The Department for Work and Pensions DWP continu

first_imgThe Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) continued to phone and write to a disabled woman who had taken her own life after having her benefits stopped, an independent investigation has found.The reportby the Independent Case Examiner (ICE), Joanna Wallace, concluded that the DWP hasno system that immediately alerts all the relevant staff that a claimant ofemployment and support allowance (ESA) has died.Because ofthat failure, DWP continued to phone mum-of-nine Jodey Whiting, and leave voicemessages for her, and also wrote to her, after she had taken her own life inFebruary 2017.DWP hadfailed five times to follow its own safeguarding rules in the months leading upto Whiting’s suicide, the investigation also found (see separate story).The ICE reportconcludes that DWP was guilty of “multiple” and “significant” failings inhandling the case of Jodey Whiting, who took her own life after DWP stopped herESA payments for missing a work capability assessment, despite her long,recorded history of serious mental distress and suicidal thoughts.The ICEreport highlights the failure of the cross-government TellUs Once system, which is supposed to ensure that bereaved relativesonly need to make one call to the government when a family member has died,with that information passed on to more than 20 services, including those runby DWP.A CitizensAdvice adviser had informed DWP of Whiting’s death on 23 February, two daysafter she died at her home in Stockton, Teesside.But two dayslater, on 25 February, DWP sent Jodey Whiting a letter to tell her that amandatory reconsideration of the decision to stop her ESA – the internal DWPappeal stage – had confirmed that decision.The ESAcomputer system was not updated to show she had died until 1 March.But even then,other parts of DWP were not notified of her death.The ICE saidin her report, addressed to Whiting’s mother, Joy Dove: “I can only imagine howdistressing it must have been to receive that letter at such a sad time. “I haveconsidered the responses that were provided to both you and your representativeafter you raised this matter with DWP, and I found their explanation of theprocess to be insensitive, in that they showed no apparent appreciation of theimpact this would have had on you.” DWP also continuedto call Jodey Whiting and leave voicemail messages for her for another twomonths, says the ICE report.Wallace saidit was “critical that next of kin who have been told that bereavementinformation to ‘Tell Us Once’ would be dealt with as a priority, should beconfident that no further correspondence will be sent to the deceasedclaimant”.But the ICEinvestigation was told by DWP that there is no process to deal with Tell UsOnce notifications immediately and no target timescale for them to beprocessed.And theinvestigation also found that DWP had no standard process in place to tell itsdecision-makers and dispute resolution team that a claimant has died.Wallace toldDove that she did not believe that DWP “have recognised the apparentadministrative failures that allowed [the letter to be sent on 25 February], norhave they fully recognised the impact this has had on you”.She added:“It is regrettable that it has taken this very sad case to show that there isnot a robust process in place to ensure that death notifications are dealt withas a priority, and that all potentially relevant teams are informed.”Wallace saidshe would be “raising these matters with DWP”.Dove, whohas campaigned for justice – including through her Justice forJodey petition – said she was grateful to ICE for its reportexposing DWP’s serious failings, and also thanked Citizen’s Advice in Stockton,whose staff have worked on the case for two years.She alsothanked all those who have supported the family over the last two years,including strangers who have contacted her through social media and sharedtheir own experiences of cases in which DWP’s policies and procedures have ledto the deaths of disabled benefit claimants.DWP hasagreed to ICE’s recommendation that it should pay £10,000 to the family as a “consolatory”payment for its “repeated failures to follow their safeguarding procedures” andthe other failings that took place after Jodey Whiting’s death.A DWPspokesperson said: “We apologise to Ms Whiting’s family for the failings in howwe handled her case and the distress this caused them. “Ourthoughts are with them at this difficult time and we are providingcompensation. “We fully accept the Independent Case Examiner’s findings and are reviewing our procedures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”Picture: Jodey (left), her sister Donna, and their mum Joy (right)Samaritans can be contacted free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by calling 116 123 or emailing jo@samaritans.orglast_img read more

