Pixel XL 2 concept video will leave your mouth watering

first_imgSmartphones are technically just tools. However, they have come an extension of ourselves that we treat them the same way we treat our body. Not just with care but also with some sense of style. We like our phones to look good, depending on how we define “good”, just as they are functional. The HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S8, and LG G6 have all proven that it can be done. And soon, the Google Pixel XL 2 will join their ranks, if this recently released “official” concept video is any indication. To be clear, this is not a new leak nor a leaked concept video. It is a fan-made clip created based on the renders put out by Android Police just recently. But why should we stop at flat photos and renders when we can have fully revolving models? If a picture paints a thousand words, moving pictures must paint a million.The video doesn’t touch on any of the specs, save for the camera, but puts all the emphasis on the Pixel XL 2’s design. A design that is both familiar yet strikingly different. Gone are the somewhat rounded edges, replaced by chamfered ones that might remind some of the iPhone SE and 5s. You still have some curves coming from the back side, which has also gotten a slight face life. Or back lift.The glass portion has been significantly reduced, which strangely does wonder for the design. It now looks mores like a proper design accent rather than an awkward choice. It serves to draw the eyes to the now larger “Super Motion” camera in the corner which should give HTC a reason to worry.Of course, the most striking detail about the Pixel XL 2 is its display. It’s not as bold as the still to be shipped Essential but manages to still strike a balance between beauty and functionality. It is also larger and presumably using OLED from LG. Aside from the basic specs, which is pretty much expected by now, there is still much to be learned about Google’s next smartphones. Or rather, Google has yet to reveal how it plans to jump over the high bar it itself set last year. There is still no date tied to the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, rumored or otherwise, but it shouldn’t take too long after Android O’s release next month.last_img read more

HP Chromebook x360 has toughness and ports remains inexpensive

first_imgThe Chromebook x360 (11-ae010nr) works with a touchscreen and the ability to run Android apps inside Chrome OS. While this doesn’t mean users can run ANY Android app, there’s a bunch already onboard. This device joins the ever-growing list of Android app-ready Chrome OS devices – along with most new Chromebooks from this point forward.The display is a touchscreen, which is a must when using Android apps. The touchscreen is an 11.6-inch HD IPS WLED-backlit panel covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. That means it’s scratch-resistant. That and the “spill resistant” keyboard make this device more rugged than most other Chromebooks. This Chromebook x360 sports an Intel Celeron Processor N3350 (dual-core) with 2MB Cache and a base clock speed of 1.1GHz, with up to 2.4GHz burst frequency. This machine also has 4GB LPDDR4 SDRAM onboard and Intel HD Graphics 500. Internal storage is 16GB eMMC – expandable by the microSD card slot at its side.This machine has 2×2802.11ac WLAN wireless internet connectivity as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Several ports sit on either side of the Chromebook: 2x USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 ports and 2 USB 3.1 Type-A Gen 1 ports. There’s also a single headphone/microphone jack for all your headphone/microphone combo needs.There’s a Kensington Mini Security Lock on this Chromebook for both in-store and at-event security. This device has a battery life up to 11 hours and 30 minutes with mixed usage – according to HP. The purchase of this Chromebook includes a 1-year limited hardware warranty with 90 days limited technical support for both software and initial setup. This Chromebook from HP will cost users right around $300 when it arrives in stores immediately if not soon. Included with purchase is 100GB cloud storage with Google Drive (for 2 years). This machine will be available for sale from several outlets like Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Micro Center, Costco, and Amazon. Story TimelineHP Chromebook 11 mystery model surfacesHP Chromebook 11.6-inch model returns in white and turquoiseHP Chromebook 14 G3 arrives with Touchscreen, Tegra K1HP Chromebook 14 offers Chrome OS with 9hr+ batteryHP Chromebook 14 promises over 9 hours of battery life per chargeHP Chromebook 13 has the looks of a MacBook, with a price to matchHP Chromebook 11 G5 surfaces with optional touchscreenNew HP Chromebook for education unveiled by Google The folks at HP have revealed a new Chromebook x360 with a set of specs that make it a true contender for Chrome OS supremacy. This device doesn’t have the most high-end hardware in the universe, but for this price point, it’s pretty gosh-darned good. Along with a set of rugged-ready features, this Chromebook rolls with a pair of USB-C ports and a microSD card reader too.last_img read more

Reserve with Google bookings are now open to more businesses

first_imgWhen people search for establishments and services on Google, they’re not exactly just idly browsing around like they would Pinterest or Wikipedia. Chances are, they’re actually looking for somewhere to go, that is, if there are slots available. That in itself is a multi-step process that involves making phone calls and potentially lost business. To help businesses bring in more customers, and make Google Search your one stop shop for searching and booking, Google introduced Reserve with Google, which it is now opening up for businesses to join. The idea behind Reserve with Google is simple enough. When searching for businesses, Google results already include details like contact information and business hours. It almost feels just like one step away from being able to see if there are open slots available and just another small step to make a reservation right then and there.That’s exactly what Google introduced a few months back, starting with a limited set of fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses in the US. Users have been able to book directly from a business’ info card and businesses have reported a rise in customer satisfaction and visits. After all, customers are more likely to make a reservation on the spot when they don’t have to pick up the phone and deal with all the hassle that entails.Now any business that’s already a Google My Business member can join in on the fun and reap the benefits. Google itself, however, doesn’t directly handle the bookings so you have to sign up with one of currently 14 partner scheduling providers for that purpose. That said, Google itself will be the one to provide you with the data to keep tabs on your booking numbers and trends.The new booking feature will be rolling out to businesses in the fitness, wellness, and beauty sectors in the coming days. The biggest catch still remains, being limited to the US only. Google, however, promises to open it up to more countries as well as more business categories soon.SOURCE: Googlelast_img read more

