Youth born with HIV appear at increased risk for heart disease

first_img Read Full Story About 50% of adolescents born HIV-positive may be at increased risk for heart disease, including stroke and heart attack, later in life, according to a National Institutes of Health study led by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers. While previous studies linked HIV infection severity and certain HIV drugs to cardiovascular disease (CVD) in adults, this is the first to evaluate overall risk for CVD in teens infected with HIV since birth.The study appears in the March 2014 print edition of Circulation.The results were based on clinical assessments of 165 teens age 15 or older with HIV, who were treated with anti-HIV medications most of their lives. The researchers, led by Kunjal Patel, research scientist in the Department of Epidemiology at HSPH, used a scoring system to predict plaque buildup and thickening in major arteries to the heart and abdomen. Approximately half of the adolescents had scores indicating they were at risk for clogged coronary arteries, while nearly one-fourth were at risk for abdominal artery buildup.last_img read more

FEMA approves public assistance for Washington, Orange, and Essex Counties

first_img“This is more good news for Vermont,” Gov. Shumlin said. “I am grateful to the Obama administration for amending their previous declaration to include public assistance for these three counties, which badly need the financial help in the aftermath of the flooding that occurred in late May. Thanks as well to our Congressional delegation for working with FEMA to clarify our state’s needs and advocating on behalf of the impacted counties.”  “The $1.5 million in damage to the reservoir alone, we couldn’t have paid for that,” Mayor Lauzon said. “Barre would have a very different future if it wasn’t for this assistance.” Governor Peter Shumlin and Vermont’s Congressional delegation announced this evening that FEMA has approved public assistance for Washington, Orange, and Essex Counties for flood relief. This is an amendment to FEMA’s earlier declaration of disaster relief for affected Vermont counties. center_img Barre Mayor Thomas Lauzon said the money was appreciated, particularly adding Orange County to the declaration to cover damage to the reservoir that serves the city’s water system. That reservoir is located about a quarter mile outside the Washington County border. Damage there was set at $1.5 million.last_img read more

Former credit union board chair indicted

first_imgA former board chair of a Virginia credit union was indicted Thursday on 20 felony charges of forgery, check forgery and ID fraud.Mark M. Whitaker served as board chair of the $101,630 New Bethel Federal Credit Union in Portsmouth, Va. from at least 2012 to 2015 when the credit union liquidated because of its poor financial condition. The 172-member credit union, chartered in 1978, was associated with the New Bethel Baptist Church also in Portsmouth where Whitaker is an associate pastor. He also is a Norfolk city council member.The indictments identified three victims, including Malinda Starkley who also served on the New Bethel FCU board of directors as its treasurer from 2012 to 2015, NCUA documents show. Starkley also is listed as a trustee and deacon of the New Bethel Baptist Church.She was a victim of fourteen of the 18 charges of forgery and forged checks. The indictments did not divulge the total amount of the forged checks. All of the crimes committed against Starkley occurred on Aug. 23, 2013 while the credit union was operating, according to the indictments. continue reading » 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

