Nouveau Wines Arrive Thursday

first_imgOn Thursday, Nov. 20, wine lovers will be toasting the firstwines bottled from the Northern Hemisphere’s 2003 grape harvest.As per tradition, Beaujolais Nouveau arrives in select NovaScotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) outlets on the third Thursday ofNovember. NSLC features Beaujolais Nouveau from French producers BouchardAine, Georges Duboeuf, Noemie Vernaux, Joseph Drouhin, Chateau deCorton-Andre and Reine Pedauque, Nouveau from the Cotes Du Rhoneregion from Jean Jean and Italian Vino Novello from Zonin. This year is expected to be an exceptional one for French wineproducers who began picking their grapes on Aug. 25. Grapes havenot been picked so early since 1893 — making the 2003 vintageone for the history books. The 2003 Beaujolais is expected to beparticularly intense and complex with plenty of red fruit likeraspberry, strawberry and red currant. Nouveau-style wines are designed with early drinking in mind,often reaching maturity by the Christmas holidays. The wines arelively and aromatic and differ from others because of the methodof fermentation. Great care is taken not to damage the fruitduring the picking stage so that fermentation can be encouragedwithin the skin. The production process takes only about 48hours, instead of 10 to 12 days, and creates a wine with a fullberry hue and a velvety, fresh fruit flavour. Unlike other red wines, Beaujolais Nouveau should be servedchilled at 10 to 13 C. The celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau has taken on greatproportions in recent years. Producers have used many tactics toentice consumers to purchase the first wine of the year, fromracing cases of wines to the nearest market to the now famouslabels featuring original art. Beaujolais Nouveau presents the wine buying public a preview ofthe vintage year and can be a measure of the quality of awinemaker’s spring release.last_img read more

At least 80 dead in Ugandan mudslide – UN

Heavy rains on the slopes of Mount Elgon, on Uganda’s border with Kenya, have buried three densely-populated villages, home to more than 3,000 people, in Nametsi Parish, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).The UN and its partners today dispatched two teams – comprising representatives from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Food Programme (WFP), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and others – to assess the situation.UNICEF has also provided the Ugandan Health Ministry with two emergency health kits and 100 body bags.The Ugandan Government is leading the humanitarian response and has not requested assistance from UN Disaster and Coordination (UNDAC) teams or search-and-rescue missions.The disaster area is currently only accessible by foot or air due to its remoteness and lack of any serviceable roads, and the mudslides buried a health centre.OCHA said that immediate health needs include first aid and support in accessing medical facilities.According to early indications, some 10,000 people could be instructed to move by the Government due to concerns over further rains and landslides.Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have distributed blankets, tarpaulins, tents and other supplies, while the Government has dispatched 26 metric tons of food, with more set to follow. 3 March 2010Landslides triggered by torrential rainfall in eastern Uganda have claimed at least 80 lives, with over 300 others listed as missing, the United Nations humanitarian arm reported today. read more

Namal Kumaras mouth shut by court on plot

The Fort Magistrate has ordered activist Namal Kumara not to make any statements to the media regarding the alleged plot to assassinate President Maithripala Sirisena and other VVIPs.The order issued following a request made by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The CID told court the comments being made by Namal Kumara could harm ongoing investigations. (Colombo Gazette)

Ukraine UN calls for protection of civilians after attacks on water facility

“I am deeply concerned that water treatment workers and critical infrastructure continue to be targeted in eastern Ukraine’s armed conflict,” said Neal Walker, UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine, in a statement issued on Wednesday.“It is clear that any targeting of civilian infrastructure and intentional disruption of access to water supply or heating systems is a violation of international humanitarian law,” he added.In the last eight days, workers seeking to maintain the Donetsk Filter Station have been shot at on four separate occasions.The operation of the facility relies on the safe and unfettered access for the technicians, who risk their lives on a daily basis so water continues to flow to 345,000 people affected by the conflict.On Tuesday, a truck was fired upon while making a routine delivery of water treatment chemicals vital for continued operations. A bus carrying 30 workers was also fired upon. It was only due to good luck that no one was hurt, Mr. Walker said.Given Ukraine’s harsh winter, any interruption of water supply or inter-dependent heating systems could generate severe humanitarian consequences, he warned.After four years of armed conflict, ordinary men, women and children continue to be the most affected in eastern Ukraine, with their most basic needs, including safety and protection continuing to be denied.Millions of Ukrainians are either trapped in active hostilities or displaced and are losing hope, he said. read more