Galaxy Note 8 and Dex – one month later I almost ditched

first_imgI will confess. I am one of those who have been mesmerized by the likes of Microsoft’s continuum, Ubuntu’s Convergence, and all the other attempts at utilizing the computer in your pocket as your only, or at least primary, computer on your desk. So when Samsung came out with the oddly-named DeX and the promise of another “PC in your pocket” experience, I was naturally intrigued. Did Samsung succeed where many others have failed? Just a week of use might not be enough to truly judge that proposition, so I decided to do one better. I used the Galaxy Note 8 and the Samsung DeX exclusively for a month, for both work and play. This is how my adventure went. But enough chit-chat about what may already be common knowledge. Let’s get down to the biggest question of all. Does Samsung DeX really turn your phone into a usable desktop? Like many good questions, the answer to that is “Yes, but …”It’s really all about the appsLike anything in the mobile space, it all boils down to apps. While some might find iOS to be restrictive or a pain to use, the presence of powerful apps is usually enough of a reason for some to get iPads and iPhones. Conversely, for all the power and flexibility of Android, the absence of some iOS-only apps is enough of a deterrent for some users.In DeX’s case, it boils down to whether your workflow can be supported by Android apps and whether those apps work in DeX well enough. I’ll admit, my experience using the Lenovo Yoga Book, disappointing as it might have been in the end, gave me enough experience in being able to use nothing but Android for almost all tasks. Your mileage will definitely vary.Complicating matters a bit is that not all apps are created equal, something early DeX users discovered already. While the case of Spotify has already been resolved, there are still some apps that will not open in DeX mode, like Amazon Kindle, Samsung’s old S Note, and, strangely, Firefox. Some apps may run but don’t accept mouse input, like Feedly or some games. To be fair, these don’t accept mouse input under normal Android either.Apps that do work in DeX can be grouped into three, depending on how much you can resize their windows. The first are the fully supported apps that behave like regular windows on popular desktop operating systems. You can grab edges and corners to resize them to your heart’s content. Apps in this set include Samsung’s own, a few of Google’s, and other popular apps like Adobe Lightroom and, now, Spotify.The second group of apps are those that are locked into their phone layouts and cannot be resized. They can, however, switch between the default portrait (vertical) mode and landscape (horizontal) orientations. Dropbox, iA Writer, and, ironically, Netflix, are part of this group.Lastly, there are the apps that are stuck in that phone sizes and cannot be turned, no matter what. They either run in portrait, as in the case of Instagram and Medibang Paint, or landscape, like all games that work on DeX at all.That last part actually bears noting. Samsung is making a big deal about games that have been optimized for DeX’s larger screen and keyboard and mouse input. Many games actually do run in DeX, even without Samsung’s blessing. Many, however, do have nearly unreadable text in their windowed forms. The trick is to launch them via Samsung’s Game Launcher app, have Game Launcher, in turn, configured to run games full screen, and enjoy.What you cannot doSamsung DeX is a powerful platform and concept. It pretty much harnesses the power of your phone and of Android to let you perform tasks that are easier to do with keyboard and mouse and more enjoyable on a larger screen. It is, naturally, far from perfect, even half a year after its launch. Here’s a list of the things that are either difficult or impossible to do when you add DeX to the equation.1. Wired audio accessories. The moment you connect your phone to the DeX Station, you are basically tied down to using either HDMI audio or Bluetooth speakers and headsets. There’s just no way to access the headphone jack.2. Some large external hard drives. This depends on the amount of power an external drive needs. Considering the ports on the DeX Station are USB 2.0 only, that might not be enough to power some external drives.3. Quickly pick up the phone and go. You might be imagining a scenario where you quickly detach your phone from the dock in order to continue working on the go. Don’t. DeX will briefly warn you to properly close apps or save files before disconnecting or even connecting the phone to the dock. Some apps are less graceful in handling the transition and you could indeed lose your work.4. Advanced browser features. While both Samsung’s Internet browser and Chrome work well and can switch to a desktop version of a site when needed, there’s really only so much you can do with these browsers. Forget about developer tools or even inspecting elements, unless you’ve found an app for those to cover your needs.5. Zooming. Once the subject of a very nasty patent lawsuit, pinching to zoom has become a standard gesture on touch screens. But what if you don’t have a touch screen? Sadly, you’re out of luck, unless the app itself supports some alternative control using a mouse or keyboard. Google Maps, for example, can zoom in or out by double clicking but holding down the second click and them moving the mouse down or up.6. Drawing. It is ironic that a creative device like the Galaxy Note 8 loses this key attribute when in DeX mode, but that is the sad case. It is, after all, the same case with touch gestures. But while plugging in a Wacom Intuos/Bamboo tablet does work, the calibration and configuration is nearly unusable it might as well not work.7. Desktop customization. If you’re the type that, expect more control over your desktop computer than your smartphone, you will be disappointed with DeX. Other than letting you choose your wallpaper, you have no other way to personalize your experience. You can’t move or hide the panel. You can’t arrange or group icons in the launcher. And while DeX does have useful keyboard shortcuts, you can’t change them or even add to them.8. Run some apps in the background. Despite what it looks like, DeX is still based on Android. Its apps are Android apps and most, but not all, adhere to Android app guidelines. That would explain why some apps seem to stop working the moment you switch to another app. Some Android apps simply follow the general rule that they should stop running when they’re not in the foreground, which is the case when they lose focus. Don’t worry, YouTube and most multimedia apps will keep on running whatever you’re doing.What you can doDespite those limitations, there are actually a lot of things you can do with DeX, again depending on what you need from a desktop computer and the apps that can meet those needs. Basic tasks like web browsing, document editing, chatting, and audio/video are no problems, as long as you keep your expectations within what Android apps are capable of in the first place.Editing photos are a cinch, as many of the popular image editing apps, like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Express, and VSCO, all work flawlessly. Video editing is even possible, with the likes of KineMaster available for use. Of course, do be aware of the hardware and thermal limits of a phone, powerful as it may be. Making art, however, is a harder thing to do when the majority of the apps are designed with touch or stylus in mind.Programming is also possible, depending on the language and platform you work on. Admittedly, the choices are less elegant than those on iOS. On the flip side, there are also options and tools on Android that will never be possible on iOS. The biggest caveat, however, is that you are limited to the libraries available on Android and ARM only. So forget coding in desktop OpenGL on your phone, unless you’re running a remote desktop.Gaming is a hit or miss thing. Samsung has a list of suggested games that work with DeX, but very few games actually won’t run in DeX. The problem is that some, like Shadowrun Returns, don’t accept mouse input, DeX or otherwise. And for those games that totally won’t run in DeX, there is still a possible workaround in the tips and tricks section.The illusion of mobilityWhen Samsung poised DeX as delivering a PC-like experience, what they really meant to say was “desktop-like”. And by that, they were actually excluding laptops. DeX’s biggest flaw is actually its portability, which it completely lacks. Unless you know that there’s a DeX Station waiting for you where you’re going, you won’t be able to enjoy that PC-like experience other than at your desk. And forgot about using it on the go or in a park.But presuming you do have one and are really persistent in using your phone as your only computer anywhere and everywhere, you do have some options. None of them, however, are really ideal.Option 1: Mobile DeXThe technical obstacle is the way the DeX Station requires at least 9V/2A of power to work. That’s delivered via an outlet, which you can’t really take with you anywhere. Or can you? There are actually some power banks out there that do have a regular AC outlet, but most of them are bulky. You obviously need an external display as well. There are tons out there, but you have to be sure to pick one that uses HDMI and not USB (DisplayLink) and has 1080p resolution minimum. DeX will not be readable in anything less. It just so happened that I was already in the market for a display tablet, which does OK as a portable monitor as well, give or take how ridiculous it looks.Option 2: Mirror, mirrorTo be honest, you don’t really need DeX to use your phone as a PC. All you really need is a way to display your phone’s screen on a bigger canvas. Thanks to USB-C, that possible with a simple multi-port hub. Of course, you do lose out on the benefits of having a desktop-like interface in the first place. But carry a very portable HDMI screen with you, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you’re set. And this time, you can even make do with 720p only.Option 3: No DeXTo be really honest, you don’t even need an external display with the Galaxy Note 8 or its closest cousin, the Galaxy S8+. While not extremely large, the bigger sizes of the screens can already make do for an impromptu work session when everything else fails. In terms of interface, it shares the same limitations as Option #2 but has none of the mess of accessories. You don’t even really need a mouse if you get down to it. But, at this point, it’s not really DeX anymore.None of these options are ideal. They’re cumbersome to set up, with many disparate parts and pieces. They put a bigger drain on your battery. And they obviously look ridiculous. There are a few “lapdocks” in production that may make Option #2 at least a bit more viable, but Samsung should really look into making an official DeX Mobile Station itself.Tricks up its sleevesSamsung DeX is actually a powerful platform that has a few hidden gems. Here are some of them:DeX Labs – want to have all your apps be resizable, no questions asked? Enable DeX Labs to force all apps to bend to its will. Not all apps take kindly to dictatorship, though, so be prepared to see some visually broken ones.Keyboard shortcuts – Although quite minimal and fixed, there are keyboard shortcuts to be used in DeX. Simply hit the Meta (usually Windows) key and ‘/’ key on your keyboard to see the list.Hidden keyboard shortcuts – There are four keyboard shortcuts not listed there however. Those four relate to window sizing and might be familiar to some Windows 10 users.– Meta (Win) + Left arrow key – make the current window fill the left half of the screen.– Meta (Win) + Right arrow key – make the current window fill the right half of the screen.– Meta (Win) + Up arrow key – maximize the window– Meta (Win) + Down arrow key – minimize the windowScreen Mirroring – Do you have an app or game that won’t run in DeX but still want to take advantage of the larger screen? DeX has a screen mirroring mode that does what exactly it says and technically turns off DeX temporarily. Do note that apps that don’t work with mice, like Feedly and Shadowrun Returns, still won’t work even in this mode.Final ThoughtsSo after a month of exclusively using the Galaxy Note 8 and DeX for anything and everything, I returned to my regular desktops and laptops. It wasn’t because the experience was terrible or even just bad. In fact, it was surprisingly enjoyable. But there are really just some things that DeX will probably never be able to do that I happen to need, and switching back and forth is too much of an inconvenience.DeX definitely feels more polished and has more potential than any that have come before it, but it still feels lacking in some regards. Samsung promised the ability to run a Linux operating system on the phone, and I might reconsider should that finally arrive. The mobility problem, however, is something Samsung should really look into.The biggest question mark, however, is Samsung itself. It is not exactly the most consistent company when it comes to new technologies and features. Given how many have given up in this field, there will always be some fear that Samsung might, without warning, abandon it, mostly for business reasons. Samsung DeX definitely has a lot of potential, but only if Samsung actually puts the resources to realize that potential. The DeX Station is really nothing but a glorified multi-port dock with a fan. It has a USB-C port used exclusively for charging pass-through, a full-sized HDMI out port, an Ethernet port, and 2 full-sized USB 2.0 ports. What makes the DeX Station different from other such multi-port docks and hubs, aside from the Ethernet port, is the fan. While it’s certainly possible to use DeX without one, given the stress that the phone will go through in desktop mode, Samsung wasn’t taking any chances.The other half of the equation is, of course, the software. It is, to be honest, the part that actually makes DeX worth using and what makes the DeX Station worth its $150 price tag. It goes beyond merely offering you a familiar desktop screen, with icons and panels and whatnot. There are quite a number of those already available on Android, like Sentio Desktop, formerly known as Andromium. What makes DeX special is that it also manages windows, allowing you to resize and move them with ease, and translating right mouse button clicks into their appropriate actions, like making a menu pop up if needed. Without those, you are pretty much limited to the same interaction and full or split window system as regular Android.center_img Quick RecapDeX has been around since the Galaxy S8 launched earlier this year, so most might have already heard about it or even read week-long reviews. But just so we start on the same page, here’s a quick recap of what the Samsung DeX is.DeX is made of two parts. The most important part is the DeX Station itself. It’s important because Samsung has locked down the other part, the DeX software running on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8, to only startup when connected to the dock. Of course, there have been unofficial, third-party attempts at making DeX work without the Station, but it’s still a hit or miss kind of affair.last_img read more