The need is real for affordable short-term, small-dollar loans

first_imgDespite a record-low 3.8 percent unemployment rate, American consumers still have difficulty meeting immediate and emergency living expenses. The demand for short-term liquidity is, in fact, staggering with 78 percent of consumers living paycheck to paycheck1 and 40 percent unable to cover a $400 emergency.2For some, overdraft is a reasonable option that most financial institutions offer. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), 8–12 percent of account holders pay about 80 percent of all overdraft fees.3 Of these, the majority make an informed choice to do so —”trading off the cost of short-term overdraft funding against benefits such as payment timing and certainty,” according to Novantas research.4Consumers who opt to use overdraft protection as a safety net want to swipe their debit cards and have the assurance that their financial institution will cover their transactions even if they do not have the available funds at the time. However, other consumers in need of short-term liquidity prefer to have the money in their accounts prior to needing the funds. These consumers tend to manage their money proactively and balance their checkbooks regularly. So, when funds fall short for them, what are their options?Traditionally, these consumers have relied on alternatives outside the banking system, including check cashing, pawn shops and payday lenders, which often charge 400 percent APRs or more. Many of them struggle to pay their household bills on time, resulting in exorbitant late fees and negative hits to their credit score, impairing their ability to acquire more affordable sources of liquidity. As a result, each year 12 million Americans (including about 15–20 percent of a financial institution’s account holders) take out payday loans, spending $9 billion on loan fees5 to cover their income gaps. The Case for Loan Automation While many credit unions may see the value in serving this overlooked consumer market, it has not made sense due to cost-prohibitive manual small-dollar loan processes that require resources that most community institutions cannot justify. Luckily, meeting the challenge of providing affordable liquidity is now obtainable through the use of digital lending technology that automates the entire lending process from origination to underwriting to documentation. In fact, there are already a growing number of market challengers using this technology today, including LendingClub, Prosper and RocketLoans. And once they get a foothold into your member, your relationship is at risk. Further, the CFPB and other regulatory bodies such as the OCC and NCUA have encouraged community financial institutions to offer better loan options to their consumers.6 The OCC, in a May 2018 statement, urged banks to offer products with reasonable pricing and repayment terms to help meet the credit needs of their customers, while also imparting benefits from other bank services, such as financial education and credit reporting.7Additionally, in October 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a new rule that would dramatically restrict lenders’ ability to profit from high-interest, short-term loans. While the CFPB may extend the date, payday lenders currently are required to comply with the rule by August 19 of this year. As currently written, the regulation could severely limit revenues of payday lenders by as much as 70 to 90 percent.8 This opens new opportunities for community banks and credit unions to step in and provide low-risk and affordable small-dollar loans.Buy or Build the Technology?As with any strategic initiative that relies on new technology, community financial institutions must assess their expertise and resources to determine whether they buy or build10 the solution. To build their own, institutions must be able to keep the technology updated and compliant, while also delivering a consistent and exceptional digital experience. The answer for most institutions is that building the technology is cost-prohibitive—not only operationally, but also from a staffing standpoint—and could take more time than the competitive market allows.The alternative is to partner with a digital lending technology provider that offers a proven, cost-effective platform built with an emphasis on consumer protection, compliance and safety. The Pew Charitable Trusts has led the charge on protecting consumers who need short-term, small dollar funding by putting forth a list of recommended safe loan standards.6  When assessing a technology solution, ensure your provider is open to adopting these guidelines on your behalf to ensure the loans are safe and affordable, including:Installment payments of no more than 5 percent of each paycheck or 6 percent of deposits into a checking account.Double-digit (not triple-digit) APRs that decline as loan sizes increase.Total costs that are no more than half of loan principal.Loan payments that cannot trigger overdraft or nonsufficient funds fees.Online or mobile application, with automated loan approval, so that loan funds can be quickly deposited into a borrower’s checking account.Credit bureau reporting of loan terms and repayment.In addition to following Pew’s standards above, ensure your technology provider’s program offers:A fully-automated platform that requires no loan officer involvement. The entire digital loan application and approval process should be completed online in just a couple of minutes (think about a borrower in a checkout line), with borrowed funds deposited directly into the consumer’s account. Low charge-offs—the result of proven underwriting technology that assesses a customer’s ability to repay (no traditional credit check required), analyzes internal and external data sources, including deposit activity, and sets a maximum loan amount Compliance with all existing federal lending regulations including the Military Lending Act, and continuous monitoring of the regulatory landscape for any adjustments that may be necessaryLoans automatically booked and funded to the institution’s core banking platformWhite label website and mobile app branded to the institution and integrated with the core and mobile banking via Single Sign On (SSO)Automatic deposit of loaned funds into the account holder’s account and scheduled repayment processWhen surveyed, 81 percent of payday loan customers said they would prefer to borrow from their financial institutions if small-dollar installment loans were available there.9 Currently, however, very few financial institutions do so. With the introduction of affordable and compliant loan automation software, community financial institutions can now offer these Americans low-risk, easy access to cash at affordable interest rates. Credit unions can enjoy efficiencies of automating the entire loan process and avoid the high cost of individually underwriting and documenting short-term, small dollar loans, while providing their members a much-needed valuable service. 1 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Chris Rentner Chris is the Director of Digital Lending at Velocity Solutions where he has responsibility over the Akouba™ and CashPlease™ solutions.  He is a successful serial entrepreneur, and prior to joining … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Ex-Suffolk Police Chief James Burke Sentenced To 46 Months In Prison