Activists trigger design review of Mission St building based on similar case

first_img“I have to just state that I hate the design, nothing against the architect,” Commissioner Myrna Melgar said at the review of 1900 Mission Street. “Big windows, to me, are a statement of class and privilege.”“The first thing that came to mind is the Starship Enterprise,” said Commissioner Kathryn Moore during that hearing. “It speaks to, really, the new housing demographics, because of its unusual highly glassy appearance. It does not smoothly integrate into the context of where it is.”“I think we need to do something with the design and I do agree…it looks almost like a stage,” added Commissioner Dennis Richards. “It is a little aggressive.”In their new request for review for 1924 Mission, members of Our Mission No Eviction seized on the commission’s earlier commentary on the neighboring building to make their case. “At a recent Discretionary Review of 1900 Mission St., a very similar project in size and use of large-scale glass windows, the Planning Commission ruled that the similar project should be brought further into alignment with the character of this family corridor,” wrote Carlos Bocanegra in the review request on behalf of the anti-eviction group. “During the review process, several commissioners expressed concerns that these large windows and unusual highly glassy appearance were a statement of class and privilege.” Nonetheless, it’s clear that the group’s issue is not just with the design, but rather, with their fears about what the units will cost.“This high-end project proposed for 1924 Mission St. will most likely command rents of somewhere in the $3,000 to $4,000 range for a 1 bedroom unit. These rents, along with its accompanying gentrification-inducing design, intended to target higher-end tenants, will create local upward price pressure on surrounding tenants,” Bocanegra wrote in the request.The Planning Commission cannot demand more affordable housing be provided in an individual development, but can comment on design and code compliance. Once a request like this one is filed, it must hold a hearing on the project, and even then, a decision can be appealed. A hearing date has not been set. A neighborhood organization called Our Mission No Eviction has asked the Planning Commission for a discretionary review of 1924 Mission St. near 15th Street, where developers are proposing a seven-story mixed-use building with 11 housing units over ground floor trade shop and retail space. The request makes reference to the proposed building’s near-identical neighbor two doors down, at 1900 Mission St., where commissioners requested changes to the building’s design, implying that its earlier appearance was too upscale for the neighborhood. After several continuances, that project, with revisions, will return again to the commission in June – about nine months after the request for review was first filed.Both proposals call for the demolition of single-story auto body shops to build multiple stories of housing over a retail ground floor. Both were proposed more than three years ago and neighborhood activists’ concerns over their impact on gentrification have sent both to the Planning Commission for additional review.In the case of 1924 Mission St., the auto body shop it would replace is vacant.  The fact that the proprietors of the auto shop currently at 1900 Mission are still in business was a point of contention for the appellants, but not necessarily the Planning Commission. Instead, commissioners were concerned with the proposal’s aesthetic when it came to them for review. 0%center_img Tags: development • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Dolores Park Style outside the box