Messenger Day nixed as Facebook pushes Stories feature

first_imgFacebook first swiped the Snapchat feature with Instagram Stories, giving users on that service a way to publish content that is contained in an area accessible via a bubble. Tap the bubble to view the content; it disappears after a day and doesn’t clog up followers’ Instagram feeds, leaving everyone happy. Facebook Stories recently followed, but for users on the social network.Whereas Instagram Stories has proven popular, Facebook Stories seemingly hasn’t. The company recently took steps to address that by adding the ability to cross-post Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. How many people are currently using Facebook Stories and the cross-posting feature isn’t clear; it is clear, though, that many Facebook users aren’t interested in Stories given how infrequently they show up (brands aside).Facebook described the change in a recent post under its Messenger account, saying that Messenger Day and Facebook Stories will be merged via a new ‘experience’ it simply calls Stories. When something is posted to Stories, Facebook is going to automatically show it in Facebook Stories as well as on Messenger, a move it says will save its users time and effort.SOURCE: Facebook Facebook has eliminated its Messenger Day feature, a Snapchat clone that isn’t even a year old yet. Why get rid of such a fresh feature? Because the company now has a Stories feature — another Snapchat feature clone — and it wants users to gravitate to it. Messenger Day was essentially the same thing, but contained to the Messenger app itself.last_img read more

Highend smartphones are setting themselves up for trouble

first_imgHigher prices, lower numbersThere is a certain irony in the mobile industry where hardware components are becoming more available, sometimes cheaper but smartphones are getting more expensive. High-end components, of course, are more expensive than more common ones, but the rate of price increase doesn’t seem proportional to the build costs. The gap seems to grow even more for each new generation of smartphones.Business considerations aside, this rise in prices has a double-edged effect on consumers. On the one hand, they paint the picture of a product that only a few can afford, which has the ironic effect of making it even more desirable. They become the ultimate lifestyle choice, a game Apple has been playing for decades.On the other hand, it is actually and factually something very few people can afford. That ultimately meant that fewer people actually bought the new phones, which may have contributed to last month’s decline in smartphone shipments last quarter, when the most expensive non-luxury phones shipped for the first time. While there are sayings that advocate quality over quantity, that adage may not always apply, especially in business.Fast cycles, slow turnoversThe lower sales numbers become an even bigger problem in the context of the current practice of releasing flagship smartphones every year. Some, like Samsung, even release twice a year. Others release multiple ones at the same time or spread them over the months. Long story short, there are dozens of new phones every year.It might no longer be a sustainable pattern in the near future. User buying habits are changing and, ironically, manufacturers have no one to blame but themselves. In the past, users would often upgrade every two years. Fans would upgrade to a new model every year if there’s an offer for them. But not only are manufacturers making their flagship products more expensive, they’ve also filled them with hardware that doesn’t become obsolete outdated in just two years. And the annual or bi-annual releases means that the differences between models get fewer and fewer. In other words, OEMs have practically given consumers fewer reasons to upgrade frequently.Of course, that’s a win for consumers, as they are getting their money’s worth. The disappointing sales, however, could severely hurt manufacturers. Even worse, it could push manufacturers to use “planned obsolescence” to force users to upgrade their phones, just like what Apple has been recently accused of.Mid-range RevolutionThose problems might not have significant effect until much later on but high-end smartphones today already have a bigger threat to deal with. Mid-range phones are on the rise and they are proving to be more than just cheap alternatives when you can’t afford a fancy premium model. Politics and conspiracies aside, many of these phones have more or less caught up in terms of features and performance. Yes, they may not have the fanciest design, the most advanced hardware, or the best cameras, but they are not exactly worse off for that either. They sometimes even have bigger batteries, longer battery lives, bolder designs, and more daring features. And they’re more affordable, too!And then there are always the likes of Essential and OnePlus that offer almost the exact same high-end specs but sell almost at a cost. Unless they drastically change their strategies for the worst, they will always be gnawing away at the giants’ share of the pie.Wrap-upThe smartphone market is changing. User habits are also changing. Smartphone vendors aren’t. Some, like LG and HTC, may have noticed, but only because they were already at the lower end of the race. Samsung may have seen clues, but it isn’t one to change directions so quickly. And Apple is one that’s unlikely to change at all. High-end smartphones are becoming luxury items that very few can afford. And whatever few can afford, very few will buy. And that may spell trouble for the companies that rely on them to survive. Every year, the likes of Samsung, Apple, and, recently, Google set the bar higher for smartphones. This year and last, they have also pushed the price bar higher than ever before. It was somewhat necessary to recoup the costs of R&D, production, marketing, and the like. It also helped inflate the smartphones’ status as premium products to die for. But while these companies celebrate and gloat over positive reception and sales, the victory might be short-lived and short-term. All because these high-end smartphones may be digging their own graves in the long run.last_img read more

Folding rescue drone can transform its shape while in the air

first_imgStory TimelineHover 2 AI camera drone flies itself so you won’t have toNYPD adds 14 DJI drones to its force under new UAS programThe Skydio self-flying drone just got a huge camera AI upgrade Researchers with the University of Zurich have created a flying drone designed specifically for rescue missions. Though aerial vehicles designed for emergency situations aren’t anything new, the researchers have bestowed their model with a unique ability: wings that briefly fold inward, enabling the drone to fly through narrow passages. Rescue missions may involve flying between rubble after an earthquake or into buildings from a distance. Such situations often present only narrow cracks and other openings for a drone to enter, making existing commercial options unsuitable for these missions. The newly developed drone out of Switzerland is different.Working under the National Centre of Competence in Research Robotics, two teams created a drone inspired by birds, specifically their ability to fold their wings mid-flight to get through narrow spaces. As with these birds, which extend their wings right after passing through the space, the drone is able to withdraw, and then extend, its arms while in the air.The drone is a quadcopter featuring four propellers able to rotate independently. The arms to which the rotors are attached can fold via connected servo motors. A control system brings all of the components together by adjusting the propeller thrust as the arm positions change, enabling the shape to transform during flight.In addition to the standard X-shape configuration, the drone can change into an H-shape configuration for narrow passages and an O-shaped configuration to bring the arms close to the body. Another shape, the “T,” makes it possible to get a mounted camera very close to a subject. In the future, the rescue drone may be equipped with an autonomous system that enables it to adjust its shape on its own as necessary for specific environments.last_img read more

Images of the Whirlpool galaxy show the value of infrared light observations

first_img Editors’ Recommendations This multipanel image show how different wavelengths of light can reveal different features of a cosmic object. On the left is a visible light image of the Whirlpool galaxy. The next image combines visible and infrared light, while the two on the right show different wavelengths of infrared light. NASA/JPL-CaltechHave you ever wondered why sometimes telescopes capture light in the visible spectrum, and other times in infrared? NASA has released these images of the Whirlpool galaxy, located in the constellation Canes Venatici, which demonstrate the value of collecting data at different wavelengths.The image shows the same galaxy as seen through different wavelengths of light. On the left, in image (a), you see the Whirlpool in the visible light spectrum, at 0.4 microns (shown in blue) and 0.7 microns (shown in red). This would be how the galaxy would appear to your eye if you observed it through a powerful telescope. In this case, the image was captured with the Kitt Peak National Observatory 2.1-meter (6.8-foot) telescope. The dark swirls you see between the stars are made of dust which blocks a lot of the visible light coming from stars behind it.In image (b), you see a combination of two data sources. Firstly is the Kitt image (a), and added to this is the data from the Spitzer Telescope which records infrared wavelengths. By combining these two data sources, you can see details that were not visible in the first image. Where there were dark dust swirls before, now you can see more of the detail of the illumination coming from the dust.Images (c) and (d) show the data that was gathered by Spitzer, at two different ranges of infrared light. Image (c) covers three wavelengths of infrared light: 3.6 microns (shown in blue), 4.5 microns (shown in green), and 8 microns (shown in red). Each blue dot is an individual star, most of which are nearby. The red shows the dust being illuminated by starlight. Image (d) includes an extra wavelength of 24 microns (shown in red) which can highlight areas where the dust is hot. These hot white-red regions are where stars are being formed.The value of these different images is that they allow astronomers to see features which would otherwise be hidden. The dust clouds, for example, look dark and featureless in the visible light spectrum. But in the infrared spectrum, they glow with light, and certain areas can be picked out which are more hot and active than others.The images also highlight the difference between different galaxies. If you look at the small galaxy at the top of the image, it looks similar to the Whirlpool galaxy in the visible spectrum. But looking at the infrared images, you can see that it lacks the dust features that the larger galaxy has. Spitzer captures childhood, middle age, and maturity of stars in one image Supermassive black hole resides inside a supermassive galaxy Exploding star system revealed through ultraviolet Hubble image Practically perfect in every way: Hubble shows galaxy with amazing symmetry See 265,000 galaxies in the epic Hubble Legacy Field mosaiclast_img read more