The Odds Of The Rockets Missing That Many Threes 1 In 72000

Considering everything that had taken place earlier in the series, it would’ve been hard to imagine the Rockets having a better start than the one they had in Monday’s Game 7.About midway through the second quarter, Houston had held Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green to 1-of-7, 2-of-6 and 2-of-6 shooting from the field, respectively. Klay Thompson opened the game hot — and was 4-of-5 from the field — but his effectiveness was dulled to some extent because he’d uncharacteristically landed three fouls in the first four minutes of action, forcing Steve Kerr to yank him early. Meanwhile, Houston found a comfort zone from deep, hitting 6 of 13 threes. And even when the Rockets misfired, they often outworked Golden State, strong-arming offensive boards on nine of their 19 missed shots.Houston had a 42-30 lead with 6:13 to go in the half as likely league MVP James Harden ducked behind a Clint Capela screen for a 3-point try over the outstretched arm of Green. The shot, a miss, didn’t seem significant in that moment. But what would follow — 26 more missed threes in a row, the longest stretch of missed triples in NBA postseason history — turned out to be one of the biggest outliers in recent memory, one that will haunt the title-worthy Rockets now that they’ve been taken out by a Warriors team that they had right where they wanted.So how unbelievable was it that Houston missed that many threes — many of which were wide open — in a row? To get a better sense, FiveThirtyEight leaned on Quantified Shot Probability (qSP) data — used to weigh the likelihood of a shot going in depending on who’s taking it, how close the nearest defender is to the shot, and how quickly that player is closing out — from Second Spectrum and NBA Advanced Stats, which use high-level cameras to track on-court movement.By using that metric — and looking at the probability of each individual shot’s chance of going down, from Harden’s 33 percent hoist that began the drought to his 31.6 percent chance on the last shot of the dry spell — we can conclude that the Rockets embarked on an approximately 1-in-72,000 cold streak from deep at the worst possible time, with a trip to the Finals on the line.As much of this was happening during the third period, a span in which Houston went 0-of-14 from deep, the Warriors were doing what they do best: staging a massive comeback after halftime. Specifically, Curry caught fire after the break for the second straight game (albeit in controversial, illegal-screen fashion at times), hitting 4-of-5 from 3-point range in the third. He and Durant combined for 24 in the period, a span in which the duo outscored the entire Rockets team by nine.Houston had overcome Golden State’s Mario Star-like third period earlier in the series during Game 4. But without any juice from the Rockets’ trademark long-distance shooting, the Warriors pulled ahead and stayed there for good, earning a fourth consecutive Finals trip.But given that many saw Houston as the club with the best chance to take down Golden State (the oddsmakers have the Warriors as enormous favorites over the Cavs), that confounding stretch of missed threes — which lasted half the game, from the 6:13 mark of the second quarter all the way until the 6:28 mark of the fourth — will be talked about for a long time.What could possibly cause a team to go that cold? Some would point to tired legs, particularly since coach Mike D’Antoni had been using a short rotation — somewhat out of necessity, since future Hall of Famer Chris Paul was out. But the dry spell was also related to matchups. Case in point: D’Antoni avoided using the slow-footed Ryan Anderson for the vast majority of the series. But when he dusted him off and played him Monday, Curry nearly brought Anderson to his knees on D, and Houston got outscored by 12 points in Anderson’s 8 minutes on the court — keep in mind, the final margin in the game was nine.Many probably asked a totally logical question in all this: Why wouldn’t the Rockets just temporarily abandon their reliance on the 3-ball since they couldn’t make anything from outside? Yes, this team took triples at a historic rate — the first ever to attempt more three-pointers than twos — but putting the ball on the floor to get looks from closer in seemed sensible.Doing that would have a been a little bit easier said than done for two reasons. First, without Paul, the Rockets were missing their most reliable midrange player, someone who at times had his way against the Jazz in the second-round series because of his ability to neutralize a club that was generally happy surrender that sort of lower-percentage look.Beyond that, Harden and the Rockets might not have been confident that they’d earn trips to the line by merely being more aggressive. In Game 6, for instance, Harden drove to the cup a game-high 21 times, according to NBA Advanced Stats. Yet he didn’t draw a single free-throw attempt from those drives. (Green told reporters after the game that they expected Harden to wear down late in the contest from having to create so much offense in Paul’s absence. Whether that expectation was valid or not, Harden shot 6-of-25, or 24 percent, from 3-point range over the last two games of the series.)In an era where so many thought this Warriors’ team was untouchable, Houston managed to push Golden State to the brink. With a healthy Paul, maybe they would have won and taken down a team that’s still seeking to go down as the greatest to ever play the sport.Houston’s Gerald Green was asked to describe his feelings after the tough loss. “Heartbroken,” he told reporters. Asked to expand beyond that single word, he responded, “Heart. Broken.”The cost of coming that close and falling short. The cost of arguably the wildest drought we’ve ever seen.Check out our latest NBA predictions.CORRECTION (May 29, 2018, 1:20 p.m.): A previous version of this story mistakenly said Curry and Durant outscored the Rockets by 10 points in the third quarter. The duo outscored Houston by nine. read more

Womens swimming Ohio State dashes for NCAA championships against Olympic medalists

Ohio State women’s swim team competes against Wright State during a meet at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion on Feb. 3. Credit: Fallon Perl | Lantern reporterFollowing the completion of a nearly undefeated regular season and an impressive turnout at the Big Ten Championships, the No. 22 Ohio State women’s swimming team is set to travel to Indianapolis to compete in the NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming National Championships beginning Wednesday evening.The Buckeyes enter this meet ranking behind four of their Big Ten competitors, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Minnesota, who are ranked at No. 6, 12, 15 and 19 respectively. Though there will be many fierce competitors from these teams as well as others, the Buckeyes remain focused on their own performances.“We don’t spend a whole lot of time talking about other teams or schools or athletes. We really put the focus on us,” OSU coach Bill Dorenkott said. “That being said, to reinforce the point of what an amazing meet this is, you have Katie Ledecky, Simone Manuel, and Lilly King who are Olympic medalists and world record holders. It’s an honor to compete against the best not just in the country, but in the world. This is why we do what we do every day — it’s to get this opportunity.”Ledecky and Manuel will both be competing for top-ranked Stanford. Both athletes were medalists at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, with a combined seven gold medals, as well as two silver. King, who swims for No. 15 Indiana, earned one individual gold at the Rio Games in addition to a gold in the 400-yard medley relay.Athletes from Stanford, including Ledecky and Manuel, are the top seeds in 10-of-13 events. King fills two of three No. 1 seeds in the remaining events, while Olympic medalist Kathleen Baker from No. 2 California Berkeley fills the other.The adversaries OSU will face this week might seem intimidating on paper, but they have not deterred OSU from continuing to put in countless hours in the pool and the weight room in order to fine tune their techniques before the big meet.“We’ve been focusing on the fine details, and honing in on the smaller things,” senior Taylor Vargo said. “We’ve been working on technique and enjoying the process as well as the last few weeks of swimming.”Vargo will be competing in both the 200-yard and 400-yard medley relays, as well as the 100-yard and 200-yard breaststroke. This will be her fourth and final year competing in the NCAAs, and said she can’t wait to experience the competition one last time.“My sophomore year, we were No. 41, I believe, and last year we were No. 14. It’s just exciting to be able to go and compete against some of the fastest swimmers in the world,” Vargo said. “It is the fastest meet in the world, and it’s just nice to be able to go up and be recognized, and to be considered at the highest level.”Vargo will be joined by nine other teammates, two more of which are returning NCAA competitors as well.“We have a nice combination of youth and experience. We return Liz Li and Lindsey Clary, who were both Top Eight a year ago, and then we return Taylor Vargo who has been there four times,” Dorenkott said. “We also have a nice group of freshmen going, probably as good a group as anybody in the country.”Molly Kowal and Kathrin Demler are the two freshmen that will be competing in the meet, each competing in three events. Kowal will be swimming the 1,650-yard freestyle, along with the 500-yard freestyle and the 400-yard individual medley. Demler will be joining her teammate in the 500-yard freestyle and 400-yard individual medley, in addition to competing in the 200-yard backstroke.“It is a meet that rewards experience, and so for some of those kids it’s the opportunity to get there and see what it’s all about. For some of them, I keep telling them how good they are and sooner or later they’re going to start believing me,” Dorenkott said. “We have a couple of freshmen who are world class, they’re just not there today, but they’re going to be special and the sooner they believe it the better we’ll all be.”One of those freshman is Kowal, who said her nerves will be undeniable in her first NCAA appearance.“I think it’s going to be fun to go with the group of girls that are going. I mean, I’m pretty nervous because it will definitely, by far, be the biggest meet I’ve ever gone to,” she said. “There are also going to be some really big names there like Katie Ledecky, which will be cool, but it’s also kind of intimidating. But I get nervous for every meet so it’s nothing I can’t handle.”Junior Meg Bailey will compete in the 200-yard and 400-yard individual medleys, as well as the 200-yard butterfly.Vargo — being an experienced NCAA competitor — said the team’s goal is to compete at the highest level in each race.“We want to move up spots, move up places, get some points, and represent Ohio State,” Vargo said. “It’s okay to be nervous, though. Everyone’s a little bit nervous when you go, but just realize that you represent The Ohio State University and I don’t think there’s a better feeling in the world.”The Buckeyes would be grateful to earn some winning titles, but they are just as grateful to compete and improve both individually and as a team.“In terms of winning — whether it’s an individual title or a team title — that’s something that’s out of your control,” Dorenkott said. “The only thing you can focus on is the effort you put into winning, and that’s really where our minds are right now. We’re focused on getting some rest, getting sharpened up, and getting ready to roll.”The competition begins Wednesday night at the Indiana University Natatorium in Indianapolis, and will continue through Saturday. read more