first_imgCoco Hanson. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongCoco Hanson. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongName: Coco HansonBrands?: H&M top, Dolce Vita sunglasses, Hot Kiss leggings, Carlos Santana slidesWhat was your inspiration today for your outfit? I thought it was going to be cold today, so I wore this mesh shirt…and then I brought a jean…jacket and uh, pants and slides.Vibe: Street chic. Comfortable, but with attitude. It was the combo of the hair, huge hoops, nails, mesh top, and sunglasses. Perfect balance. Chris Wimmer. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongName: Chris Wimmer Brands?: Dirk Dikkembergs jacket, 1901 shirt, Bonobos pants, Ray Ban sunglasses, Angela & William hat, Natural Standard shoesHow would you describe your look today? The last clean clothes I had? Vibe: Although Chris was modest about his look, he looked super polished and put together. It was a very classic look, and dressy, but not too dressy. Name: Babalawo Satya Brands?: “Well, I’m not wearing a particular brand, because this is a project I do. So I wear white for a year. In this project, my friends are giving me pieces.” Skirt made by Babalawo with friend and designer Christina Cordeiro, and top given to her by friend.Vibe: Babalawo was a vision in white. She was wearing a copper bowl atop her head, a rose tucked behind her ear, and looked like a total goddess. Earthy, natural, simple, yet resplendent in the striking statement of all-white attire.On fashion: I prefer to relate to what I’m wearing. Jasmine Mayr. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongName: Jasmine MayrBrands?: Topshop jeans, Marc Jacobs necklace, Steve Madden shoes, thrifted top and belt, and bag from boutique in LondonHow would you describe your look today? Like kinda vintage, kind of, like maybe like a little bit pinup-y? More like vintage chic.Vibe: We actually spotted Jasmine inside Dolores Park Cafe. Her effortless outfit was easy, stylish and flattering. The belt and bag had the perfect amount of detail needed to elevate the whole look. Dee Walsh. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongName: Dee WalshBrands?: Mesh shirt and overalls that she bought at Buffalo Exchange that day, Vans hat, and Nine West BootsName a celebrity whose style you admire: Well, I’m, I’m a huge Dita von Teese fan. Um, I do kinda dress a little bit themed. I’m a makeup artist, so anything that kinda matches what my makeup is saying. So today, I kinda went for a skater girl vibe. Um, so probably like, I don’t know, Nyjah Huston. Like, a dude. You know, any skater, professional skater.Vibe: I was expecting to hear Selena when I asked Dee about celeb style, because the combination of a baseball cap, hoops, and red lipstick was giving me total Selena Quintanilla vibes. This was the second look featuring a mesh top that caught my eye, but it was anchored and toned down with the overalls (worn with one side unbuckled, ‘90s style). This whole look was total badassery. Name: Riyaana Hartley Brands?: All thrift store finds, with exception of jeggings from South AfricaWhat was your inspiration for your outfit today? Hmm. Um, I chose these polka dots ‘cause I was feeling a little bold and sassy. And this hat is my new favorite piece. I feel like it’s like instant vintage glam, and it also covers up frizzies. So it’s like my new best friend.Vibe: Riyanna was wearing just two colors–mostly black and some white–and still managed to turn heads. Her turban added a fun, glam touch to her polka dot blouse and black jeans, and the boombox fanny pack was just icing on the style cake. 0% Riyaana Hartley. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong Alex Bessonova. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongName: Alex Bessonova Brands?: ASOS dress, vintage shoes from Barcelona, Gianni Chiarini bagVibe: Alex’s (great name btw) dress was so beautiful that we had to flag her down. It was ASOS, but looked like a gorgeous vintage dress from the ‘70s. The pop of orange was refreshing, and she carried the vibrant hue to her manicure and pedicure. The bag and shoes–in different colors–were a confident departure from the norm of matchy-matchiness. On wearing this dress in SF: Since then (buying the dress), I had problems with it, wearing that back in Russia, where I am from, because, like, you never see actually, like going to vintage style there. But here in San Francisco, when the weather is so nice, it feels like, like so easy to put something like this on because it’s something what San Francisco is about. Like flowers, and nice colors, and like, vintage. And I see that people looking at this kind of outfit smiling, because sometimes, like, they are from these days. Back when they used to have the same type of dresses. So all the elderly people are like, that’s the thing. And I just love these emotions, and I love the dress.center_img Tags: fashion Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% To the commenters from last week: We live in the world of online trolling. People have gotten to the point that they insult people they don’t even know. “Dolores Park Style” is meant to be lighthearted. Fun. Despite popular belief, if someone is dressed well, it doesn’t mean they are from L.A. As a San Francisco native and writer, that has dedicated my career to writing on San Francisco, I also cover our style. I write on whoever has that It Factor, and that includes natives and non-natives. If you looked at the other installments, it includes people of all backgrounds and sartorial styles. I don’t control who goes to the park; I just document those who have the best style on that particular day. Try to find the positive in this or skip over it if it isn’t your thing. We are too addicted to feeling offended, making assumptions, and reading into things that aren’t there. AlexIt was another fabulously sunny day in Dolores Park. I was really tempted to capture the sea of Colombian jerseys present (for a Colombian Independence Day celebration), but that would have been way too biased (as I’m Colombian and our jerseys are not that cute). The variety in clothing styles was more on point this week, with many who were very outside the box in terms of their outfits. Very San Francisco, and a total breath of fresh air. Vans, thrifting, and Buffalo Exchange were the common threads in fashion this week. David Kirkland. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongName: David Kirkland  Brands?: Haters hat; tank top from the Galapagos, Ecuador; fishnet stockings from Multikulti, prescription Oakley sunglasses; “my girlfriend’s, like, booty shorts, because it was laundry day and I was pulling her stuff out,” and Adidas shoesWhat do you want your style to say about you? Oh shit. Fuck. Hold on. Ok so. Today I was bringing keys to Lucy at work, and I wanted to be ultra sexy. And I wanted to, uh, be comfortable in the warmth. And like, uh, have something that fit well and like I can ride a bike in. And like I knew would make my girlfriend, like, jaw drop.Vibe: We saw David whizzing by on his bike when we first got to the park, and thought we missed the opportunity to style stalk him. We were done for the day, when we saw him walk by. His look was so different and fun, and IDGAF-what-you-think-because-I’m-fly. He was also the least shy when we had him pose for the camera. He owned it. (I literally snapped in the air in accord.) Nina Reyes. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongNina Reyes. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongName: Nina ReyesBrands?: Vintage sequin cardigan sourced by Elias “Eli” Gonzalez, shirt from Buffalo Exchange, belt from vintage store in Corte Madera, Joe’s jeans that she cut the holes in, shoes from a random flea market in Guerneville, Sunset Campout earrings, Matsuda sunglasses from TokyoHow would you describe your personal style in three words? Sequins. Patterns, or bold. And fun.Vibe: We had seen Nina’s sequin sweater/jacket glistening in the San Francisco sun earlier that day. Like a cat, I had to follow the sparkly light. Nina’s look was eclectic and super stylish, but never looks like she’s trying too hard. The relaxed jeans balance the pizazz of the sequins, and her cool haircut just makes the ensemble appear that much cooler. Rachel Atkinson and Max Rosen. Photo by Ekevara KitpowsongName: Rachel AtkinsonBrands?: Billabong hat, Crap sunglasses by American Apparel top, Levi’s jeans, Skola clogs Who is your style icon? I honestly don’t know if I have one. (Friend yells, “She’s her own style icon!”) I think I’m my own style icon! I don’t think I have one, honestly. I think I do my own thing.Vibe: We were walking around and scoping the crowd when I saw not one, but two people wearing matching hats and sunglasses. It was Rachel and Max, a couple that decided to match that day. They looked like they stepped out of the ‘60s with their pastel accessories. Fun, sunny and unexpected. Babalawo Satya. Photo by Ekevara Kitpowsong Name: Max Rosen Brands?: Hat and sunglasses are Rachel’s, pants that he wore to prom, and his mom’s belt, white t-shirt, and VansAre you guys usually matchy-matchy? (She says “no.”) We’re usually wishy-washy. last_img read more

