first_imgToy StoryToy Story 4 depends on the emotional attachment you’ve built up with these characters. So for maximum feels go back to where it all began and watch the original movie from 1995. The movie absolutely holds up. And let this be a history lesson on how much CGI animation has improved since the original Toy Story kicked off the trend nearly twenty five years ago.Child’s PlayIn a genius stroke of counter-programming, the Child’s Play remake hits theaters the same day as Toy Story 4. Instead of watching living toys protect and care for humans, watch a living toy slaughter them instead. The poster even has Chucky, now driven evil by A.I. rather than dark magic, massacring off-brand versions of Woody and crew.The Lego MovieThe Lego Movie is the true inheritor of Toy Story’s legacy, not the sequels. Yeah it’s based on a specific toy #brand and not playthings in general, but its meta messages of creativity and how kids approach imagination versus adults works extremely and especially well with Lego building blocks. Plus the Lego worlds are just gorgeous to look at.The Iron GiantThe Iron Giant has a lot of big Toy Story energy. The giant robot basically serves as an overgrown living toy for young Hogarth Hughes. The 1950s setting gives it a similar old-fashioned vibe as a movie with a cowboy and a spaceman as the two leads. And they’re both intelligent, heartwarming, and heartwrenching animated movies. No wonder Pixar scooped up Brad Bird to work on The Incredibles after this.The Brave Little ToasterThe Brave Little Toaster from 1987 is almost a proto-Toy Story. The way that household appliances pretend they can’t talk when humans are around is basically the same conceit. And watching them get lost and go on a journey to find their owner is basically the same plot. But what’s more telling is that many Pixar founders worked on this film first. They even wanted this to be their debut CGI feature, not Toy Story.The ToySuperman director Richard Donner remade this French comedy where Richard Pryor basically sells himself into slavery. I really just like reminding people that this movie even exists.Jack FrostWoody and Buzz Lightyear basically act as quasi-mystical dads to the child they belong to. But who needs metaphor when you can watch a movie about an actual dad protecting their kid in a fun new form. In Jack Frost Michael Keaton plays a dead dad whose spirit inhabits a snowman in his family’s yard. Conversely, you can watch that other Jack Frost movie where the snowman has the spirit of a dead serial killer instead. ‘Star Wars’ Grenade-Shaped Coke Bottles Banned From FlightsDisney Remasters Classic ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Lion King̵… Stay on targetcenter_img Toy Story 3 released at the perfect time to just devastate me emotionally. In the summer of 2010 I had just graduated from high school and was preparing to leave my old life and toys behind for exciting but scary new adventures in college. So to say I felt seen by a movie about characters going through the same thing, as a franchise that had been its own kind of toy for me was ending, is a bit of an understatement. But now nine years later Toy Story is back, and not just in Kingdom Hearts 3. Toy Story 4 promises to end the saga but for real this time. Now with Key and Peele and Keanu Reeves.Watch these movies before Toy Story 4.last_img

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