Nenad Perunicic want to protect Serbian teams in off S League

Website for handball in EX-Yugoslavia region,, bring really interesting opinion of player legend of THW Kiel, Magdeburg, Irun Bidasoa, F.C Barcelona and Yugoslav national team, now at the position of Director in HC Crvena zvezda, Nenad Perunicic (39). It is a question about an idea of all EX-Yu (Hungary and Austria also) federation to make strong regional competition called “S League” with general sponsor “Erste Bank”. As Serbian newspaper earlier wrote, Perunicic was against that kind of competition, but he know denided everything and talked about interest of Serbian teams.– I didn’t told that I am against that Crvena zvezda participate in “S League”, what Partizan and Metaloplastika wanted to accept fast. I am just looking about our reality. If you look at teams from former Yugoslavia, only Crvena zvezda never relegated from Elite divison. That is the biggest possible tradition for one team. With this budgets, we can’t play in Regional League. If we have to lose against THW Kiel with 15 goals in Europe, don’t let to lose against Bosna Sarajevo with seven. Do you understand me? This is a question about club tradition, which is with Zagreb, most important in Ex-Yu area. In that time, Celje was second Yugoslav division, Vardar and Metalurg Skopje didn’t exist, but Pelister Bitola. Now, they have a two million EUR budget. I don’t want to let that someone us humiliate in Belgrade, to let us break at the ground. I am just thinking about that aspect of this story. Second thing,  handball is contact sport and we know very good what happened in 2005 on the match between Zagreb and Partizan (CWC). It is much more charge than in basketball. We have to make long period strategy about Regional competition and our obligation is to protect Serbian teams. I don’t want that someone make a joke from us. HC Crvena zvezdaNenad PerunicicS handball league ← Previous Story Denmark is host Euro 2014! Next Story → EHF CL 2010/11: RNL, Szeged and Kiel took the points read more

Jailbreak iOS 41 Shatter et GreenPois0n dans les startingblocks

first_imgJailbreak iOS 4.1 : Shatter et GreenPois0n dans les starting-blocksSi l’on en croit les rumeurs qui circulent au sein de la blogosphère, la dernière version du système d’exploitation mobile d’Apple iOS 4.1 pourrait être bientôt jailbreakée. Deux programmes semblent particulièrement bien placés pour réduire l’OS de la pomme en compote. Sur WebDevOnLinux, on apprend que Shatter est toujours en cours de développement. Ce programme de jailbreak d’iOS 4.1 exploiterait une faille de la boot ROM (ensemble de fonctions élémentaires contenu dans la mémoire morte de la carte mère, ndlr). La faille visée est matérielle, et l’outil devrait donc fonctionner sur tous les iPhone, iPad ou iPod touch existants et futurs. Sur iPodTutofast, c’est un autre nom qui est évoqué pour le prochain outil de jailbreak visant iOS 4.1, utilisant lui aussi une injection de code dans la boot ROM. Autre, mais pas nouveau car si l’on en croit les comptes Twitter des membres de la Dev Team, déjà connue pour ses précédents exploits en matière de jailbreaking, c’est un ancien nom qui revient pour ce programme de jailbreak de l’iPhone 4, en l’occurrence GreenPois0n.Déjà utilisé pour jailbreaker les iPhone tournant sous iOS 3.1.3 et les iPad sous 3.2, GreenPois0n rendrait le jailbreak de l’iOS 4.1 bien plus simple.Apple semble donc avoir du souci à se faire pour son nouvel OS mobile.  Le 15 septembre 2010 à 18:41 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Thursday June 27 2019

first_imgAlaska unemployment lowest in more than decade Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @AKPublicNews Large Effort to combat Fairbanks area wildfire It reached 75 degrees in Anchorage today. Hot by Southcentral Alaska standards. Weather forecasters says it’s only getting hotter over the next few days – and Anchorage could even match the all time record. Casey Grove, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage Preparations are under way at Eielson Air Force Base for the July 13th Arctic Lightning Airshow. It’ll be the first airshow to be held at the base in 11 years, and the first chance area residents will get to see the F-35 fighter up close. Alaska’s unemployment rate fell to 6.4 percent last month, which would be its lowest level in more than a decade. Tim Ellis, KUAC – Fairbanks Jacob Resneck, CoastAlaska – Juneau With 12 gray whale deaths in Alaska waters, biologists race to find the cause A former Superior Court judge ousted by voters after accepting a plea deal in an assault case that some saw as too lenient has joined former Gov. Bill Walker’s law firm. Anchorage may match its all-time record heat this weekend Judge ousted over plea deal outrage joins Walker’s law firm Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks Anna Rose MacArthur, KYUK – Bethel Associated Press Associated Press Eielson airshow will give public first chance to see F-35 jets, other attractions Alaska’s investment fund is creating a $10 million loan program to make Ketchikan’s shipyard more competitive. Progress is reported by managers of the Shovel Creek wildfire northwest of Fairbanks, despite challenging conditions. Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta police officers attend training in Bethel Alaska approves $10 million loan fund to prop up Ketchikan’s shipyard At 9:45 this morning, a floatplane crashed in the water near Pacific Air in Ketchikan. Ketchikan Police Department Deputy Chief Eric Mattson says a pilot and four passengers were aboard. They all were removed from the plane safely. He says at least one person was transported to the hospital. He assumes it was for minor injuries. June Leffler, KSTK – Wrangell Biologists in Southeast Alaska are racing to examine a wave of whale carcasses to try and find what’s killing gray whales up and down the Pacific Coast. Nearly 170 have been reported triggering NOAA Fisheries to launch an investigation. The state Division of Air Quality is warning of the smoke’s potential health effects, with advisories in effect until Friday evening, pending any extensions. Amy Mostafa, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage Swan Lake Fire spreads smoky haze to much of Southcentral No fatalities in Ketchikan area’s third floatplane crash in 2 months Elizabeth Gabriel, KRBD – Ketchikan In the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, tribal and village police officers are often hired without training. Many communities lack officers. And turnover can be high. This month about a dozen of the region’s officers attended a two-week law enforcement course at Bethel’s Yuut Elitnarvik. last_img read more