HUDDERSFIELD Giants handed Saints a 4018 defeat a

first_imgHUDDERSFIELD Giants handed Saints a 40-18 defeat at the Galpharm Stadium on Saturday.Nathan Brown’s side took advantage of Saints depleted ranks to run in seven tries – four coming in the space of 10 second half minutes.But Saints rallied late on to emerge with some credit from yet another tough encounter.Saints were 12-0 down in the first half but showed enough to suggest they weren’t out of it.They lost Chris Flannery in the warm up and held their own despite tries from Eorl Crabtree and Danny Brough.In the second half, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook latched on to a James Roby chip, before the Giants pulled away and secured the points with four tries in the space of around 10 minutes.With the troops very slowly coming back, only Paul Wellens made a welcome return to Saints’ depleted ranks, whilst Chris Flannery, who was also a surprise inclusion after being omitted from the 19 man squad, limped off in the warm up.That meant a late call-up for Tom Armstrong with Tommy Makinson filling his slot as substitute.Nathan Ashe and Jon Wilkin took up the half back berths – and there was a debut for forward Scott Hale off the bench.Huddersfield also lost a player in the warm-up – Luke O’Donnell, forcing Nathan Brown to call up Jamie Cording.Both sides adopted lengthy kicking games to keep each other at bay early doors, but Huddersfield opened the scoring when Earl Crabtree used all his strength to stretch over.Danny Brough with the extras.It was a blow Saints could have done without, obviously, but they regrouped and began to put some pressure on the Giants.But Huddersfield were making too many yards on their sets and Saints had both Ashe and Makinson to thank in quick succession in keeping scoreline tight.Scott Hale came on for his debut on 28 minutes and put in some good hits and runs.But on 34 minutes, Danny Brough outpaced Saints’ rearguard to stretch their lead.Half Time: Huddersfield 12 Saints 0Saints needed half time to regroup and begun on the front foot with a strong set.And on their next set a piece of brilliance from Roby saw them get over.Right on the last, he chipped through – initially for himself – but Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook was ever alert and touched down. Foster with the extras.Rocked, Huddersfield twice looked like restoring their 12 point advantage – but Saints held firm.Yet, when Thierry Alibert penalised Francis Meli for a high tackle, Kevin Brown took full advantage.Brough adding his third of the night.Michael Lawrence then scored a spectacular try to increase the lead further.And when Crabtree added his second then Joe Wardle got on the outside of Meli it was game over.Saints were resilient though and Matty Ashurst pulled one back with around 15 minutes to go before Ade Gardner racked up his eighth of the season.Foster goaling both.Scott Grix added Huddersfield’s seventh score in the final ten minutes to complete a comprehensive home victory.Saints will move on from this match – and the kids that played will grow too – and the cavalry is coming…Match Summary:Huddersfield:Tries: Crabtree (2), Brough, Brown, Lawrence, Wardle, GrixGoals: Brough (6 from 7)Saints:Tries: McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Ashurst, GardnerGoals: Foster (3 from 3)Penalties:Huddersfield: 3Saints: 4HT: 0-12FT: 18-40REF: Thierry AlibertATT: 7844Teams:Huddersfield:1. Scott Grix; 20. Jermaine McGillvary, 29. Joe Wardle, 2. Michael Lawrence, 3. Leroy Cudjoe; 6. Kevin Brown, 7. Danny Brough; 8. Eorl Crabtree, 9. Luke Robinson, 10. Darrell Griffin, 4. Lee Gilmour, 37. Dale Ferguson, 17. Danny KirmondSubs: 13. David Faiumu, 14. Shaun Lunt, 18. Larne Patrick, 26. Jamie Cording.Saints:1. Paul Wellens; 2. Ade Gardner, 3. Michael Shenton, 5. Francis Meli, 22. Jamie Foster; 27. Nathan Ashe, 12. Jon Wilkin; 10. James Graham, 9. James Roby, 8. Josh Perry, 4. Sia Soliola, 18. Matty Ashurst, 21. Shaun Magennis.Subs: 15. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 24. Tom Armstrong, 27. Thomas Makinson, 29. Scott Hale.last_img read more