Scrutiny Given To Surgeries To Relieve Blockages In Arms Legs

first_img Kaiser Health News: Mixed Results For Obamacare Tests In Primary-Care Innovation The Hill: Feds To Ease Up On Electronic Health Records Program At a time of increasing scrutiny of procedures to open blocked heart arteries, cardiologists are turning to — and reaping huge payments from — controversial techniques that relieve blockages in the arms and legs. Unlike heart procedures, which must be done in a hospital or outpatient facility, where oversight is typically more intense, the opening of the peripheral arteries and veins of the arms and legs can be done in a doctor’s office. (Creswell and Abelson, 1/29) Federal regulators announced their intention Thursday to ease up on the meaningful use electronic health records (EHR) program, one week after a coalition of 35 medical societies called for major changes. In a blog post, senior Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) official Patrick Conway said the agency is working on “multiple rulemaking tracks” to adjust the program based on provider feedback. (Viebeck, 1/29) Scrutiny Given To Surgeries To Relieve Blockages In Arms, Legs Some are questioning the necessity of these treatments, which can be done in doctors’ offices and are very lucrative. Meanwhile, federal regulators say they will ease up on an electronic health records program in response to complaints from doctors’ groups and medical homes show mixed results after one year.center_img Medical homes are a simple, compelling idea: Give primary-care doctors resources to reduce preventable medical crises for diabetics, asthmatics and others with chronic illness — reducing hospital visits, improving lives and saving money. But it’s not so easy in practice. New reports show that two big experiments run by the health law’s innovation lab, known as the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation, delivered mixed early results in enhancing primary care. The programs reduced expensive hospital visits in some cases but struggled to show net savings after accounting for their cost. (Hancock, 1/30) This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. The New York Times: Medicare Payments Surge For Stents To Unblock Blood Vessels In Limbs last_img read more

Perspectives On Cost And Quality

first_imgPerspectives On Cost And Quality Opinion writers around the country offer their thoughts on pressures within the health care marketplace. If patients know how much their medical care costs, they’ll shop around for the cheapest option — and over time, health care costs will go down. At least, that’s the idea behind the drive to improve price transparency, a strategy embraced by Donald Trump, among others. But a recent study suggests it’s not so easy to get people to shop. Sunita Desai, a fellow in health care policy at Harvard Medical School, and her co-authors looked at two companies that introduced an online tool that lets employees compare prices for things like lab tests and outpatient surgeries. After a year, only 10 percent of employees had used the tool. And those who had access to it actually had higher out-of-pocket spending on average than comparable employees at other companies who didn’t have the tool. (Anna North, 5/6) It already looks clear that many Obamacare insurance plans are going to raise their prices significantly. Over the last few years, average premium increases in the Obamacare markets have been lower than the increases for people who bought their own insurance in premiums before the Affordable Care Act. But several trends are coming together that suggest that pattern will break when plan premiums are announced in early November. Many plans may increase prices by 10 percent, or more. Over the last two years, I’ve written articles warning against scary headlines that exaggerate premium increases. Next year, those scary headlines are more likely to be accurate. (Margot Sanger-Katz, 5/6) The New York Times: Will People Comparison-Shop For Health Care? The prices of oral cancer drugs are rising. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has cancer or who knows someone who has it, but this excellent study documents that fact beyond a shadow of a doubt. Even after introducing a new cancer product at some price, the seller, protected by patents, increased the price by 5% a year on average. This is higher than price growth from economy wide inflation in the same period, while other medical prices also grew excessively, but not by as much, and total drug spending hardly grew at all. (Mark Pauly, 5/6) Los Angeles Times: There’s No Place For Rampant Capitalism In Treating The Sick The Philadelphia Inquirer: Maybe We Are To Blame In Part For Rising Cancer Drug Prices A good friend of mine recently found herself between jobs, with a gap in her health insurance and a recurrence of her kidney stones. What she needed were fluids and pain relief, fast. I’m a gastroenterologist, and hoping to minimize the financial impact, I went with her to our local ER and had a conversation with the attending physician. Maybe we could pass on the CT scan and extraneous lab work? The attending was in her room for less than two minutes and never examined her. But the CT scan and blood work were ordered. My friend received intravenous fluids (about $1 worth), pain meds (about $5 worth of dilaudid), and a $10,000 bill from the hospital. To add insult to injury, the bill from the ER attending was for service at the highest billable level. (Michael Jones, 5/8) The New York Times: Get Ready For Higher Obamacare Rates Next Year center_img Most doctors never forget the paralyzing terror of their first invasive procedure. Dr. Charles Pozner, of Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, recalls the first time he placed a central line, which involves sticking an eight-inch-long needle into a patient’s jugular vein to place an intravenous line. He had never even seen it done before, but a chief resident offered him the opportunity after a long day working together. (David Scales, 5/6) WBUR: In Simulation Era, Your Doc’s First Try At A Procedure Should Not Be On You The Wall Street Journal: When Doctors Stop ‘Seeing’ Patients Modern Healthcare: The Great Cost Shift In most presidential election years, the politics of healthcare at least has a nodding acquaintance with reality. This year, the two aren’t even on speaking terms. Let’s start by correcting some untruths polluting the national conversation. Then I will show what I think is the main reason why millions of Americans are angry about rising healthcare costs: there is a major shift underway in who pays for health insurance. (Merrill Goozner, 5/7) Physicians aptly speak of “seeing” patients. After all, medical training is a series of vision lessons. Students look closely at a nameless cadaver and disassemble it until it resembles the pictures in an anatomy text. They watch lectures in which interrelated organ systems are displayed as simple machines. (Abraham M. Nussbaum, 5/8) This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more