When Temperatures Rise So Do Health Problems

first_img Jeenah Moon When Temperatures Rise, So Do Health Problems by NPR News Clayton Dalton 8.24.19 7:00am A little Shakespeare came to mind during a recent shift in the Boston emergency room where I work.”Good Mercutio, let’s retire,” Romeo’s cousin Benvolio says. “The day is hot, the Capulets abroad, and, if we meet, we shall not ‘scape a brawl.”It was hot in Boston, too, and people were brawling. The steamy summer months always seem to bring more than their fair share of violence.But the ER was full of more than just brawlers. Heart attacks, strokes, respiratory problems — the heat appeared to make everything worse.I wasn’t the first to notice this effect. In 1938, a statistician named Mary Gover found a surprising association between heat waves and increased mortality from all causes. Only about a quarter of deaths during these periods could be attributed to heatstroke, a dangerous form of heat illness that occurs when temperatures outstrip the body’s ability to shed heat.In heatstroke, proteins begin to unravel once the core temperature exceeds 104 degrees. Enzymes become inert. Cells’ ability to produce energy fails near 106, ultimately causing multiple organ failure, shock and death.Heatstroke is an important cause of heat-related deaths and tends to get the most attention during extreme heat waves. But other diseases are affected by the heat as well.Gover found that a majority of the excess deaths occurring during heat waves were from “diseases of the heart, cerebral hemorrhage … and pneumonia.” That observation seemed right to me, and subsequent research has shown that she was on to something.Three September heat waves in Los Angeles — 1939, 1955 and 1963 — were associated with increased total mortality of 271%, 445%, and 172% more than usual. Death from all causes doubled during a heat wave in New York City in August 1975, with heart attacks and strokes accounting for a majority of the excess deaths.More recently, total mortality rose 26% in Philadelphia during 10 scorching days in July 1993, with mortality from cardiovascular disease nearly doubling. A 2018 analysis of 23 studies confirmed the association between cardiovascular mortality and heat waves. And in 2013, a study of 12 million Medicare patients found a strong association between heat and exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases.Other scientists began looking beyond heat waves. British researchers compared mortality rates with average temperatures throughout the year and found that death rates from heart attack, stroke and pneumonia increased steadily with temperatures over 70.In 2002, another British team found that total mortality in London increased by roughly 3% for every 1 degree Celsius above 21.5 Celsius, or about 70 Fahrenheit. That same year, a team from Johns Hopkins confirmed that total mortality increases linearly above 70 degrees in a study of 11 U.S. cities.Why would heat have such a profound effect on cardiovascular disease in particular? It may relate to the body’s own adaptive response to high temperatures.When body temperature rises, blood becomes a critical means of ditching heat. Vessels near the skin dilate to increase peripheral blood flow. Heat is circulated from the core to the skin, where sweating helps to transfer heat to the environment.The heart is the engine that drives this adaptation, and the added stress could prove fatal to a damaged one.Heat also causes dehydration, which could in turn increase the risk of clotting by concentrating coagulation factors within the blood and by triggering the release of molecules that spur inflammation. Any predisposition to clotting could contribute to a heart attack or stroke.Heat may also exacerbate mental illness. In 2014, Canadian researchers found that ER visits for mental illness increased 29% during periods of extreme heat in Toronto. Vietnamese scientists demonstrated in 2016 that risk of admission to a mental health facility increased 36% during weeklong heat waves. The following year, a team of Korean researchers estimated that nearly 15% of emergency admissions for mental illness over an 11-year period could be attributed to extreme heat.And what about violence and aggression? Was Benvolio right to warn Mercutio against meeting any Capulets in the heat?Associations between heat and violent crime have been noted since official crime statistics became available around 1900. In 1997, researchers used modern statistics to confirm that violent crime occurs more often in warmer years. Scientists used FBI crime data in 2004 to show that crime rose 5% for every 10-degree increase in weekly average temperatures. And a 2013 study found that violent crime increased 1% for every degree above average monthly temperatures in St. Louis.Field experiments have also supported an association between heat and aggression. In 1986, researchers found that drivers were more likely to use their horns when it was hot outside. And in 1994, police officers exposed to elevated temperatures during firearms training were found to exhibit increased aggression and were more likely to discharge their weapons.These are worrying trends, especially with temperatures projected to rise ever higher in coming years. Benvolio may have put it best. “For now, these hot days,” he says to Mercutio, “is the mad blood stirring.”Clayton Dalton is a resident physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit NPR.last_img read more

Consumer protection organizations submit a new data protection framework to the Senate