SAINTS were battered bruised and had players bang

first_imgSAINTS were battered, bruised and had players banged up but came within a whisker of beating Wigan to reach their first Challenge Cup Final since 2008.They were edged 18-12 despite producing a stirring second half comeback when 18-2 down to almost pull off the impossible.Although bitterly disappointed, Royce Simmons praised his charges afterwards and said their character shone through.“I thought we were very courageous,” he said. “The blokes showed a lot of character. We went into the game with a fair few blokes carrying a lot of bumps and bruises. At our first training session we had eight who couldn’t train, then for the second one we had four.“We put a side together the day before but we still had a couple of senior players carrying severe injuries into the game. It all adds up doesn’t it?“At the end of the day we had a fair bit of possession but we tended to get excited and went from sideline to sideline.“We are a better side when we play direct. James Roby was chasing the ball all over the park and that isn’t good. We needed to punch forward and then go to the edges.“It would have been good to get across the line to say we have played some good field position, controlled it well and it would have been good to get a reward, but their defence was too good.”He continued: “In the second half we didn’t have as much ball but I thought Brett Finch was pretty good in his performance in putting on the pressure and getting the results he wanted.“It’s disappointing but every time there was a decision to be made hands went in the air. There were a couple of things around their third try and hands were waved everywhere and the referee hadn’t even made the decision.“Finchy kept doing that for the whole half and got the result.“We were courageous but at the end of the day Wigan have won and it just wasn’t enough. It’s unfortunate but we put up our dukes and fight again. We have Huddersfield on Friday and then the lads will get a short break to recharge the batteries mentally and physically after that.“I am very proud of the boys today.”Saints are next up on Friday August 12 (8pm) when Huddersfield Giants come to town for Super League action.Kicking off at 8pm, tickets are now on sale from the Club Shop in St Helens Town Centre, by calling 01744 455 052 or by logging on to www.saintssuperstore.comlast_img read more

FINAL preparations are being made for Saints Acade

first_imgFINAL preparations are being made for Saints Academy’s Tour of Australia.27 players and 10 staff will travel overseas next Sunday in a three week trip which will see them take on St George, Central Coast, Wests Tigers and Penrith as well gaining vital life experience.They will be following in the footsteps of four other successful tours – which have them undefeated in all but one game – and more than 30 players who have gone on to play Super League.They are a vital part of the players’ pathway as Mike Rush, Saints Chief Executive, explains: “This year we handed debuts to eight Academy products and a huge part of their development began when they went on tour to Australia.“The likes of Jonny Lomax, Josh Jones, Tommy Makinson and Paul Clough have all toured and, like the players who have been selected to travel to Australia in 2013, will cherish the experience for the rest of their lives.“They will be training in a full time environment and will get a glimpse of what it is like to be a full time professional. It won’t be easy, it will test their mental and physical toughness, but will continue their player pathway.“Of the 2011 touring party, Greg Richards, Duggie Charnock, Luke Thompson, James Tilley and Mark Percival have all made their first team debuts this season, with 2009 tourists Anthony Walker, Joe Greenwood and Jordan Hand also making their first team debuts“For those who don’t progress into the first team at Saints it will help them move forward in their future careers.“The tour is also about making friends and contacts and learning from them. We will be meeting Daniel Anderson, Mick Potter and Royce Simmons this year and paying a visit to the Sydney Swans AFL side.“The relationship we have with Penrith has seen them come to the UK and play games against us too.“It is not only a vital part of the player’s but the club’s development too.”Over the tours in 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2011 more than £460,000 has been raised by the players, parents and staff and this year the cost of the trip this year alone is £100,000.Tour Itinerary:October 13: Saints v St GeorgeOctober 16: Saints v Central CoastOctober 18: Official Team Photograph and Sydney Swans visitOctober 20: Saints v Wests TigersOctober 26: Saints v PenrithTourists:Daniel Abram, Philip Atherton, Ricky Bailey, Tom Calland, Liam Cooper, Jonah Cunningham, Oliver Davies, David Eccleston, Lewis Fairhurst, Matthew Fleming, Liam Forsyth, Lewis Hatton, Kieron Herbert, David Hewitt, Morgan Knowles, Ross McCauley, Joseph McLoughlin, Ben Morris, James Nicholl, Daniel Richardson, Joe Ryan, Adam Saunders, Aaron Smith, Connor Smith, Jake Spedding, Bobby Williams, Chris Worrall.We will be introducing the players during the next few days so keep an eye on www.saintsrlfc.comlast_img read more

Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York speaking at UNCW

first_img– Advertisement – 00:00 00:00 html5: Video file not found spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave Settings WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The man who created “Humans of New York” is coming to UNCW.As founder of the popular street portrait blog, Brandon Stanton features stories of people sharing personal experiences. He will open UNCW’s 2017-18 Leadership Lecture Series at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 26 in the Burney Center.center_img Stanton’s work has spawned two best-selling books, Humans of New York, which spent 45 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and Humans of New York: Stories, released in 2015.On stage, he shares his own personal story and the perspective he has gained since embarking on the journey to help others tell their own stories.This event is co-sponsored by the UNCW Department of Communication Studies, Sociology and Criminology, the Counseling Center, Centro Hispano, Student Government Association, the Association for Campus Entertainment, Student Media and the Office of International Programs.Related Article: NC universities head Margaret Spellings quits amid turmoilThe event is free to all UNCW students, faculty and staff. Tickets are $15 for the general public and $10 for those with a Military I.D. Tickets are available the evening of the event in the Burney Lobby or can be purchased in advance at Sharky’s Box Office and Game Room or online.last_img read more

