first_imgTwo years after fraud accusations levelled against several employees within the Works Department of the Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) Democratic Council (RDC) had triggered investigations, new accusations have again begun to surface against some employees within that entity.This has reportedly led to another internal investigation. At the hosting of Thursday’s monthly statutory meeting, Regional Chairman Renis Morian outlined that the Council is still grappling with a number of issues relative to the Works Department.Regional Councillor Gordon Callender alluded to several alleged misdemeanorsA section of the RDC statutory meetinginvolving the staff. The allegations range from illicitly soliciting funds to inadequacies with bills of quantity, to favoritism in selecting family members to undertake contracts, and general inefficiency in the execution of contracts.Newly-appointed Regional Executive Officer (REO) Orrin Gordon, who is conducting the investigation, also alluded to inadequacies.According to Morian, inadequacies regarding bills of quantity are a sore issue for the Council. “There are a number of issues that we continue to grapple with…the Councillors do not have the confidence that the bills of quantity truly represent the work that is there, and in some cases…you see… excess quantities. It is a troubling area for us,” the Regional Chairman said, adding that there are also issues with receiving them in a timely manner.Meanwhile, Councillor Callender also pointed to alleged misdemeanors, which he noted were observed as recently as last year. “As recent as last year-end, I know projects went out from that Works Department, and I also know persons in that Works Department who bringing in sister, brother…contracts pass out of that place… We got proof. And I’m saying, persons also in that Works Department soliciting funds from people, because one man already started making allegations that one person inside there collect seven hundred and something thousand dollars from him. We know what going on…”, he said.Callender, who was quite vocal, made calls for an end to such issues, even threatening to mobilize Councillors to walk out of the Council should the issues persist.Callender added that the Council and its chairman are being disrespected by the administration, which he said is failing to execute its policies. He recalled previously when employees of the Works Department found themselves in hot water, triggering an investigation. Some of those staff, he said, were reinstated.The REO further pointed out that he is presently trying to assist with prior issues.Additionally, Councillor Sampson said the level of inefficiency within the Works Department keeps spiralling out of control. He stressed that he has seen jobs executed with variations.“Our Works Department got to step up its game…we seem to be moving very slow…,” Sampson said as he pointed to projects such as the Linden synthetic track and the construction of a new RDC building.last_img

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