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Timothy Bolger, Rashed Mian & Christopher TwarowskiDisgraced former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke was sentenced in federal court Wednesday to 46 months in prison on civil rights violations and conspiracy charges for beating a 24-year-old larceny suspect in 2012 and ordering his subordinates to cover it up.U.S. District Court Judge Leonard Wexler delivered the sentence before his packed Central Islip federal courtroom, imposing less than the maximum of 51 months under the suggested guidelines and more than the minimum of 41 months. With 11 months already served, Burke will be mandated to serve just shy of three years, and three years of post-release supervision.“I feel Mr. Burke was acting as a dictator,” Judge Wexler told the court before handing down his decision. “If you’re good to them, they’re good to you.”In February, Burke pleaded guilty to federal civil rights violations and conspiracy charges for beating Christopher Loeb while the then-24-year-old was in police custody at the Fourth Precinct station house in Smithtown on Dec. 12, 2012. Loeb had stolen a duffel bag from Burke’s SUV containing sex toys, pornography, Burke’s gun and ammunition belt, among other items. Burke’s subordinates were instructed to lie about the interrogation-room beating.While Loeb was shackled, Burke punched and kicked him, grabbing him by the ears, shaking him and, according to court documents, declaring: “You want to steal from me?” He also threatened to give Loeb, a heroin addict, a “hot shot”—slang for a lethal overdose.Prosecutor James Miskiewicz said in December that Burke’s porn was his “motivation for beating the hell out of Loeb.”Burke retired three months prior to his arrest in December 2015. Last week, Burke had petitioned Judge Wexler for no prison time, citing his 75-year-old mother’s cancer. Prosecutors had asked for the maximum sentence.“During his tenure as the highest-ranking uniformed officer in the Suffolk County Police Department, James Burke considered himself untouchable,” said Robert Capers, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, who was seated at the prosecution table. “He abused his authority by brazenly assaulting a handcuffed prisoner, he pressured subordinates to lie to cover up his criminal acts, and he attempted to thwart the civil rights investigation into his conduct…With today’s sentence, Burke learned that no one is above the law and that the consequences for such egregious behavior are severe.”Burke, donning a tan prison jumpsuit, apologized to Loeb, the court and the public for his actions.“I have always believed that one must be held accountable for his actions,” Burke stated in court, calling his crime a “calamitous misdeed.”Loeb, wearing a blue prison uniform at Burke’s sentencing and nearing the end of his own incarceration for a parole violation, had much to say to his former tormentor:“You were the chief of police, and what you did shook the foundation of the entire police department and the district attorney’s office, who I believe helped you get away with your your crimes, at least for a short time,” he declared.“I thought you would get away with threatening and brutally assaulting me,” Loeb continued. “You told me that no one would believe me. You told me my word was no good against that of a decorated police chief. You laughed at me when I asked for a lawyer. You said to me, quote-unquote, ‘This isn’t Law and Order, asshole.’”He told the court that although Burke’s sentencing restores his faith in the criminal justice system, he still doesn’t trust the Suffolk County Police Department.Loeb also suggested he’d be moving out of the county once released.Suffolk County Legis. Robert Trotta (R-Fort Salonga), a retired detective, was also in court at Burke’s sentencing. He said the beating is not an isolated incident. He recalled how Burke was known to retaliate against those perceived to have wronged the ex-chief. For instance, Trotta was the target of an internal affairs investigation after a Press story exposed how, at Burke’s behest, Suffolk police had pulled detectives—Trotta included—out of the the FBI’s Long Island Gang Task Force due to an inter-agency turf war.