Pender Co Schools to rezone schools parents asked to give input

first_imgSurf City school leaders also need your help to pick their new mascots. The options are the Seahawks, the Sharks, and the Sea Turtles. If you do not fancy any of those options you can make your own recommendation. To fill out the form, click here. “I’m actually excited about it because the school that my son will be going to will be closer to us,” parent, Lindsay Guy said.The board is proposing to change the current zoning of North Topsail Elementary, South Topsail Elementary, Topsail Elementary, and Topsail Middle School.“I know that there are a ton of kindergarten classes here at North Topsail and so I think it’ll be good just to have a fresh start and smaller classes hopefully,” Guy said.Related Article: NCDOT starts new traffic pattern near Surf City swing bridgeThis move comes as Surf City elementary and middle schools will open its doors to nearly 1,600 students in August. While some parents worry about uprooting their kids and having to drive further distances, others are happy with the proposal.“I’m actually kind of excited just because it is closer and it will be a fresh start,” Guy said. “And since he’ll be going into first grade it won’t be that much of a change for him.”With Surf City elementary and middle schools being in the same building it makes things easier for parents like Lindsay Guy.“I have two other kids so it’ll be nice to have them all in the same area and same school for one time,” Guy said.Other parents said the proposed district lines are confusing and need work.In the current proposal, South Topsail and Topsail Elementary would feed into Topsail Middle School. Whereas North Topsail Elementary and Surf City Elementary School would feed into Surf City Middle School.The board held a meeting for parents Tuesday night at North Topsail Elementary. If you would like to voice your concerns or thoughts the board is holding a second meeting Wednesday, December 6 at 6:30 p.m. at South Topsail Elementary. PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — If your children are students in the Pender County School System they may be heading to a new school this fall.The Pender County Board of Education has proposed rezoning several schools in the area to alleviate overcrowding.- Advertisement – last_img read more

WPD Woman arrested after crashing car into motel

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A woman is charged after police say she drove into a motel early Wednesday morning.According to a Wilmington Police spokeswoman, officers responded to Wayne Drive around 1:45 a.m. after reports of a hit and run. The suspect left the scene in a car and as she was speeding away, drove into America’s Best Inn and Suites at Market Street and N. 30th Street.- Advertisement – Once she hit the motel, officials say she got out of the car and tried to run away. Officers found her and she admitted to being highly intoxicated and smoking crack cocaine. She reportedly had a blood alcohol content of 0.1.The suspect was identified as Sara Nakia Mitchell, 24, of Wilmington. She was charged with 2 counts Hit and Run, DWI, Open Container Violation, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Driving with License Revoked.Mitchell was arrested and placed under a $5,000 unsecured bond. She has since bonded out of jail.Related Article: Man arrested for December shooting in Whitevillelast_img read more

Deputies searching for woman accused of stealing iPhone from Verizon display

first_imgSurveillance photo of suspect accused of stealing iPhone from Verizon Wireless. (Photo: Brunswick Co. Sheriff’s Office) BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Do you recognize the woman in these surveillance photos?The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says she’s accused of taking an Apple iPhone X, valued at $1010, from a display rack at Verizon Wireless.- Advertisement – It happened April 11 at the store on Waterford Business Center Drive in Belville during business hours. The suspect had on a black, Nike visor, a back North Face jacket with pink logo, black pants and black flip-flops.A man wearing a dark hat with stripes, a dark colored shirt and blue jeans was with her.Related Article: SC emergency room shooting wounds nurse; man arrestedAnyone with information on a possible identification of these subjects should contact Det. Boynton at (910) 398-5492. 1 of 3 Surveillance photo of suspect accused of stealing iPhone from Verizon Wireless. (Photo: Brunswick Co. Sheriff’s Office)last_img read more

Walkin medical clinic opens on Bald Head Island

first_imgDosher Medical-Bald Head Island walk-in clinic is open through summer. (Photo: James Goss/Dosher Memorial Hospital) BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — If you get sick or need some medical attention while on Bald Island Head, you won’t need to take a ferry to get those services.Dosher Medical-Bald Head Island walk-in clinic for illnesses and minor injuries welcomed patients Monday morning at the newly-opened public safety building.- Advertisement – It’s open weekdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through August 31, excluding July 4.The building is located on 273 Edward Teach Extension.last_img

Southport mobile home fire victim identified

first_img The cause of the fire is still listed as undetermined.The woman’s boyfriend, who also lived in the mobile home, is being assisted by the Red Cross.The Southport Fire Department responded to four fires Wednesday morning, possibly all caused by lightning. Chief Drew said they were on another call when they received the alert of the fatal fire.Related Article: Crews battling woods fire in SouthportWe will continue to update this story as more information becomes available. SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — A woman killed in a mobile home fire on Wednesday morning has been identified.Southport Fire Chief Charles Drew says the victim is Ashley Trivette, 28.- Advertisement – last_img