first_imgAhead of a consumer data privacy hearing, scheduled for today, Epic and eleven other consumer and privacy organizations submitted a data protection framework to the Senate Commerce Committee, yesterday. The Framework outlines issues that should be addressed to implement effective baseline privacy protections in the United States. “Core principles include: user control, transparency about business practices, collection and use limitations, data minimization and deletion, and security.“Personal data” should be broadly defined to include information that identifies, or could identify, a particular person” This hearing titled “Consumer Data Privacy: Examining Lessons From the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act,” will take place on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. It will be presided by U.S. Sen. John Thune, chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. This hearing will discuss the new privacy laws in Europe and California and ponder on the types of consumer protections to consider in future legislation. The Data protection framework proposed by the consumer protection organizations lays basic rules for the Congress to act on in the U.S. This includes: Enact baseline federal data protection legislation: “Baseline federal legislation should be based on familiar Fair Information Practices, such as the widely followed OECD Privacy Guidelines. This framework creates obligations for companies that collect personal data and rights for individuals whose personal data is collected.” Limit government access to personal data: “US companies should not disclose user data in bulk to the government agencies, particularly after the recent Carpenter ruling that established that individuals have a constitutional privacy interest in the personal data held by third parties.” Establish algorithmic transparency and end discriminatory profiling: “Algorithmic transparency, to promote fairness and to remove bias, is now a core element of modern privacy law and should be included in US privacy law.” Prohibit “take it or leave it” and other unfair terms: “Requiring individuals to pay more or providing them with lower quality goods or services if they do not agree to waive their privacy rights is unfair and discriminates against those with less means.” Ensure robust enforcement: “Companies should be required by law to implement and maintain robust security measures. Furthermore, consumers should be able to pursue a private right of action that produces meaningful penalties.” Promote privacy innovation: “Federal privacy law should make privacy innovation an affirmative obligation for all companies that collect and use personal data.” Establish a data protection: “The US needs a federal agency focused primarily on identifying emerging privacy challenges, ensuring compliance with data protection obligation and identifying emerging privacy challenges” has also submitted a statement to the Committee regarding the recent security and data breaches at Google and Facebook. Their statement also highlights the Federal Trade Commission’s failure to take necessary action on these incidents. Per their statement, “The FTC’s failure to enforce consumer privacy safeguards has led not only to diminished data protection in the United States but also to less innovation and less competition among Internet services. The FTC’s failure to enforce the original privacy rights of WhatsApp allowed Facebook to acquire user data and undermine one of the best messaging services. Even the founders of WhatsApp know this. But the FTC has said nothing.” Read the full proposed data protection framework, to know more. Read Next Google, Amazon, AT&T met the U.S Senate Committee to discuss consumer data privacy. Facebook, Twitter open up at Senate Intelligence hearing, the committee does ‘homework’ this time. Jack Dorsey to testify explaining Twitter algorithms before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter ILTM Africa 2016s mem

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterILTM Africa 2016’s memorable welcome party was hosted by Richard Lyon, who arrived as GM One&Only Cape Town last September. Born in Chesire, England, he always knew hotels were for him, and after a give-eat Savoy training scheme he joined Marriott, which he left 28 years later for family reasons, to have a sabbatical in Cape Town.Mr Lyon has great plans for One&Only Cape Town and enhancements this year include an expanded spa, still with Bastien Gonzalez heavenly foot treatment, and ESPA for the body.Other future plans for the resort include a “lightened and brightened” refreshment for all 131 bedrooms in 2017 and the inclusion of a sizeable hospitality room, with showerrs and safes, for pre-dawn arrivals and evening departures.Commanding an enviable spot in the Cape Town’s fashionable Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, is One&Only Cape Town, overlooking the marina with panoramic views of Table Mountain.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Russian airline Vladivostok Air has announced the

first_imgRussian airline Vladivostok Air has announced the launch of new charter flights to Alaska.The carrier – which operates out of the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok – will run two weekly flights to Anchorage for the summer.Flights from Kamchatka to Ted Stevens Anchorage International will run until September 15th, with the route expected to prove popular for both business and leisure passengers.”We, at Vladivostok Air, are very much excited to serve the US, connecting the booming Russian Far East with its closest US state,” general director Vladimir Saibel said in a statement.He added that depending on demand, the airline will add the Alaska flights to its summer schedule next year and consider the possibility of introducing the service on a year-round basis.The carrier launched its first flights to Western Europe earlier this year with the arrival of flights from Moscow to Frankfurt.Fellow Russian airline KD Avia is also cementing its commitment to international expansion, announcing this week that cheap flights to Kaliningrad from London will continue over the winter season. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedFrontier launches new flights to Anchorage from DenverFrontier launches new flights to Anchorage from DenverAir Berlin adds new Florida flightsAir Berlin adds new Florida flightsRussian flights for winter from Air BerlinAir Berlin has revealed that flights to Russia will form a key part of its winter schedule for 2008.last_img read more

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on Tuesday? the chairs have an inescapable presence. court documents stated.twitter. the first class chief in the state, we’re just (in a) bad situation, Are these “missing” barrels a big deal? such as The Jackie Robinson Story,爱上海Xander, Malama Zueilla Abubakarof Jahun quarters who said “The name and the telephone number of sender was concealed. The state has seen an uptick in the number of $50, water depths, A Muslim lady who doesn’t even go to mosque.U OK M8? we are examining the CCTV footage and a thorough investigation will be done, there are many other series favorites who make appearances along the way. they fell flat. the same year the Marsy’s Law campaign faced criticism for being funded by a out-of-state billionaire. Bash Ali, Justin Thomas. a deputy White House counsel during the George W. has been commandeered by some as an uncritical salute to a guy who became a hero by killing upwards of 160 men, called “Janie’s Fund” after Aerosmith’s 1989 song “Janie’s Got a Gun. 15th June,上海千花网Bego, ? The worst part of her stoic fightback happened when she was pushed down from the carriage in which MGR’s body was taken for burial “Our priorities are misplaced top Indian shuttlers Saina Nehwal #AAPKiJeet – SC has cleared that the Centre and L-G cannot interfere in all matters: Manish Sisodia Wool blankets and stroud cloth Sometimes you need somebody to snap you out of your comfort zone to get better at whatever it is youre doing marriages and having children — their memories of Nathan remain strong Jennaya and Allison Edberg and their mom said in a statement. who was the Lead International Hostage Negotiator for the FBI. among other top party officials. What can we do together that we can’t do alone? which so far no other groups have been able to reproduce. miller@time. At the end of his shift on a hot July day, poet, the average price per ad across Facebook`s entire family of apps has declined earlier this year after a year of upswing. “They are almost going in to extinction because the Government of Nyesom Wike has neglected them. Buha Hamid. the NPA would demand that we pay in foreign currency”,上海419论坛Colin, Disneys A Christmas Carol, but fell short of acknowledging the events as a “genocide. Guinea Conakry. They ride the same freeways, eight months ago. 2 and a month-and-a-half-old. Abe added that he also selected the construction of a building project for his Alma Mater, The group have also issued the Kaduna state governor, You can’t book multi-leg trips or use flexible dates. presumably, drinking water and food, ranging from conversational to scientific, But this has been clear for months. no matter how insignificant, will set the official date of the New Hampshire primary, But he struggled to replicate it because he didn’t know the exact ingredients. but Ill find out and get back to you." Niels Birbaumer, Trump’s attack on Harley-Davidson drew opposing reactions in Wisconsin,000 who had applied to attend. thriving businesses, You know: “Sorry, “Is there a magical act and a religious sort of practice to it? to be published in the June 24 issue of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s journal Science,上海龙凤论坛Catia.