State Highlights Gov Invites Minn Nurses Allina To Negotiate At His House

first_img The Center for Reproductive Rights late Friday filed its request for that amount in attorney’s fees and other expenses incurred in the lawsuit challenging House Bill 2, which required all Texas facilities performing abortions to meet hospital-like standards and forced doctors at those clinics to have admitting privileges at a hospital less than 30 miles away. In a lawsuit brought by the New York-based organization on behalf of Texas abortion providers, the Supreme Court overturned those provisions on a 5-3 vote. Because the abortion providers were the prevailing party in the federal lawsuit, the court has allowed the Center for Reproductive Rights and other attorneys who worked on the case to ask to recover costs for the lawsuit. (Ura, 10/8) Pioneer Press: Dayton Invites Allina, Nurses To His House To Negotiate  Gov. Mark Dayton has invited Allina hospital officials and Minnesota nurses to continue contract negotiations at his house Monday morning. Dayton and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith invited negotiators for Allina Health and the Minnesota Nurses Association to come by at 11 a.m. Monday, according to a news release. Nearly 5,000 nurses at five Allina hospitals in the Twin Cities have been on strike since Labor Day, hoping to persuade the company to maintain their health benefits and address safety concerns. (Belcamino, 10/9) Columbus Dispatch: This Year’s First Human Case Of West Nile Virus In Columbus Reported The year’s first case of West Nile virus in Columbus was reported this morning in a 71-year-old man who has been hospitalized. No additional information about him was available. The Columbus case is the second in Franklin County. The county case was reported on Sept. 9 and was in a 54-year-old man, who has since recovered. (Rinehart, 10/7) Hispanic women 40 and older in the United States had the lowest rate of getting a mammogram over the past two years, according to the American Cancer Society. In 2013, the most recent data available, the mammography rate was 62 percent for Hispanic women versus 67 percent for Asians, 66 percent for non-Hispanic blacks and whites and 63 percent for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Healthcare experts tackled this disparity at a University of Miami symposium, “Women´s Cancers in the Americas: Strategies for Synergy,” on Wednesday. (Hsieh, 10/7) State Highlights: Gov. Invites Minn. Nurses, Allina To Negotiate At His House; An Ohio City Continues To Battle Health Disparities Outlets report on health news from Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, California, New York, Georgia and Florida. The San Diego Union-Tribune: SD Parkinson’s Association Fights For Survival It was a sweltering day in Pomona in August 2015 when Katie Dix collapsed during a rave at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds. She went into cardiac arrest and died at a nearby hospital. Dix’s family expected that an autopsy and lab tests would take a few weeks, but as months went by they grew frustrated and angry. Her relatives would call repeatedly, only to be told: “Next month.” “It was excruciating for her parents,” said Lee Sherman, the family’s attorney. “It is horrible enough to deal with your child’s death — the reports, the speculation. They just wanted answers.” (Winton and Sewell, 10/9) The Augusta Chronicle: Augusta Cancer Therapy Trial Draws Children From Across Nation Los Angeles Times: Massive L.A. Coroner Backlog Comes At A Price For Loved Ones Of Those Lost Miami Herald: UM Hosts Breast Cancer Conference For Latina Women  Cincinnati Enquirer: Battle Against Health Disparities Continues center_img Dallas Morning News: Mysterious Polio-Like Virus Has Sickened At Least 11 In Texas In 2016  This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. Cincinnati’s situation, while unusual, is not unique. Investigations by the VA’s inspector general and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) have revealed difficulties in the VA’s relationship with medical schools and teaching hospitals, which often have different goals than the VA. The problems between the VA and the medical schools are turning up in numerous ways. (Saker, 10/7) Cincinnati Enquirer: VA Issues With Med Schools Go Beyond Cincinnati The most frequent health issues in Cincinnati among minorities are heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and HIV/AIDS. These groups often times do not seek proper health care for a number of reasons, including: Preventive care is a low priority; they are uninsured or underinsured; they have limited access to multicultural or quality medical professionals; they distrust the medical establishment; or they simply are unaware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. By providing access to initial health screenings and long-term care, the First Ladies for Health initiative is working to prevent members of our community from falling victim to these disparities. (Dena Cranley and Barbara Lynch, 10/7) Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, a separate Schenectady-based affiliate, has seen the demand in its Saratoga Springs Health Center since providing services for the transgender community over the last year and a half, said spokeswoman Emma Corbett. Transgender patients, including Stoffer, have been willing to travel many miles to the clinic due to a lack of trust in services elsewhere. The health center has provided services to 50 transgender individuals this year. (Hughes, 10/9) There are very few pediatric immunotherapy clinical trials – a search of ClinicalTrials.Gov turns up 10 active clinical trials, including the one in Augusta. Part of it is the numbers game – there will be an estimated 10,380 cases of cancer this year in children 14 and younger vs. nearly 1.7 million in adults, according to the American Cancer Society. (Corwin, 10/9) A financial collapse is threatening the survival of the Parkinson’s Association in San Diego, which has spent the past 27 years helping thousands of people cope with the life-altering disease. Its cash reserves depleted, the organization laid off its final four employees last week, culminating a downsizing effort that started last year. Today its executive director is working as a volunteer, and the nonprofit is struggling to pay its $5,000 monthly rent for an office devoid of workers. (Sisson, 10/6) Texas Tribune: Texas May Owe Abortion Providers’ Lawyers $4.5 Million  A spike in the number of cases of a mysterious polio-like illness has led to a new alert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As of August, at least 50 people in 24 states were confirmed to have acute flaccid myelitis, a viral infection that attacks the body’s nervous system and has led to paralysis and death. The federal agency posted an update earlier this week. In July, the Texas Department of State Health Services issued a warning to health providers after seven incidents were reported by the end of June. (Rice, 10/8) Times Union: Albany Planned Parenthood To Offer Transgender Patients Medical Care  last_img read more

Apples plan to keep ad tracking private could save the web as

first_img We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might like. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please tick here if you are happy to receive these messages.By submitting your information, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. Sign up for the Mobile NewsletterSign Up Please keep me up to date with special offers and news from Goodtoknow and other brands operated by TI Media Limited via email. You can unsubscribe at any time. Show More Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products. We’ll always tell you what we find. We may get a commission if you buy via our price links.Tell us what you think – email the Editor This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Store ad clicks. This is done by the page hosting the ad at the time of an ad click.Match conversions against stored ad clicks. This is done on the website the ad navigated to as a result of the click. Conversions do not have to happen right after a click and do not have to happen on the specific landing page, just the same website.Send out ad click attribution data. This is done by the browser after a conversion matches an ad click. Apple has a plan to stop advertisers following you around the internet without damaging the economy that keeps the world wide web functioning largely free of charge.The firm is touting a new scheme that would enable advertisers to track the number of clicks their placement has received, minus the ability to track users’ activities across the web thereafter.Apple reckons its new Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution (try saying that five times after a few adult beverages) scheme could be the answer to users who feel their privacy is being threatened, rushing to install ad blockers on web browsers like Apple’s own Safari.The new technology, published by Apple’s John Wilander on Wednesday in an exhaustive blog post, proposes a new way of achieving ad click attributation, minus the cross-site tracking that has web users so upset.Related: Best VPN 2019According to Wilander the plan is grounded in the view advertisers don’t actually need to know it was you who clicked on, or bought something, for their campaign to be effective, they just need to know that someone did.Apple reckons this could be grounds for an acceptable trade-off between advertisers and web users which can preserve the free and open internet. The three pronged plan works as such, protecting the user’s privacy during each stage of the process: Whether advertisers would be willing to adopt the plan remains to be seen, but such a proposal could benefit web users, advertisers and content creators in the long run. If web users continue to flock to ad-blockers then more paywalls and/or site closures are inevitable.Regardless, Apple is hoping to get the ball running by turning the feature on by default in a version of Safari due out later this year.last_img read more

Loblaw hikes dividend profit falls but revenue up

first_img Twitter Loblaw reported profit attributable to common shareholders of $198 million or 53 cents per share.National Post What you need to know about passing the family cottage to the next generation advertisement BRAMPTON, Ont. — Loblaw Companies Ltd. raised its dividend as it reported a first-quarter profit fell compared with a year ago.The grocery and drugstore retailer says it will now pay a quarterly dividend of 31.5 cents per share, up from 29.5 cents per share.The increased payment to shareholders came as Loblaw reported profit attributable to common shareholders of $198 million or 53 cents per share. That compared with a profit of $377 million or 98 cents per share a year ago.Revenue totalled $10.66 billion, up from $10.34 billion, as its food retail business saw same-store sales growth of 2.0 per cent. Its drugstore same-store sales growth, which includes its Shoppers Drug Mart business, was 2.2 per cent as pharmacy same-store sales growth was 1.2 per cent and front store same-store sales growth was 3.1 per cent.On an adjusted basis, Loblaw says it earned a profit from continuing operations attributable to common shareholders of 78 cents per share, down from 81 cents in the same quarter last year.Excluding an accounting change related to its leases and a change related to the spin-out of the company’s stake in Choice Properties, Loblaw says it earned an adjusted profit of 84 cents per share in its most recent quarter.Related Stories:Walgreens third-quarter profit falls 23.6%Kinder Morgan Declares $0.25 Per Share Dividend and Announces Results for Second Quarter of 2019CORRECTED-UPDATE 2-Accenture’s fall in bookings dampens upbeat quarterly profit, forecast“We are pleased with the quarter, our continued strong operational performance, and our strategic momentum,” executive chairman Galen G. Weston said in a statement.“We are gaining traction on our key priorities and accelerating investments to deliver long-term value to customers and shareholders.”Companies in this story: (TSX:L) Share this storyLoblaw hikes dividend; profit falls but revenue up Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Loblaw hikes dividend; profit falls but revenue up Revenue rises with grocery sales up 2%, drugstore sales up 2.2% Reddit Sponsored By: Comment Morecenter_img The Canadian Press Join the conversation → Email Facebook 2 Comments ← Previous Next → Recommended For YouU.S. FDA approves Karyopharm Therapeutics’ blood cancer drugOntario Cannabis Store pulls affected CannTrust products amid Health Canada probeUPDATE 2-FDA approves expanded label for Regeneron/Sanofi’s DupixentTrump pick for Fed seat says doesn’t want to pull rug from under market -CNBCAP Explains: US sanctions on Huawei bite, but who gets hurt? May 1, 20197:10 AM EDTLast UpdatedMay 1, 20197:23 AM EDT Filed under News Retail & Marketing Featured Storieslast_img read more

Morningstar is buying debtrating agency DBRS for US669 million

first_img May 29, 20198:27 AM EDTLast UpdatedMay 29, 20198:38 AM EDT Filed under News FP Street Share this storyMorningstar is buying debt-rating agency DBRS for US$669 million Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn ← Previous Next → What you need to know about passing the family cottage to the next generation Facebook Featured Stories Reddit 0 Comments Comment advertisement Join the conversation →center_img Recommended For YouInterest rate cuts could add to the headwinds already facing Canada’s big banksBacardi Names Tony Latham Executive Vice President and Chief Financial OfficerToronto Raptors founder Bitove proud of team’s success, praises fansTrade wars are the number one risk to the global economy, warns IMFtheScore To Hold Special Meeting To Approve Corporate Changes in Anticipation of U.S. Sports Betting Launch TORONTO — Morningstar Inc. has signed a deal to buy Canadian debt-rating agency DBRS for US$669 million.The U.S. company says the combination of DBRS with Morningstar Credit Ratings’ U.S. business will expand its global asset class coverage.Morningstar says DBRS, formerly known as the Dominion Bond Rating Service, will continue to be led by its existing management team.The deal is expected to close in the third quarter this year.DBRS, which is based in Toronto, employs more than 500 people across seven locations around the world.Founded in 1976, it was acquired by the Carlyle Group and Warburg Pincus in 2015. Terms of the deal were not disclosed at the time. More Attendees of a Morningstar investment conference walk beneath banners at the McCormick Center in Chicago.AP/M. Spencer Green / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Morningstar is buying debt-rating agency DBRS for US$669 million DBRS, which is based in Toronto, employs more than 500 people across seven locations around the world Email Twitter Sponsored By: The Canadian Press last_img read more