Dozens gathered to celebrate opening of new library in Carolina Shores

first_imgBOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Crowds gathered Monday to celebrate the grand opening of the Southwest Brunswick Branch Library in Carolina Shores.The building, which was formerly the Brunswick Community College’s South Brunswick Isles Center, has more parking and meeting room space and is located on one floor with fewer stairs for patrons. Crowds gathered Monday to celebrate the grand opening of the Southwest Brunswick Branch Library in Carolina Shores. (Photo: Brunswick County) – Advertisement – Crowds gathered Monday to celebrate the grand opening of the Southwest Brunswick Branch Library in Carolina Shores. (Photo: Brunswick County)center_img According to a news release, the building transferred to Brunswick County at the beginning of 2018, and Brunswick County’s Board of Commissioners approved relocating the former Hickmans Crossroads Branch to the facility. The new name reflects the new location.The library opened in its new location, 9400 Ocean Highway West in Carolina Shores, on June 18.Dozens of residents joined Brunswick County Commissioners, Representative Frank Iler, and members of the Library Board of Trustrees and Friends of the Library for a ribbon cutting and celebration at the new facility earlier this week. 1 of 2last_img read more

WPD reports another ShotSpotter alert Friday morning

first_img Dandron said there have been no reports of injuries or property damage so far.She said WPD is still searching for whoever fired the shots.If you have any information, call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3609, by using Text-a-Tip or calling Crime Stoppers at (800) 531-9845.Related Article: Underage man faces DWI, drug charges after fatal Surf City crashEarlier this week WPD said officers had responded to 20 ShotSpotter alerts over a period of about four days in the same part of town. No injuries have been reported.Police said a man drove himself to the hospital after being shot early this morning, but they do not believe it is connected to the ShotSpotter alerts. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say there was yet another ShotSpotter alert Friday morning.WPD spokeswoman Jennifer Dandron said it happened around 10:50 a.m. in the 800 block of N. 30th Street.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Watch Ready set go… second round of Enemed National Drag Racing Championship

first_img SharePrint Everything is set for the second round of the Enemed National Drag Racing Championship organised by the Malta Drag Racing Association at their raceway in Ħal Far on the 3rd, 4th and 5th May.Following the success of the first round in March, the organisers say that this round is going to be much bigger and with more participants. They are expecting some new participants whose cars were not ready on time for the first round in March on the relatively newly-rebuilt raceway.Apart from the continuous show during the three days, with the competitors racing their cars, bikes and dragsters, there will also be a show by the Nitro Lord Jet Car.On all three days, doors will open for the public at 10.00 am.WhatsApp <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=a7617b59&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

Apple buys indoor mapping firm WiFiSlam

first_imgAdvertisement Apple has acquired a Silicon Valley start-up, WiFiSlam that makes mapping applications for smartphones. A person familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that the iPhone maker paid around 20 million dollars for the company.The California-based giant confirmed the acquisition, but declined to give any details. WiFiSlam develops technology that provides indoor tracking and similar services.Apple wants to offer its customers the ability to detect an iPhone’s location in a building using Wi-Fi signals, according to a Wall Street Journal. – Advertisement – One of the co-founders of WifiSLAM is former Google software engineering intern Joseph Huang. He’ll most likely be working for Apple now.  Google already offers indoor mapping technology in airports and shopping centers.The acquisition of WiFiSlam follows Apple also purchasing Australian mobile app search engine Chomp in February last year for a reported 50 million dollars.Credit: IBN and Softpedialast_img read more

Researchers turn regular DVD player into cheap HIV testing machine

first_imgAdvertisement Nature Photonics brought public attention to a report in Lab Chip that claims a regular old DVD player, with a few basic modifications, could provide quick and accurate tests for HIV — and for many other diseases, as well.The technology requires three major modifications. The first is the addition of a new photodiode, one designed to capture the sort of information we require. There aren’t currently any specifics about just what sort of diode is needed, but they aren’t expensive or difficult to install. Some hot glue and a single wire ought to be enough. After that, we need to modify the player further by loading it up with special lab software; that’s another quick, cheap fix, though one that would seem to require slightly more modern DVD players with more robust internal computers. Finally, we require specialized disposable, multilayer, semi-transparent polymer discs. These custom discs are the only glaring problem with DVD-diagnosis, as they would need to be specially made for binding a specific disease marker. For HIV, this would mean binding the CD4+ helper T-cells, and using their abundance as a reference for the presence of HIV.Once you’ve got your modded DVD player and custom CD4-binding discs, you’re ready to go. Loading should be as easy since the setup can take untreated blood straight from a patient, and then the process begins. The DVD reader’s laser shines down through the blood and disc to be recorded by our new photodiode, and as the disc spins we create a record two-dimensional picture of the light that makes its way through to the other side. Thanks to the centrifuge-like spinning of the disc, only bound T-cells should remain to block the transmission of the laser. More dots means more T-cells, means the patient is less likely to carry HIV. That’s not a perfect test, of course, and wouldn’t detect HIV in the absolute earliest stages of infection, but it could still notice drops in T-cell counts months before the patient would otherwise begin to notice health effects. – Advertisement – This technique need not be limited to HIV, but that’s where a dramatic price drop would have the most immediate and powerful effect. Of course, every branch of research will benefit from a low-cost solution to a traditionally cloistered experimental process, especially for seat-of-the-pants assays. We might not be publishing too many papers in Science that rely on DVD assays for proof, but the preliminary research that justifies such high-budget experiments could be made far quicker and cheaper with a $200 basement alternative to flow cytometers, which do much the same job and regularly cost $25,000 or more.It’s unfortunate that the assay discs must be made anew for each desired target cell or molecule, and it’s currently unclear whether the discs will be reusable. Still, with a purported 1 µm resolution, this tech could revolutionize frontier aid work, and empower researchers everywhere with real, low-cost solutions today.Source: Extreme Techlast_img read more

