first_imgAt the beginning of December last year RIM announced that it had acquired Swedish design and technology company The Astonishing Tribe (TAT). With that buy, RIM got a talented team focused on creating “beautiful user interfaces for any screen and any device”. Only a couple of months later and TAT is ready to start showing off what it has achieved on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.The first app being demoed during the Mobile World Congress can be seen in the video above and is called Scrapbook. It is basically a photo viewer app, but adds a few design elements allowing you to bring information together on the screen just like the page of a scrapbook. The app boasts multitouch support, has a large range of assets you can add to images, and the ability to take 3D photos once you are happy with your final scrapbook page.Next we get to see the Aura weather app. This is a very simple app focused on telling you what the weather will be like in a particular location at a particular time. Interaction is enhanced by tapping into the accelerometer in the PlayBook to make some of the on-screen assets move, such as the clouds.While simple, RIM is using Aura as an example of how easy it is to create apps for the PlayBook. Everything you see is produced using only HTML 5 and CSS. There is no programming language to learn, you just work with common web technologies.This final video shows the interface design TAT has been working on as well as the PlayBook’s ability to render sterescopic 3D without any real impact on performance. The other thing to note about this demo is just how responsive and fast the PlayBook is.via EngadgetMatthew’s OpinionIf you consider that TAT has only really been fully focused on the PlayBook since its acquisition by RIM in December, managing to produce two apps and a user interface demo is quite impressive.While neither app is a tablet seller, it’s the kind of content you want to have ship with the PlayBook just because they are nice to have. The Scrapbook app especially has a lot of potential for enhancing your images and allowing them to be shared.My main takeaway from these demos is that the PlayBook is fast. If that performance is offered up to app developers with a low barrier of entry we could see some visually stunning apps appearing, not to mention the potential for games on the device.last_img

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