first_imgFacebook has sent out invitations to an event on April 4th that teased “Come See Our New Home on Android.” Speculation is running rampant that Facebook will finally reveal the oft-rumored Facebook Phone, but there’s a good possibility that its old friend HTC will be on hand to show off the HTC Myst. The Myst could be the duo’s third attempt at building an Android phone with deep Facebook integration.It has been said several times that Facebook doesn’t need to build its own phone. That’s because pretty much every smartphone on the market is already a Facebook phone because its apps are not only available, they’re among the most widely-installed mobile apps in the world. Although, the experience isn’t always ideal, and it’s not as seamless as Facebook would like.What Facebook wants is for its apps to integrate tightly with every phone function that’s remotely tied to what its users do on the website. Contact information. Calendar events. Photos. Messaging. Where’s the best place to go for this kind of integration? Android, of course. HTC and Facebook gave this a go with the Salsa and Cha Cha. The devices appealed to a certain crowd, but weren’t a runaway success by any means. This time around will be different.HTC is a company that’s ready to fight. It’s been pushed aside by Samsung and is now facing a mobile onslaught from the likes of LG and Sony, and CEO Peter Chou has already said he’ll step down if HTC can’t turn things around.Assuming the HTC Myst is part of the big reveal, the trick will be convincing Facebook’s millions of mobile users that there’s a compelling reason to buy this phone. The seamless Facebook experience will matter to some, for sure, but HTC can lure others in with features like an Ultrapixel camera. A low price tag wouldn’t hurt, either.It certainly looks like the Myst could be a mid-range device. Leaked specs include a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 4.3-inch 720p display. As for the all-important rear-facing camera, it’s rumored to be feature a 5MP sensor. The HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera is reported as a 4MP shooter, so that could mean HTC has opted for a more traditional setup in the Myst. It could also be an inaccuracy in the leaked specs, but perhaps we’ll find out for sure on April 4.The date lines up nicely, since the HTC Myst just stopped by the FCC a few days ago. Will it be in attendance to show off Facebook’s new Android Home?last_img

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