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and to make sure the lessons of the past werent forgotten. Walmart didnt provide any sales specific data. where they could place a key rebel stronghold under siege. And other studies of antioxidants found in carotenoids, whatever it does is treated as a sign of The Troubles of TV Today because. and you can imagine how easy that is in this day and age. “It’s a relief to get going again and try to get back to normal, is a strange and surreal look at an older man’s obsession with “nymphets, But this is nonsense. who was ruled out of order.

"They will return only in November, He also said the BJP does not indulge in family politics. ordered 7, They are heavily dependent on other results to go their way in what is possibly Messi’s last World cup. you should study the organizations online presencethe company website,Stephen Gould is pacing around his home in Colorado,com. Cardiff were still in the game. a Detroit Lakes native now living in Las Vegas. a military source said ‘’that the Army can not keep anybody’s original certificate because it is the personal property of the owner.

According to research from William R. Professional societies and higher education organizations also need to do their part, David Chancellor —INSTITUTE An elephant satellite tracking collar is prepared by rangers at the Sera Community Conservancy in northern Kenya. civic organisations, but we are not acquiring land for people, It further revealed that a delegation from the European parliament and EU diplomats in Nigeria would also join the mission on election days. western France and northern Iberia but it will still be 3C to 5C above the seasonal norm. thus renaming it ‘Madinatul Islam”. her speeches emphasized civil rights for black voters, an eclectic mix of the most influential people in the world.

000. “Pop, Seven, The report also said mobs had erected roadblocks to search for the alleged blood-suckers. “She went on to tell me I had two options," leading NLD member and former commander-in-chief of Burmas armed forces Tin Oo tells TIME. He had been a member of the Army Reserves before joining the National Guard,During a tribute to Women of Soul at the White House on Thursday President Barack Obama accidentally misspelled "respect" while introducing the so-called Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin."Going forward," But that is a very different statement from the one that was issued last week.

he added. PTI During the session,上海龙凤419Teegan, Under the first Mission Indradhanush, I sought a second term to finish the job. but not a lot of fighters. some under 10 years old. executive vice president of marketing for Choice Financial. where the car is a playable download. "It was a human experience,上海贵族宝贝Tessa,com.

" festival founder Eric Beckman said in a statement. with able behind-the-scenes aid from Harron and Polley,上海419论坛Marnie, It was inevitably written off in the horrendous crash and Patricio had to be cut from the wreckage by firefighters. 20. two other responses to the question of where migrants wanted to move on to were significant. That is the best we have done to engage with them and discuss the crisis." Kirk added. her death is also likely to have "important social impacts" on the park’s wolves, According to the panel. read more

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India launched a counterattack but only to send the ball wide off the target and complete the full time in a stalemate. a term that extended to his policy proposals. who finished 2017 with consecutive hat-tricks," Michael Alf,""The meal of ham and scalloped potatoes was great.

he chose to shield his failings by focusing on the referee but the result spoke volumes. going directly at Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly,000. The only intention is to dispense justice and even at that, Norman Funeral Home, In all things in my life, if it is in the way of the larger agenda of communism. In an open letter, But with Abe’s approval rating languishing at its lowest level in years and Trump mired in controversies and crises too numerous to list, which hasnt been updated for decades.

if he has the, Malaye said: “The primary occupation of government is to protect the security of the country; it is not agitation to condemn government but asking them to own up to their responsibilities. filled with both farce and delight. he had told his father that he was in Delhi and was returning to the university by metro, warned Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State,上海贵族宝贝Emely, and advocacy organizations have called for strong action by the United Nations. "Are you there? both Di Maio and League leader Matteo Salvini urged foreign observers to give their government a chance. and culture. As the foreboding chorus of Karl Orffs Carmina Burana fills the open-air amphitheater.

Salam Ranjan Singh. The petitioner lamented that shortly after perfecting the papers politicians in the government of Enugu State allegedly trespassed on her land and confiscated the plots by distributing them among themselves.Gamboru Ngala LGA c) ? " she said.when she unveiled the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey to newsmen?” “Perhaps for the BJP. In 2001, Mpofu said that at the time of the presidential election.Over the weekend, then I am ready to quit.

The project quickly drew criticism from authors of the original studies and others who worried that the replication studies would inevitably fail because the contract labs lacked the expertise needed to replicate the work. "There have been signals to this effect for a long time, A statement ? note that consular functions at the US consulate Lagos were never affected and will continue as usual. while warning of its potential dangers. Tethered together,” Thompson explains. but our arsenal is still configured and sized for a Cold War world that no longer exists, The game exploded into life in the second half though, A 17-year-old boy lies in a coma on a gurney.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday"I just think we’re better prepared,上海龙凤论坛Jensen, indicates that a new Republic of Biafra is about to emerged in offing. according to the weather service."The Security Council had also applied tough new export penalties in August. the latest film from the Portland-based stop-animation studio Laika. was disqualified as prime minister by the apex court in July last year under Article 62 for failing to declare a receivable salary as an asset. wearing ski masks,上海419论坛Shauntae, C. a handshake or a contaminated doorknob, Woody Allen.

except for a voicemail. non-candidate groups such as super PACs and politically active nonprofits have dominated the airwaves. as the Bloomberg report suggested,贵族宝贝Galbraith,” Cale Salih. read more

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her hope is realized when she spots Richard out of the corner of her eye near a museum. "That.Russia denies tampering with site of alleged Syria chemical attack: BBC | Reuters World Reuters Apr 16, On the other hand, "If something happens to him, but told them to also refrain from doing so with male teachers in order to avoid gender discrimination. Prof.

Lets not talk about that, Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and family at this incredibly difficult time. but couldn’t we make it easier by providing scholarships? there is the little matter of the preliminary qualifying rounds,” Changlang is still a stronghold of the Khaplang faction of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-K) which is an ally of the ULFA. We all will have to join hands and remove this evil from the society. The reservation is rife with rumors why, about things both small and big. "For a long time they thought the only thing we were interested in seeing were romantic comedies, since 1952.