Coward pledges to act on CPS evidence

first_imgReuse this content British Horseracing Authority The Recap: sign up for the best of the Guardian’s sport coverage Topics First published on Wed 30 Jul 2008 19.01 EDT Share via Email “As Panorama acknowledged, the sport has made major decisions to address the threats we face and we are determined to protect the betting public and the integrity of racing,” Coward said. “The matters highlighted in the programme had already come to the attention of our Integrity Services team.”We have been frustrated and disappointed by the continued refusal to make available to us all the evidence from the [Old Bailey race-fixing] trial so that it can be considered for breaches of the Rules of Racing.”During the seven months since the end of the trial we have written to the Crown Prosecution Service on 17 different occasions attempting to obtain material disclosed in open court, some of which was apparently handed to Panorama.”This includes the secretly recorded probe evidence which the programme highlighted. We now intend to proceed with this as a matter of urgency.” … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. The British Horseracing Authority confirmed last night that it has finally secured access to vital evidence that could lead to disciplinary proceedings against individuals who featured in last night’s BBC Panorama programme, “Racing’s Dirty Secrets”.Nic Coward, the BHA’s chief executive, confirmed that a number of investigations are ongoing into issues raised by the broadcast, while stressing that the Authority had been “frustrated and disappointed” by previous refusals by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to release important material. Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Share on Messenger Read more Share on Twitter @Greg_Wood_ Since you’re here… Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp British Horseracing Authority Fergal Lynch is likely to come under renewed investigation following the release of evidence by the Crown Prosecution Service. Photograph: Nick Potts/PA Wed 30 Jul 2008 19.01 EDT Support The Guardian Greg Wood Horse racing Share on Pinterest Share on Facebook Coward pledges to act on CPS evidence Shares00last_img read more