“‘Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only person he’s after, I feel like I’m in the gestapo,’” Trotta recalled an internal affairs detective telling him. He also questioned how Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone had allowed Burke to stay in office for so long, given his past.Burke, whose father and grandfather were both New York City cops, was 14 years old when he was a witness in the murder case of John Pius, Jr., a 13-year-old from Smithtown whom classmates suffocated with rocks in 1979 for stealing a dirt bike. Following a year as a New York City police officer in 1985, at age 21, Burke joined the Suffolk County Police Department, first as a patrolman in North Amityville and then as an undercover narcotics officer.Burke later spent a decade as chief investigator under Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota, the former chief prosecutor in the Pius case. Spota’s office is also under investigation for corruption.The Loeb incident is not the first time Burke, a 30-year Suffolk County Police Department veteran, has come under scrutiny.Burke was the subject of a 1995 Internal Affairs investigation that concluded allegations he “engaged in a personal, sexual relationship” with “a convicted felon known to be actively engaged in criminal conduct including the possession and sale of illegal drugs, prostitution and larceny,” “engaged in sexual acts in police vehicles while on duty and in uniform,” and “failed to safeguard his service weapon and other departmental property” were “substantiated,” according to its report.Rather than facing discipline, Burke received promotions, rising through SCPD’s ranks to its top position despite his improprieties—an ascension facilitated by Spota and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, who appointed Burke police chief in 2012.Also in attendance at the sentencing was Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco, who previously complained that Spota’s office refused to investigate allegations that one of his staffers, former Suffolk County Conservative Party Chairman Ed Walsh, was conducting private affairs while he was on the clock. Walsh is appealing his theft and fraud conviction for golfing, gambling and politicking on county time.“Jim Burke not only betrayed his oath to the people, he undermined the criminal justice system here in Suffolk County,” DeMarco told reporters outside the courthouse. “What the judge did today is send a strong message that our public officials—whether they’re law enforcement officers, elected officials or appointed officials—must act with honesty, integrity and uphold the law.”Bruce Barket, a Garden City-based attorney representing Loeb in his lawsuit against Burke and the county, said he will move to have his client’s theft conviction vacated since it was based in part on allegedly perjured statements. Barket was uncertain what to make of Burke’s apology.“I’m loathe to speculate whether his apology is sincere or not,” he said. “I’ll take him at his word.”Burke’s sentencing comes two weeks after Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, his wife, Linda, and Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges.last_img read more