Former MTN Business Manager Denied Bail Sent To Luzira Prison

first_imgAdvertisement The former business manager and head of public access at telecommunications giant MTN Uganda has been charged with embezzlement and remanded to Luzira prison until the 29th April.Richard MwamiRichard Mwami who is accused of stealing over Shs5bn was charged yesterday and remanded to Luzira prison by the Anti-corruption Chief Magistrate Irene Akankwasa.“Given the large sums of money involved, bail is hereby denied,” Akankwasa said.  He was jointly charged with; Joan Nabugwawo a former cashier, Brian Okurut a former revenue assurance analyst, Angella Ayo an assistant revenue assurance analyst, Eriya Baryamwijuka also revenue assurance analyst, Edrisa Serunkuuma and Sauda Nakimbugwe. – Advertisement – The group was charged with three counts of embezzling over Shs5.5bn, corrupt neglect of duty and conspiracy to defraud MTN of the said sum. Mwami tried to apply for bail, but Akankwasa declined granting it.The offences were committed between June and December 2011 at MTN offices in Kampala. His lawyers David Mpanga and Macdosman Kabega had presented three sureties including Sam Mutambo a sergion at Case clinic, Robert Kisubi and Joseph Bagabo the head of human resource at Barclays Bank Uganda Ltd and head of Cricket fraternity.The prosecutor Paul Lakid asked court to impose stringent terms on him including depositing his passport. He had objected to the bail application on grounds that the sums of money involved were big and could easily be used to jeopardize police investigation and Akankwasa agreed with him.The same court also committed nine people including a cleaner, accused of stealing mobile money, to the high court.Serunkuuma Edrisa, Matovu Henry, Seguja Daniel Magombe Joseph, Nasejje Mary, Irene Kawuma, Kulaba Josua, Peter Ayebare and Jerome Okecho Jackcher were committed to high court after the prosecution found enough evidence against them. Mwami’s case was adjourned to April 29 for mention and criminal summons were issued against Nakimbugwe.last_img read more

Is a cashless society nearer than we think

first_imgAdvertisement Most people think of a cashless society is something that is way off in the distant future.  Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. The truth is that a cashless society is much closer than most people would ever dare to imagine. In America today  only 7% of all transactions are carried out using cash.It should also not be a surprise that most governments around the world are favoring a cashless society as the following reasons explain;Cash is expensive to print, inspect, move, store and guard – Advertisement – Counterfeiting Counterfeiting is always going to be a problem as long as paper currency exists. Cash if favored by criminals because it does not leave a paper trail. Eliminating cash would make it much more difficult for drug dealers, prostitutes and other criminals to do business.More government control Most of all, a cashless society would give governments more control. Governments would be able to track virtually all transactions and would also be able to monitor tax compliance much more closely.The Banks And they are not alone, The big banks want a cashless society because it is much more profitable for them. The big banks earn billions of dollars in fees from debit cards and they make absolutely enormous profits from credit cards.And since these are the people that control our finances, they will not force such a system on us all at once rather the big banks and the governments of the industrialized world are doing all they can to get us to voluntarily transition to such a system. Once 98 or 99 percent of all transactions do not involve cash, eliminating the remaining 1 or 2 percent will only seem natural.Is Uganda ready for a cashless society? And for Uganda and Africa, entrepreneurs are coming up with all ways to make mobile payment, and mobile banking easier. As of today, you can transact between you mobile money account and almost any bank account. Also with services like World Remit, you can receive money from around the world. This trend might be the basis of Uganda and Africa’s’ cash less society. “It amazing how you can pay for all your utilities and most services using mobile money”. The raising innovations in the mobile payment arena and the rate at which the masses embrace these innovations is a sure indicator that the country is on a fast track to cashlessness.For entrepreneurs and innovators, the cashless society space in Africa still has a lot to offer, and the users will always love the convince that a cash less society breeds.last_img read more