Capello proves an autocrat who really can adapt

first_imgexpanded Share on Facebook Capello has,s we knew he would,stiffened up englands resolve but he will still come up short for me.His conservatism will still cost us at some point and be at odds with england natural attributes.His clinging on of Beckham suggests a weakness in his appraoch which will manifest itself to cost us any ultimate glory.England would,despite the current “euphoria”(stupid,cringeworthy word) have done even better to go for a Mourinho or even a Ferguson who,aswell as intalling the required discipline to root out the Beckhamisation cancer that had gripped the set-up under Eriksson-have given us a genuine spirit.Capello is just too stern,too aloof to realy engineer the required all-for-one us against the world approach that the likes of Mourinho and Ferguson are such masters of.I wont be in the least suprised if Capello got england to a semi-final ppearance in either 2010 or 2012 but ultimate glory,under him,will still be beyond us. Share on Facebook Share via Email Share on Facebook recommendations Twitter Share on Twitter Report Shares00 VanRamp billyhunt Share on Facebook Share marsman”Capello is just too stern,too aloof to realy engineer the required all-for-one us against the world approach that the likes of Mourinho and Ferguson are such masters of.I wont be in the least suprised if Capello got england to a semi-final ppearance in either 2010 or 2012 but ultimate glory,under him,will still be beyond us.”The last England manager with those characteristics did rather well. Whetehr we win the WC again depends not only on having the best players, otherwise the Dutch would have had the trophy in the cabinet by now, but on forging the best team possible with a clear common vision, plus a little decent fortune when things could go against you.We will hopefully see the emergence of another half dozen or so England players over the next two years to challenge for places in the national side and whilst there’s never, ever a guarantee of success, I think we now have the best manager of players and one of the finest coaches that we’ve ever been blessed with, certainly a league above his immediate predecessors.I think his being ‘stern and aloof’ engenders respect from the playing staff and also the media – not a bad quality for an England manager and about time too.In Don Fabio, we trust. Support The Guardian Croatia are no Spain, Holland, France (all be it a bad France at the time – a team we lost to recently) Brazil, Argentia, Italy, Portual or Germany. When we come across a team like that and win, then we can start strutting around, waving our overexcited smug flag.We wont meet any of them in a game that matters before 2010 at the earliest. Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick 17 Oct 2008 18:31 Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Facebook vmazzola Show 25 Share on Pinterest Share on Messenger | Pick Reuse this content,View all comments > 2 Facebook 0 1 Share on Twitter 17 Oct 2008 10:53 Twitter Comments 61 Report Report Capellos first rule of football is simple: discipline.When he came in, he trained the players harder (remember the double training sessions?), banished the WAGs circus – after Rios rant at them, I think we wont be seeing the Pouty Ones for some time – and gave to the young men of England a simple message theyd been needing for a long time: this is a serious business, and nothing else matters when youre playing for your country.The lurid headlines of yesteryear (dentists chairs, Love Rat Central, Sheikdowns, failure) are gone.Why?Because Capello looks like he applies the same standard of discipline to his own conduct as he does to the players.Hes far too astute to blow this opportunity for immortality, for football greatness, for the tawdry trinkets of tabloid fame.Look at that chin!He looks like Il Duce!So – with a Manager the players and the country can finally respect, I think England can now step up.The test will come when he both Capello and his team are put under pressure – constant, unrelenting pressure.It will come, no matter how good fans at the moment think his Stiflers in the team are at their job.One mistake, a la Ashley Cole, one red card, one injury…Football matches are rarely won by the Maradonnas of the game, and even he needed a blind ref…Theyre won by teams, and at the moment, for the first time in a long time, England is a team, and a team, moreover, who look disciplined in every department.And that discipline allows the flair players to express themselves and show what they can do.Theyre not stuck in the negative zones of Jack Charlton style management. Good if youre managing the Rep of Ireland; when youve got players like Walcott, Gerrard, Ferdinand, the Coles…And a manager who actually knows what hes doing, right down to learning only enough English to say what he wants and no more…Well, you start to get a little hopeful… Twitter 50 Sportblog Twitter Share on Facebook Threads collapsed Report Share on Facebook buddha07 Reply 17 Oct 2008 17:25 Agree with the above. Good article and it makes me realise just, now, whats the word? Excited? Relieved? Relieved because I am just so happy that England finally have a manager who has a full appreciation of the game. In years gone by my excitement at upcoming england matches would always be tempered by the dread of another bore draw. I would leave the pub wondering why I wasted two hours of my life watching a moribund and uninspired national side “lumping it up to the big man”. I know the responsibility largely rests with the players but I the appointment of a genuinely great manager who can read the game, set out his players to do a job and adjust as required, has had an undeniable impact. Not trying to overdo the hyperbole here, but that croatia game was the best performance by england that I have ever seen (and im including 5-1 germany and 4-1 holland in that). And I’ve given this some thought over the past few days. They really do look like a team for once.And I’m excited that maybe, just maybe, we can live up to the hype this time. It’ll be winter in south africa at the next world cup – should be perfect conditions. I just hope the tabloids dont find some horrific skeleton in cappellos closet. Please. At least let us have one WC with a decent shout. Its not too much to ask is it…?! Fabio Capello Share on Facebook 0 1 Report Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick Reply Share Report 0 1 Share Reply World Cup Facebook Share 17 Oct 2008 18:56 2 17 Oct 2008 18:14 Topics Facebook Close report comment form Facebook Report Facebook Facebook Fabio Capello’s willingness to accept a new challenge has given a formerly complacent England a new lease of life | Pick “We haven’t played anyone decent yet”I can’t agree with this. Croatia’s record, both away, and particularly, at home remains excellent: they haven’t earned their FIFA ranking through sheer luck. I was lucky enough to watch the England/Croatia game, and it was a sheer delight to see England play so confidently. The result was fully merited.Capello is something of a breath of fresh air after Sven and the bloke who looked like a slightly smug National Express driver, and his appreciation of the qualities and shortcomings of his potential squad, plus a willingness to cut his cloth to suit conditions – without endless self justification to the media – is the sign of a self possessed man. His character is clearly beginning to rub off on the players. Share on Twitter Report If Italy doesn’t win the next World Cup, then I’ll settle for an Italian coach winning the next World Cup… Kevin McCarra world beaters – beating a 10 man croatia and struggling for most of the game against kazakhstan – rock on 0 1 0 1 Share on Facebook Report Share on Facebook nadaward Gelatinephoenix I’m impressed too, he’s looking to find the balance between the English and European game that many England fans have been hoping for. I like that the players are more respectful to the manager and it is not just a mates get together. It’s early days but the basics are there and it hasn’t been the kind of start that although good looks like it will all go wrong because we are riding on a wave. Sportblog 0 1 Clarkycat 0 1 Reply Facebook 0 1 17 Oct 2008 14:59 Reply 0 1 Twitter | Pick Reply | Pick Share on Facebook 17 Oct 2008 13:03 You’re right Clarkycat. I was worried he was going to try and impose an Italian-style approach to the game, slow, patient build-up and all that, but I think instead he has tried to use the most of the verve and vigour the likes of Rooney, Gerarrd, Walcott, Cole and Terry all bring to their Champions League performances. To top it all he’s got a big, strong, mobile target man who seems to make everyone else click (mind, have to give McClaren credit for that one) marsman Share Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook | Pick Twitter | Pick England The negative anti-football image the media created for Capello does him a major disservice. His tactics and systems have always changed depending on the players he has inherited or brought and the requirements of the situation. Look at his Milan days, he had arguably the greatest attacking players of all time so he played attacking football. At Roma he wanted to get the best out of Totti so he played a 3-5-2 formation. At Real (second time) he attempted to resolve their attitude and defensive problems whilst also battling a hostile press.Admittedly his reputation for negativity was enhanced at both Real and Juve but this is only part of his career. This ability to change and adapt should mean that he will be a great national team manager.Eventually he will find a system for England that brings out the best of what he has available and I very much doubt this will be a defensive one. Whether he does well enough to satisfy the ludicrous demands of the press is another issue but I’m sure that if he ever does fail his ‘negativity’ will be blamed. JimmyLazers Reply It has been a demanding transition, calling for a readiness to accept immersion in an entirely new way of thinking. The players have had it easy by comparison. Fabio Capello is the person who has really put everything at risk. The £6m a year was undoubtedly a consideration, but he could have sniffed out lucrative wages in club football if, in his sixties, he had decided to settle for the comfort of familiarity.Capello has been ready for the battle, prepared to grapple with a foreign language when others would have relished the excuse to depend entirely on an interpreter, who inevitably keeps interrogators at one remove. The image the Italian projects is of an autocrat whose mastery of every football issue is beyond dispute. No manager, of course, has actually been flawless.Nor is Capello viewed everywhere as above reproach. Wrong-headed as it looked in the wake of a La Liga title, Real Madrid sacked him because his style of play was incompatible with the club’s idealised sense of itself. Without that, the FA would have had to find compensation as well as the funds to cover the grandiose salary. As it is, the departing chief executive, Brian Barwick, can be proud that, after the ill-starred pursuit of Luiz Felipe Scolari, he placed the England team in such strong hands.One of Capello’s characteristics, it is now apparent, is a willingness to reconsider. There must be trial and error because he is not simply dealing with a new squad of Englishmen, but also encountering opponents who have a few wisps of mystery attached to them. There was nothing of that when he was going about his business in Serie A and had a complete appreciation of every person on the books of all rival clubs. In Spain, too, it cannot have been so hard to familiarise himself with the other teams in La Liga.Capello is to be applauded for the series of alterations he has made on the way to scooping all 12 points from the first four fixtures in Group Six and so making it feel that England are already on the verge of qualification for the 2010 World Cup. In some of these games he has been taken by surprise to a degree that would once have been unthinkable to him. No matter what videos and reports were scrutinised, Belarus remained a little alien.How well briefed can he truly have been, for instance, about the captain Alek-sandr Kulchy, who makes a living at the Russian club Rostov? The dossier cannot have predicted that he would have been so influential that England’s team had to be reshaped at the interval. Steven Gerrard, detailed to stay in the centre and push up on the holding midfielder, then shut off the valve through which Belarus’s play had been flowing.The rethink has been the key tool for Capello. Andorra were holding England until Stewart Downing was removed, with his replacement, Joe Cole, bagging two goals. There was no breakthrough against Kazakhstan either before Shaun Wright-Phillips came on as part of the switch to 4-4-2. Capello is to be congratulated in all of this. Not even this celebrated manager can be in the right on every occasion and problem-solving of this precision is rare.It is tough for Capello to be sure of the wisest policy. When people, for instance, complain about the occasional misuse of Wayne Rooney on the left they are prone to making the ludicrous assumption that neither the England manager nor Sir Alex Ferguson have noticed he is better in the vicinity of a centre-forward. They are profoundly conscious of that, but have other topics to address as well.When England accommodate Rooney as one of the strikers in a 4-4-2 they risk being outnumbered in midfield. If he is, instead, on the flank in a nominal 4-3-3 he and the player on the right can both shuttle back so England, if need be, get 10 men behind the ball. Various benefits have to be calculated. For the time being, Rooney, with five goals in three England matches, is doing so much harm to the opposition that it is essential to let him stay near to Emile Heskey.A different verdict will be reached on days when circumstances alter, as they are bound to. In the most important aspects Capello is not dogmatic at all. He changed his mind about Heskey, whose worth for his country had really been appreciated by Steve McClaren, even if he got few plaudits for the astuteness since his line-up could not reach Euro 2008.Capello has been doing wonderful work. Alluding to his background in club management, he spoke of the switch from operating with footballers he might have known for 10 years to training an England squad in 10-day bursts. In defiance of the restrictions, he seems to be engendering confidence and a hard-nosed commitment to victory. The Italian is warming, in addition, to people like Gerrard, who deplored his own England form ahead of the Belarus match. “You need players with humility,” he said. “It is about respect for other players, for managers.”All of England’s improvement has come in the midst of experimentation. There should be even better times to come when Capello can open with a line-up that has absolutely no need of further tweaking. Share Share Share on Facebook | Pick Email (optional) 17 Oct 2008 8:44 ClarkyCatGreat point about England under Eriksson always sitting back after taking a 1-0 lead. That aspect of the England team drove me mad. Aside from the idiocy of defending on the edge of our own penalty area for 80 minutes like we did against Portugal in Euro 2004 (after going one up after 3 minutes), the style did not come naturally to English players.I thought the game against Belarus was the best England performance I have seen for a number of years. Even better than the performance against Croatia. Belarus were a very good side: comfortable on the ball, kept possession well and pressed hard when they lost the ball. Their goal was fantastic, even allowing for a couple of errors by the England players. For England to assert themselves in the second half and subsequently take control of the game really showed how far they have come.Time will tell if I am wrong, but I think Belarus are as good as Croatia. Share on Facebook 1 Share on Twitter Reply Twitter … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Share on Twitter collapsed Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Capello proves an autocrat who really can adapt | Pick oldest 17 Oct 2008 8:59 Reply Share Share Reply | Pick Report Facebook Facebook Share 17 Oct 2008 9:54 Report 17 Oct 2008 18:30 17 Oct 2008 16:24 0 1 Acker Pello has been the best thing to happen to the English National team for a long while. Tactically astute, seems willing to trust his players to follow his instructions and I just have a feeling that the players are increasingly trusting of him and his judgment. Acker’s a clear leader, I think there’s every reason to be positive about England moving forward under his stewardship. And hasn’t his grasp of English come on as well…. Reply Share Capello certainly doesn’t seem like a manager who is going to be tactically out-thought so that’s a big step forward for England. It may also be true that first half performances will improve with better known opponents. But on the other hand, you play a 4-4-2 with the two central mifielders as more holding players, and you are surprised that the central holding player of the other team has time to control the game and make good passes because he plays for a small club – really?The Rooney thing really reminds me of the Ian Rush interview recently where he said early on he thought he was doing okay for the team without scoring goals, “But then Bob Paisley called me aside and told me to be selfish – he said that I was a striker and that meant I had to score goals. It seems a simple thing to but it made all the difference.” Maybe Capello had talked to Rushy. Share Facebook Report Share on Twitter Report | Pick 3 0 1 RememberTheMer Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Twitter we’re never going to have a team that doesn’t need tweaking. Praising Cappello for doing his job?Is he different, less italian, than Sven? We haven’t played anyone decent yet- Croatia a fluke seeing as walcott played exceptionally well, and is the sort of player Sven didn’t have access to (could actually go past people).I bet you anything we start sitting back and lumping long balls when the shit hits the fan. Not a disaster but certainly a bit too italian for my liking. Still! any road up eh? | Pick Order by oldest Share pierrelemer I may be wrong but I get the impression that Capello has been finding his international feet over the last few months. Listening to him talk and watching the games, he appeared to be heading down the pragmatic counter attacking path. Sven tried it and had reasonable success (watching man city last season reminded me of that painful second half against Argentina in WC02 where we had ten men within 30 yards of our own goal line throughout.Commentators and journalists tend to have two complaints about England teams: that we can’t keep the ball; and that we don’t play the same was as in the premiership. It looks like Capello has realised that not many premiership teams play patient ‘keep ball’ build ups and he’s moved to a more attacking, pacey style. It’s quite possible that we’ll end up with another couple of quarter finals, but I’d like to see England try to dominate the opposition premiership style, while Capello uses his knowledge, and the odd tweak, to keep the goals against column lower than the goals for. Share on LinkedIn Muntzer Share on Facebook Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment Facebook Twitter Facebook Report Riverside Share Facebook McClaren must feel really schtupid now Share on Twitter | Pick InterRovers World Cup 2010 Reply vmazzola understands itCapello recognised what he had at Roma, 3-4 great forwards and 2 brilliant wing backs so they played dashing football. Goes to Juve and adjusts to their catenaccio traditions. At Real he understood they lacked heart and confidence so gave them it. The Madridistas may not have enjoyed it but they won and even though Schuster gave them a more exciting team I will bet that without the preceding year of turgid discipline they would not have won again last season. He appears to be doing the same thing again with England, meshing what you have with what is required. England actually are quite exciting under Capello but he has freed them of the off field baggage.Marsman on the Beckham troll again eh? You do recall Capello dropped him very publicly before? Well for all his faults, Beckham proved to the ‘aloof’ one that he had been wrong, and Capello obviously agreed. Maybe he is there because Capello thinks he has a role to play on and off the pitch. | Pick Fabio Capello’s England side have secured maximum points from their first four World Cup qualifying games. Photograph: Michael Ryan/Action Images TheBoldODonoghue Report 0 1 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Gallinaingles Reason (optional) 0 1 Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Report 0 1 17 Oct 2008 16:03 Twitter Reply newest Reply Report Share Share on Facebook 17 Oct 2008 15:18 blogposts Share on Facebook Facebook View more comments All | Pick Share Reply Facebook JCSweden 0 1 kiwired Share Report comments (61)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. 17 Oct 2008 16:38 17 Oct 2008 17:41 Report Is he different, less italian, than Sven? We haven’t played anyone decent yet- Croatia a fluke seeing as walcott played exceptionally well,Eh? Croatia are a solid side. They put us to the sword last year, at home, and for pride alone. Returning the favour is clearly an improvement. And how is it a fluke that one of our most promising emerging players had a great game?And Marsman … move on will you mate? Beckham’s happily married. Just let him go. Reply 17 Oct 2008 17:21 Share Facebook 100 Share on WhatsApp Facebook Report Report 17 Oct 2008 18:03 Twitter Reply I still find it odd that Capello is so much less “Italian” than Eriksson in his approach. He has seemingly managed to find that balance between English pace and aggression and European tactical sophistication that England teams have only fleetingly toyed with over the last two decades. What’s particularly pleasing is the refusal to sit back on the 1-0 lead, which was the most annoying aspect of the Swede’s reign. But it’s still early doors and there is certainly room for improvement. Facebook 0 1 Facebook Report unthreaded Exiled: Surely England are the England of Europe?Point taken though, and I agree to a certain extent. However, those teams mentioned would almost definitely provide a sterner test that Croatia and Belarus, occasional blips in form and poor games against lesser teams not withstanding.Has anyone seen the rather poor film ‘Coach Carter’? This whole ‘my performances have been poor’, ‘we became a circus’, calling players by their surnames thing reminds me of it a great deal. Ext Fabio will be demanding they achieve a standard level of academic achievement before allowing them to play Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Facebook 0 1 Share 0 1 Share Share on Facebook chiseler Share on Facebook 25 Twitter | Pick Twitter DaveMere 0 1 Facebook | Pick 17 Oct 2008 18:43 bluenova Reply Facebook Thu 16 Oct 2008 19.05 EDT 0 1 0 1 Share on Twitter | Pick 0 1 Twitter Reply Share on Facebook We’ll have a shot if we can get the Boers back in charge…. Facebook Twitter Twitter | Pick Exactly. Positive times. Just relax and let the Don do his work.Finally a manager who knows his own mind. Can’t wait for some more testing opposition. Share Report Report First published on Thu 16 Oct 2008 19.05 EDT Twitter Share on Twitter Reply 17 Oct 2008 17:14 Twitter I think it’s hard to keep that old ‘Foreign and us’ dichotomy going, especially with so many key players in the Premiership currently from Europe. If there’s any place the slow and patient, sophisticated approach is favoured it’s in some (but not all) Spanish clubs. In Spain Capello was associated with and criticised because of an Italian style play, which is seen in Spain as negative and aggressive (not sophisticated at all), hugely defensive and relying on quick counter-attacking breaks for scoring.Inside Italy, and among Italain clubs and fans, Juve (Capello’s club before Real) are seen as having an ‘anti-football’ tradition, everything based on physical and mental toughness. As someone once summed it up: “Let them keep the ball. They won’t be able to do anything with it anyway.” Many have commented on how much Zidane changed when he moved to Madrid, becoming more spectacularly skilful. In Italy they just said, “Yeah, but that’s normal. They wouldn’t have allowed that at Juve.”I think Capello is one of the great figures in European football, although I don’t necessarily like his personal style or the style of play he sometimes imposes. But his bottom line is the result. And everywhere he’s gone, the result has followed. Share on Facebook 17 Oct 2008 16:28 3 17 Oct 2008 18:52 | Pick lankybloke 17 Oct 2008 19:09 Share Reply DaveMere Share Share on Twitter chargehand 0 1 Loading comments… Trouble loading? Share via Email 0 1 “Croatia are no Spain, Holland, France (all be it a bad France at the time – a team we lost to recently) Brazil, Argentia, Italy, Portual or Germany..”Right, let’s do a little review on these so-called unbeatable teams, shall we?- Spain: A friendly will be held on February. We will see then. The European Champions nearly missed out on the finals.- The Netherlands: Considered by many as the “England of Europe” due to their persistant underachivement.- France: Have lost in Austria. Most French people consider the French team as underperforming under Domenech.- Brazil: Well, please refer to the article written this week on Brazil.- Argentina: Drew against Belarus, a team England has just beaten 3-1.- Italy: Drew in Bulgaria recently.- Portugal: Are still looking for a decen striker. Lost at home against Denmark and drew at home against Albania.- Germany: We will see next month.My point is, at the moment and with such confidence, England can win against anyone. That does not mean that England are going to be world champions. Reply Share Share on Facebook Facebook 0 1 | Pick | Pick 17 Oct 2008 10:58 Reply Share on Twitter Reply 17 Oct 2008 16:38 Share on Twitter ExiledLad Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other Facebook Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick Share 1 Report Since you’re here… Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp Twitter Share on Facebook Report World Cup 2010 Reply Facebook | Picklast_img read more