George Clooney to Be Honored at Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit

first_imgCelebs were keeping busy this week, from George Clooney being announced as an honoree at the Museum of Modern Art’s 2020 Film Benefit presented by Chanel, to Madison Beer stunning in multiple looks at the MTV EMAs, to KNC Beauty founder Kristen Crawley releasing a limited-edition gift set with StackedSkincare. Read on to find out more of what the stars have been up to!— The Museum of Modern Art’s 2020 Film Benefit, presented by Chanel, will honor George Clooney on Monday, December 7. This year’s virtual event will feature a program that recognizes the actor’s acclaimed work with a special musical performance. To help address the devastating impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this year’s event will also benefit Artist Relief, an emergency initiative created by a coalition of national arts grantmakers to offer financial support and informational resources to artists across the United States. A full list of ticketing options can be found on including — for the first time ever — a new $25 ticket with proceeds that will benefit Artist Relief directly.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – — Model Lindsay Demayan showed off her orange cut-out dress from Catherine Fulmer in a selfie on Instagram.— Amazon Handmade hosted a Handmade for the Holidays virtual event where guests learned about holiday traditions and gift ideas from featured Makers including Your Heart’s Content, KarmaLit and Delica. Amazon Handmade offers unique, handcrafted products made by verified Makers from around the globe to bring unique and personalized items right to your home.— Delilah Belle Hamlin showed off her outfit from Alo Yoga’s new ski capsule on Instagram.Mario Lopez And BendShape Masks Donate MasksMichael Simon- Advertisement – — Kristen Crawley of KNC Beauty and StackedSkincare teamed up to launch The StackedSkincare x KNC Beauty Mega Moisture Stack, a limited-edition gift set that StackedSkincare’s #1 Dermaplaning Tool, Mini Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Travel Bag and KNC Beauty Big Set Face Masks for $93.— Glow Recipe is hosting its first-annual Glow Together Virtual Summit featuring Allure Editor in Chief Michelle Lee, Angel Merino aka @Mac_Daddyy, Sarah Bryant and more on Saturday, November 14. The all-day event will cover topics including wellness, self-care and beauty with net proceeds benefitting Project Beauty Share. As part of Glow Recipe’s “Glow for Good” initiative, for every Glow Together kit sold in the United States through Thursday, December 31,  the brand will donate $5 worth of product to the organization and is encouraging attendees to donate any new and barely used products directly to Project Beauty Share in advance of the event.— Doja Cat shared a sneak peek of her collaboration with PrettyLittleThing with an announcement about the collection on Instagram.— Zara Alexandrova, CEO of Cameleon by Alexandrova, covered the new issue of InStyle Moldova magazine out now. — Mario Lopez partnered with BendShape Masks and donated over 1,000 of the brand’s masks to the Boys and Girls Club in Burbank, L.A.— P.volve founder and celebrity trainer Stephen Pasterino opened his West Hollywood studio for private, socially distanced workout classes at the space’s outdoor terrace. P.volve is a low-impact workout that consists of slow and controlled sculpting movements to transform your body without stressing or bulking your muscles, using their proprietary equipment including the p.ball, and p.3.— Madison Beer was styled by Kris Fe for the EMAs where she wore a custom Vivienne Westwood dress on the red carpet. She  then changed into another custom Vivienne Westwood look paired with a Jade Cropper jacket and Alexa Kelley jewelry. Lastly, she donned a custom Mugler look for her performance.Stacked Skincare x KNC Beauty Mega Moisture StackStacked Skincare x KNC Beauty Mega Moisture Stack – Advertisement –last_img read more

PROMISING PRACTICES FOR PANDEMIC PLANNING Toolkit provides guidance on home care for the sick

