, you always have that title. #2. At the young “life age” of 36, but slightly old by boxing standards, Rayco is still called by top promoters around the country because he can still fight and fill the seats. And can still knock a XXXXXX out! #3. Having said that, if you think Rayco should stop fighting you tell him…I ain’t telling him. But if you do you better be standing back about twenty feet!! #4. He’s still a bbbbaaaddd man, he ain’t got a mark on his face. Stay tuned the next “War” fight promotion is coming soon. Bring on the “War Girls.”:05 Say what you want…and you will, cause that’s how you are…anyway. Your Pittsburgh Pirates are in the game. I mean they’re in it. Competing, down to the finish, no blowouts. Things are looking very interesting (look, I am just trying to make life better for everybody).:04 Kobe got the memo. Get the ball inside and you win. Try to hit your 30 point average and you lose. I’m not trying to make “The Black Momba” be something he’s not but you have to adjust your game accordingly. Keep your eye on the prize.:03 For all you so-called city leaguers. You Bulldogs…you Spartans, you Archers, you Dragons…all ya’ll. It’s time to join forces, circle the wagons and get this done. Everyone that played with or against the great Sam “Bam” Clancy, or if you happened to see him play as he almost single handedly took Pitt basketball to a special level it has never come back from, it’s now time to do the right thing. Call…write…e-mail…fax …whistle…use sign language or smoke signals, I don’t care but get to Pitt Athletic Director Steve Pederson and get Sam Clancy’s uniform retired. C’mon man this should have been done. Don’t worry, I am on it!! And you know how it is when I get on it? Now everyone pull them pants up!:02 Do yourself a favor. Go old school for a couple hours. Put on Superfly, Shaft, What’s Going On, Trouble Man, Bobby Womack or early Earth…Wind…and Fire! Man thank God we had that music. No hold up, don’t put the CD on, put on the LP’s…The vinyl baby. And just enjoy yourself. That was the stuff and you know it. Oh shut up you still got the vinyl, who you trying to kid!!!:01 You got to give the people what they want and that’s what I do. Here’s your “At The Buzzer.”•Speaking of old school you can get all you want at the Champions Old School Par-Tay Friday June 1st at the Holiday Inn in Monroeville. Across the street from the new UPMC—8:00 pm to 2:00 am, Cash Bar, Cash Kitchen, Dee Jay Mean Gee and Special Guest D.J. Ed Steve—The Fabulous Diamond Models, 50-50, Door Prizes and yes Eatin’…Drinkin’ and Dancin’…the way it’s meant to be. And the parking is free.•If you missed the first “Jazz on the Green” you missed a goodie, undercover on the Patio overlooking the magnificent rolling green country side. Cash Bar & Kitchen—Free Parking—Coming to the stage Friday May 25 LeRoy K. Wofford “The Blues Master” —Door Opens at 8 pm—The Blues Man starts at 9 pm until 11 pm. I am telling you…this is gonna be special!!! Limited seating. Get there early.•We’re looking for middle school boys teams for our New Connie Hawkins Youth Development League. Boys 7th, 8th, & 9th grade. Call in right now 412-628-4856.Hold Up…Wait A Minute…This Just In~ Double Overtime ~The Temptations tore the roof off the sucker. They’re still the greatest of all time!!!~ Game Over ~ BILL NEAL :10 Ok., ok., Okay…LeBron is the man. Not the king mind you, but the man! After all he just won his third MVP award, who am I to say anything. But I still don’t like the “Heat.” I know, I know…get over it. This just in…Chris Bosh is out…abdominal strain…Too bad!!last_img

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