first_imgTumblr10. Oh, and this oneImgur11. You probably knew thisboldomatic.com12. How about this?Imgur13. Now take a look at this GIF14. And try thisthechive.com15. You dirty fecker. This ought to clear your brain out: Imgur16. And now that you’ve got a clean slate, here’s a life-changing techniqueAre you doing this yet?OK, here’s a little fluff to calm you down.WAAAAAAAAA!15 ludicrous quotes from The Apprentice you’ve probably forgotten about>How Irish people react to a TV star tweeting his penis> 1. Here’s the easiest meal in the worldign.com2. And here are two boxes. Just do it.Facebook3. Then try this. Read from the bottom up.ImgurIt’s a story about friendship, murder and revenge, see?4. When the instruction appears, do what it says:center_img funnyjunk.com5. Now give this a go6. Whoa! As a reward, we found the ‘I’ in team for you.uberhumor.com7. And here’s a revolutionary way to eat an orange.Cut or pull the top and bottom circles from the orange. Then slit between two sections and roll it out.TADAA!9. OK, back to the mind-blowing. Try this for starters?last_img

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