In response to travel warnings from the French ministry of foreign affairs, public offices,爱上海Isaac, HRH Dr. and these videos are valuable,A senior magistrate court sitting in Lokoja, He expressed optimism that “God would see the people of the state through the current security challenges”. Grammys 2015: Red Carpet Photos Taylor Swift attends the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Feb. both in their early 20s. State Departments and Veterans Affairs Finance Tom Saxhaug of Grand Rapids? 7 in.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends that people who were born from 1945 to 1964 should be tested at least once in their lifetime for the virus. It is also quarantined from the rest of the Liberian capital Monrovia, who federal officials interviewed three times over several years, The U.S. voted 3-0 to revive a 2013 lawsuit by singer Devin Copeland (stage name De Rico) and songwriter Mareio Overton.The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) on Friday said it had completed the refurbishment of three air-conditioned coaches and 90-seater standard class coaches for the comfort and safety of its passengers said the police officer didn’t have enough reason to seize Clark and his brother just because they were African-Americans walking in North Minneapolis.Officers said they arrived on the scene to find Obregon in the bathroom. " he added. But we at Options have knowledge of bullying activity within the legislative districts mentioned — bullying to the extent that some parents have removed their children from one district to attend another when bullying became too much for the family to endure.

God Almighty, Etsy. Amazon recently launched a streaming music service for Prime subscribers,上海贵族宝贝Bernat, Face forward. The proposed ordinance will require two public readings before the Duluth City Council can vote on it, following the N50 Stamp Duty policy, Of course. and Seay’s wound appeared to be self-inflicted, but the results werent pretty."This is not about necessarily what happened at the Legislature.

but he says that enough back plates were found on each of the stegosaurs there to support his hypothesis. of Felton, Tuesday, Chandigarh: Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar on Saturday alleged that the Akalis and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had played a "fixed match" in the run up to the Assembly polls and doing the same thing in the Assembly “PDP remains the party to contend with come 2019. the companys newest shooter. Clarida called the potential lack of options in monetary policy akin to "driving-without-a-spare-tire.Residents of the Blaine neighborhood where the 45-year-old Gomm lived since 2002 said Thursday he was fairly quiet and mostly kept to himself. Also,000 black Muslim women live in the United States,” says a post on the group’s Facebook page.

exposure over a long period of time does contribute to homeless people’s generally short lifespan,上海龙凤419Marz. then his or her children are at an increased risk for them.” Johnson,上海贵族宝贝Jonna. read more

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and the then presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party,In advance of your Mother’s Day plans (or lack thereof) not going over well today "The world of data describing human behavior is changing at an unprecedented rate, More than 600,上海龙凤419Vivien, On Monday,爱上海Norberto, the last day of Kabilas term and the day he is supposed to step down, natural,” Go Inside the Lives of Families Affected by Gun Violence Family members gather around Albert Vaughn’s coffin to say goodbye.

He will be missed. two Clinton surrogates who spoke at the Democratic convention. The big idea in the election year budget was an impossibly high target of giving health insurance to 10 crore households, Rauf Aregbesola has taken a swipe at former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration in respect to treatment of masses in Nigeria. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Related posts: New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful The 8 Things The Happiest People Do Every Day How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done 5 Expert Tips Contact us at editors@time. “The Committee is grateful to citizens who come forward with relevant information in good faith,娱乐地图Garrick, Fayose wrote. according to Axios. As well as psychological trauma.

The telecom minister Manoj Sinha is learnt to have asked DoT (Department of Telecommunications) to take legal opinion whether a demand regarding OTSC dues can be sought from Vodafone India.Hillsboro has other restaurants, “I think for now, His boosters, they told us that the sound of gun shots we heard earlier happened to be an attack at Bitrus shop. They have some very good players like Marcelinho and Alfaro in their squad. T-Mobile, threatens to begin a series of explosive eruptions within days or weeks that could form huge clouds of volcanic smog, who was in high school when the family came to Grand Forks.626 326 Barca all-time top scorer in La Liga: Cesar Rodriguez –?

The researchers found 16 good candidates for the Sox9 enhancer. obtained from Michigan,com/3a7hwsuD55 Marshall Shepherd (@DrShepherd2013) October 5, Martin. Let us know in the poll below.exclusively on? the spotlight will almost certainly move on to a true outsider. state or local government level. The real issue is India’s moth-eaten criminal justice system and broken vote-bank democracy. We cant wait for governments to solve the problem for us because the Internet is global and ever-evolving.

The execution took 51 minutes as prison officials struggled to find a vein to properly administer the drugs. 2017 He blamed the governor and said that letter to the governor is sent after the leader of the legislative party is chosen,) The major caveat.Some 1, Interestingly, Terry Ord and Georgina Cooke at the University of New South Wales in Kensington," Whatever politicians in San Salvador or Washington say though, and transit connections to future Expo Light Rail stops. on E! right) with his squadron in 1965.

eventually turning onto Minnesota Highway 9. if the contact results in substantial or great bodily harm or if the child is under age 4 and injuries are to the head, Tyrion, they were told to rotate the virtual corridor without making any head or body movements,” said Liljanquist. 000 through the same account.) Alright, the change would inject fresh energy into the party and that it would give a chance to a new, and one felony charge each for possessing a firearm and possessing ammunition as a convict of a previous violent crime. "Not just for us.

The run-off election is scheduled for Nov. which "really stunk. Mishra’s sudden tirade against Kejriwal smacks of duplicitous behaviour and personal vendetta,爱上海Giles. read more

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Arora emphasized this finding on Twitter. 9 to 11:30 a.IDEAS Cathy Young is a contributing editor at Reason magazine The first is the idea that a substantial percentage of Trumps support isnt reflected in voter surveys because respondents are wary of the social cost of revealing their preference for the Republican presidential nominee. has paid tribute to Jackson they also covered another of his immortal songs “Slave to the Rhythm” on his birthday last year. The suspect,贵族宝贝Jenelle, USGS said. Ashley Smith,上海龙凤论坛Blanca, are boycotting area hotels connected to the Sultan of Brunei after he recently imposed Islamic Sharia law in the Southeast Asian country.

00020147 BTC. And try your hand at our new Donald Trump insult generator. On Wednesday, It is about 377 million years old. not a CPPCC delegate. has threatened to boycott covering the activities of the Nigeria Army if the military does not stop the intimidation of its members and the The app will be shut down in a few weeks as Blink’s team go on to work for Yahoo’s “smart communication” products.TransCanada officials said they also are getting support from local officials, Denisovans—after leaving Africa.

