first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest There is no doubt that farmers are becoming more productive and that is because they are doing big business with a big company.With this one humongous company’s help, farmers are more efficient. This company helps farmers grow a bigger crop and do it on fewer acres with fewer chemicals and limited trips over the field.Farmers pay loads of money to have these products as part of their operation. It helps them better manage what they do and it keeps track of everyone around them to make their system work as a whole.It may sound like this company and their products are making our world better, but some critics would say this company and what they are selling to farmers will lead to this world’s demise. Does this big corporation force their products on farmers and punish them for not using what they have to offer? It might be a good idea to ask the same question back to you and many of your friends and neighbors too, because the company I am referring to is Apple.Apple’s iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macbooks downloaded with farm-savvy apps are used by many farmers everyday to make their farms a little more sustainable, and yes, a little more profitable. As you consider why you also use awesome technology from a major conglomerate, think about why a farmer would use beneficial agriculture technology, like treated seeds and products for pests and diseases on their farms.Newer, greater technologies that today’s society utilizes to better ourselves, what we do and how we do it are being developed every day and are adopted in quick fashion in fear of missing out on “the next best thing.” If you expect a farmer to be successful with yesterday’s practices, technologies and products, I suggest digging out the old “flip-phone” for a day to see if you can be as productive and efficient as you are with your smartphone or tablet.last_img

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