first_img Instructions on using thermometers, isolating the sick, making disinfectant with bleach, and cleaning potentially contaminated areas Burroughs said the county doesn’t have the capabilities to translate the guide into the eight other languages they make available in the county. She added that the county intends to make additional modifications to the toolkit to make it more accessible for various populations. Assessing the toolkitThe kit is mainly available through the county’s Web site. Burroughs said that, because of limited resources, dissemination to all households in the county has not been possible. During an influenza pandemic, the county plans to distribute the toolkit when quarantine and isolation plans are handed out and to also send messages through the media on how people can download the kit. Rachel Abbey and Betsy Burroughs of the county’s Advanced Practice Center (APC) for Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response compiled the toolkit and said the idea developed following suggestions from other public health officials about the necessity for home care guidelines. The creators sought public input through focus groups, which Abbey said was very useful in creating the final product. Editor’s Note: CIDRAP’s Promising Practices: Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Tools online database showcases peer-reviewed practices, including useful tools to help others with their planning. This article is one of a biweekly series exploring the development of these practices. We hope that describing the process and context of these practices enhances pandemic planning. Jan 2, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – As healthcare facilities become overwhelmed during pandemic influenza, many of the sick may have to receive care elsewhere, including at home. The “Stay at Home Toolkit for Influenza,” developed by health officials in Maryland’s Montgomery County, offers the public practical guidelines on how to nurse ill household members. The simple guide, from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Services, highlights prevention and caregiving with outlines on what people should or should not do when assisting those sick with the flu. Despite the toolkit’s simplicity, it doesn’t skimp on necessary details and is medically accurate, Abbey said. “It’s still very comprehensive on specifics on what to do.” The county has developed other tools to help the public prepare. Aside from a pandemic flu Web site,, staff members have made presentations on preparedness at community forums and events about pandemic influenza. In addition, the county has launched a bus ad campaign encouraging hand washing and cough etiquette specific to seasonal influenza. User-friendly informationThe home care influenza toolkit includes: “If you were bereft of information, you could turn to this,” Burroughs added. Abbey and Burroughs said they solicited expert feedback from nurses and other healthcare workers while creating the content areas for the toolkit, which also uses public health information from various sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and Public Health – Seattle & King County, among others. Items to keep on hand for pets for disaster preparedness “It’s a useful tool for other localities and hopefully other populations,” she said. “We might provide a more simplified version in the future that is more streamlined,” she said. “During a pandemic, in order to deal with surge, we would need residents to take care of sick people,” said Abbey, a program specialist at the APC. “We just don’t know how it’s going to be utilized,” noted Abbey.center_img While the guide was born out of concerns about pandemic flu, its creators say it is applicable for caregiving during regular flu season as well. Prevention tips are especially essential, because each infected person is expected to transmit infection to two other people, according to the US government’s planning Web site ( See also: There is little medical jargon in the user-friendly toolkit. For example, when advising people to wash hands for 20 seconds after coming in contact with a sick person, the guide recommends singing “Happy Birthday” twice to keep time. Burroughs said the toolkit has been generally well received. Guidelines for those returning to work after recovering from flu Montgomery County has the highest population in the state of Maryland, with nearly a million people. A “medium-level” pandemic could cause almost a quarter of a million illnesses in the county, with 133, 235 requiring outpatient care and 2,742 hospitalizations, while a severe pandemic could infect almost 300,000 residents, according to county statistics. Of these, about 160,000 would need outpatient care and 3,290 would require hospitalization. In addition, the plan in its current state cannot be used by everyone. It will be impossible to evaluate the toolkit’s strengths and weaknesses until a pandemic actually occurs, Abbey and Burroughs said. “It doesn’t address specific populations that we serve, and we recognize that,” Abbey said, pointing out, for instance, that despite its simplicity, the toolkit might still pose a barrier for those with limited English proficiency. According to 2000 census data, 31.6% of Montgomery County’s population speaks a language other than English at home. Determining the needAccording to federal estimates based on past pandemics, as many as 90 million people nationwide could become infected in either a moderate or a severe pandemic. At least 45 million will require outpatient care in either scenario; during a severe pandemic, 9.9 million may need hospitalization. Demand is expected to outpace hospital capacity, forcing people to rely on alternate care sites, including homes. Tips on how to recognize flu signs and symptoms View tools and reviewers’ comments for the “Stay at Home Toolkit for Influenza” practice A personal care log to help caregivers track observations and actions Checklists on what to keep in the home “It’s really basic information,” said Burroughs, a communication specialist at the APC. “We actually had a consultant to tame the language to make it more understandable. I think this goes a long way in how it is received.”last_img read more