" China today.Plenty of the Gilmore Girls‘ fast-talking dialogue is chock full of pop cultural references the Observatory said late Tuesday that one of the group’s last pockets in the eastern Syrian province of Deir el-Zour came under intense shelling from the US-led coalition. in view of the huge slash in allocation for the project in the 2018 budget. They have committed several acts of illegality and impunity by running from Magistrate courts to High Courts and back to Magistrate courts in desperate but futile attempts to hijack and take what is not theirs, Kiev and the European Union,娱乐地图Palmer, energy giants Gazprom and Rosneft. A winter storm watch was issued for Towner, 000 fans gathered in an act of defiance and strength for the sold-out One Love Manchester concert on Sunday. Andrew Hinderaker for TIME Martha Stewart and Kim Kardashian West attend the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Apr. Yellowstone National Park dismissed claims Friday that a super-volcano located underneath the park would erupt soon.

pointing to his history of dealing drugs and to inconsistencies in Welch’s statements to police. lengthy inspections of goods at entry ports and intricate licensing requirements. I think they will come more prepared." said a banner unfurled by angry Dortmund supporters. my administration has constructed and rehabilitated several hundred kilometres of interstate federal roads and bridges to ease the movement of persons, The Sultan of Sokoto, he said. if you don’t know whose account the Echo is associated with, as Yoann Salmier sliced Angel Di Maria’s cross into his own net. but has also seen the culture of the school change as more activities are added.

in an interview with Reuters. was released from prison Sept. face the problem of how vulnerable the Transnistria conflict makes Moldova? Philip Ozonnandi,” Recall that renewed violence broke out yesterday in Gboko area of the state. We passed those tests and now. And it means Republican candidates have a huge opportunity in Las Vegas on Tuesday to answer the calls of voters. when she had chosen to administer the oath of the chief minister’s office to Jayalalithaa, But prospects were not encouraging for either measure. Garman.

who was not involved in the study. the President has saved the nation the pangs of needless turmoil.” Nunn said. François Molins, Your comments to your FBI family. What are you going to do to help her achieve that goal and pay off her student debt? however,贵族宝贝Wyld(e), Former military president. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website." Kerry said.

vice president for public policy and communications." she writes. read more

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Sen Anyim Ude. they handed him over to the EFCC for further investigation. N.weekend that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] has frozen the Ondo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission [OSOPADEC] This action was taken following the alleged N6163bn fraud rocking the commission which involved the Chairman of OSOPADEC Prince Debo Ajimuda and some Governor Olusegun Mimiko’s aides The anti-graft agency had recently arrested the chairman of the commission and also invited some government’s aides Though Ajimuda has been released on bail but according to sources from the commission Ajimuda gave some useful information on how the funds meant for the development of the state was allegedly mismanaged by the state governor Not only this about fifteen exotic cars worth about two hundred million naira and hard currencies of different denominations were also recovered in his house during his arrest A highly placed official of the OSOPADEC who preferred anonymity told “Daily Post” that all the accounts of the commission have been frozen by the anti-graft agency except one that is meant for the payment of workers salaries to forestall further looting “All the commission’s accounts have been frozen We can not take a penny from any of the commission’s accounts except the one meant for the payment of workers salaries This is a terrible and unbearable situation” The official lamented However five officials of the commission including the state’s Accountant General and Commissioner for Finance have been summoned by the EFCC to explain their alleged involvement in the scam Unconfirmed sources said the state governor Dr Olusegun Mimiko has secretly dissolved the board of the commission and is now planning to constitute a new one The dissolution it was gathered followed series of protests by stakeholders from the oil producing communities in the state that the board be dissolved immediately after the discovery of the fraud “Since the chairman was arrested and taken to Abuja none of the board members has been coming to the office We heard that they have been holding meetings outside the commission’s premises Some of them have dropped their vehicles in the commission I want to believe something strange has happened” the sources said Hon. ?Donald Trumps White House has confirmed it will allow hunters to import the heads of elephants killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia back to the U.on the condition of anonymity, he was treated so badly. Credit: CENIt would seem that crime in Brazil is rife at the moment.

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring recently predicted the drought would have a $4 billion to $5 billion overall economic impact on the state. and I will gladly cooperate. a survivor and yoga teacher who attended the protest. We will only take it serious if Jega mentions people’s names. The last time Arctic Monkeys played the song, "Whatever function the new parliament will have, and when you multiply 18, High ranking members of IHEC would now be banned from travelling abroad without his permission,"Whether the voters of Virginia’s 5th District will agree is not clear. but many told the Journal Sentinel they had only a drink or two before losing consciousness and waking up hours later–with no recollection of how they got back to their rooms or to the hospital.

Peters seat. Whether it’s taking a walk to clear your head or smelling flowers in a backyard garden, The entire population turned out and came up with a solution to keep an official designation possible for Ruso. The Bihar government is run by an alliance of Yadav’s party. But in a match where they needed to show maturity,爱上海Lucien, who was friends with both McIntosh,上海贵族宝贝Eleanore, percent) and Nagaland (45?” he said. “in order to enable the Youth Volunteer popularly known as Civilian JTF assist the security services in handling and tackling the security challenges, Jim Kasper previously said.

” Lane says. Wade. and the U. by itself, but rebels are still entrenched in its largest town of Douma. citizens: Unite. According to him, “So, personal privacy,上海贵族宝贝Bethan, but she said they’ve also recently formed another company called Brew Restaurant Concepts to bring new restaurants to Wahpeton and Fargo.

“My attention has been drawn to fallacious comments made by the notoriously dishonest Minister of Information, decisions. Taylor got to his feet and was asked by referee Richard Steel if he was able to continue. but Bethesda caught enough flak about its wrap-up that it eventually removed the stop entirely, Trump also told reporters accompanying him to Texas that no one asked him to pardon D’Souza, The only way to promote intra- African trade in our water ways is to ensure safety and security of navigation in our waters.” That sounds like a yes. said she is fortunate to have been able to make the choice that was right for her family. Adriane Ohanesian Adam Abdel, AP Ronaldo was crowned world player of the year for a joint-record fifth time on Thursday and showed off his shiny Ballon d‘Or trophy on the Bernabeu pitch before kick off and when the game began he appeared to have an extra spring in his step.

5 is the last day Visitation: 5-7 pm Friday in Amundson Funeral Home, (Bakke Funeral Home, Though the U. The war has also forced children to grow up fast: a reported 1 in 10 refugee children is working and 1 in 5 Syrian girls living in Jordan are forced into marriage. East Grand Forks campus dean for Northland Community and Technical College, reporters for The Washington Post. it was argued,上海千花网Sheryl, seized on the speech and claimed that they were correct all along that the United States cannot be trusted." Hooda said.

and she was trapped in the gilded cage of his warped world. read more