first_imgLego is great but it’s made even greater when it’s brought to life. There have been many builds of the Tumbler vehicle from the Batman movies, we’ve even seen a motorized version before, but this one blows it out of the water.Paul, an avid Lego assembler from Poland, has created a Batmobile that has full suspension, realistic steering, a jet engine effect and front cannons that fire remotely. He says creating the model was actually a huge challenge and he’d been trying to build one ever since the first Nolan Batman movie was released. What caused most of the issues was the front suspension as Paul wanted it to work exactly like the real Tumbler and this took him years to figure out how to make it work.The chassis and suspension arms had to be heavily reinforced so the structure was rigid enough not to bend so the wheels could be kept straight. The frame of the model was also very complex, the RC unit sits in the middle and two RC motors were used as part of the bearing structure. He used axles and connectors to support the sides of the hull’s middle.Even working out how to steer the front wheels was a problem for Paul. He had trouble finding a simple way to connect them to the RC unit’s steering output without creating a backlash. Eventually the backlash was evened out between the two wheels and a simple connection meant that the Tumbler ended up being just as easy to steer as any other RC car.The Tumbler is powered by two RC motors geared down 1:3 which are coupled through an adder and the drive is transferred to the rear axle using a ball joint. Two Lego spring cannons were fixed to the front of the Batmobile and can be activated remotely using a Lego Power Functions medium motor connected to the RC unit’s output. To finish off the look, Paul created a jet engine by getting a Lego flame to rotate while the car drives around which is lit up by a single red LED. A small Lego trains battery box stored inside the car powered the LED lights.Paul thinks that aesthetically, the Batmobile could have looked better and it probably could be rebuilt in a different way but overall, he’s pleased. So he should be, not only does it look great, it drives just like the real thing as the video shows. But as this build seems so difficult to do, I don’t think I’ll be adding motors to my own Lego Tumbler any time soon.via Sariellast_img

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