Indomaret retail workers start online petition after THR is slashed

first_imgIndomarco Prismatama managing director Wiwiek Yusuf told The Jakarta Post on Friday that the company had paid the holiday bonuses in accordance with government regulations.”I think there has been a misunderstanding. The company paid out the THR bonuses to all of our employees on May 11 as regulated in Law No. 13/2003 on labor and ministerial regulation No. 6/2016 on Idul Fitri holiday bonuses for employees and workers,” Yusuf said via text.”We paid the THR bonuses as we’re committed to our employees, despite the difficult financial situation that we are facing, including a sharp drop in business over the past two months,” he added.Yusuf explained that since the government implemented the PSBB to curb the spread of COVID-19, the company had cut operational hours in its minimarkets.”We have shortened our minimarkets’ operational hours due to the PSBB. I think economic activities in all sectors are decreasing [during this pandemic].“Everybody needs to understand this. The management has asked all employees to stay positive and productive in their jobs,” he said.Topics : Employees of Indomaret, one of the country’s top convenience store chains, have started an online petition demanding the company pay their Idul Fitri holiday bonuses (THR) in full.The workers initiated the petition after the company slashed their annual bonuses after the business was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.”Employees who have worked for more than five years usually received THR bonuses equivalent to 1.5 to twice their monthly salary. However, now all employees have only received bonuses equivalent to one month’s salary,” the petition said. “The company claims it has experienced losses [because of the pandemic], but representatives told the media that its sales rose between 7 and 10 percent after the government implemented the large-scale social restrictions [PSBB],” it added.”[We] demand that PT Indomarco Prismatama as the operator of Indomaret minimarkets pays our THR bonuses in the regular amount […] to lift our spirits during this difficult time.”As of Friday, some 20,000 people had signed the petition.Read also: COVID-19 forces restaurants, retailers to cut wages, furlough employeeslast_img read more

Twitter again slaps warning on Trump tweet threatening force against protesters

first_imgTwitter Inc on Tuesday placed a warning notice on a tweet by President Donald Trump threatening “serious force” against protesters in the US capital, the second time it has used the label since it began challenging Trump’s tweets in May.”There will never be an ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Washington, DC, as long as I’m your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!” the president said in his tweet, which Twitter said violated its policy against abusive behavior. At least 150,000 people had liked Trump’s tweet and 33,000 retweeted it before Twitter restricted engagement, according to the most recent image captured by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. His post on Facebook received 12,000 comments.The warning escalated Twitter’s challenge to Trump, who has used the platform unimpeded for years to rally supporters and deride opponents.After the company last month started applying labels to his messages, Trump announced plans to scrap or weaken a law that has protected internet companies in order to regulate social media platforms more aggressively.Twitter’s first public interest notice against Trump also involved a threat of force against protesters, who have been demonstrating against racial injustice since the May 25 death of George Floyd, a Black man, in police custody.Trump had used the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” to threaten deadly force against protesters in Minneapolis, where Floyd died.Twitter said that message violated its rules against “glorifying violence.” It has also appended fact-checking and manipulated media labels to Trump’s tweets in the last month.  Topics : Police cleared the White House area on Tuesday and blocked access to the site, where law enforcement had used violence to disperse protesters earlier this month.Twitter said it hid Trump’s tweet behind its “public interest” notice because it included a threat of harm against an identifiable group. The label restricts distribution of tweets by public officials which violate Twitter’s rules, while leaving them online to allow for scrutiny.A Twitter spokeswoman said teams within the company’s safety division informed Chief Executive Jack Dorsey of the decision before applying the notice.Facebook, which has taken a more hands-off approach to speech by political leaders, left the same post untouched. Trump posted the message after anti-racism protesters on Monday declared a “Black House Autonomous Zone” – referencing a Seattle area taken over by activists known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone – in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House.last_img read more

Truck kills 2-year-old boy

first_imgAccording to police investigators, theboy suddenly crossed the road after going down a jeepney with his aunt when hewas hit by a cargo truck driven by 32-year-old Franklin Amorganda of BarangayTamisu,Bais City, Negros Oriental on March 9. Amorganda was detained in the lockupcell of the Kabankalan City police station, facing charges./PN BACOLOD City – A two-year-old boy waskilled in a road accident in Barangay Oringao, Kabankalan City, NegrosOccidental.center_img The victim died on the spot aftersustaining head and body injuries, a police report showed.last_img