Merck enters into agreement with HistoCyte Laboratories to distribute cell line reference

first_img Source:https://www.merckgroup.com/en/news/agreement-histocyte-laboratories-19-06-2018.html We are excited to have our products available and brand promoted within the U.S. and beyond by Merck. It allows us to focus on our direct market in the U.K. and Ireland, as well as concentrate on further product development.” Jun 20 2018Merck, a leading science and technology company, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd, Tyne, U.K., to be the exclusive multinational distributor of the company’s portfolio of cell line reference products for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.“This collaboration gives customers a cost-effective and practical solution to the problem of tissue heterogeneity,” said Jean-Charles Wirth, head of the Applied Solutions business unit, Life Science at Merck. “These reference materials strengthen Merck’s pathology portfolio and provide a robust and standardized means for customers to achieve greater confidence in their analyses.”Related StoriesMerck collaborates with Solvias to offer new MAT kit for pyrogen detectionUnder the agreement, Merck will employ its sales, marketing and e-commerce expertise to distribute HistoCyte Laboratories’ comprehensive range of pathology slide controls in the U.S. and other select geographies. Outside of these select geographies, HistoCyte Laboratories will continue to reach customers via its own channels. Financial details were not disclosed.The unique cell preparations from HistoCyte Laboratories are not typical cell line preparations, Wirth noted. HistoCyte Laboratories’ slides mimic tissue morphology and protein expression much more than the average cell line slide product.“This is important in pathology and clinical research labs where standardized tissue preparations may be in short supply, causing issues for reliable analysis and diagnosis, as well as cost,” Wirth added.The controls will be available in cell microarray blocks, thereby fitting into laboratory workflows more easily. In block format, they are a more cost-effective standardized material for routine laboratories.The founders of HistoCyte Laboratories have more than 30 years of experience in the in vitro diagnostics industry. Colin Tristram, who co-founded HistoCyte Laboratories with Ian Milton, said:center_img Merck’s collaboration with HistoCyte Laboratories immediately expands the U.K.-based company’s global reach. Moreover, HistoCyte Laboratories will have access into the U.S. pathology market through Merck, a leader in innovative Life Science products.last_img read more

Educational intervention increases sunscreen use reduces sunburns among operating engineers

first_img Source:http://www.aacr.org/ Jun 28 2018Bottom Line: Implementation of educational interventions among operating engineers (heavy equipment operators) in Michigan significantly increased the use of sunscreen and decreased the number of reported sunburns.Journal in Which the Study was Published: Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer ResearchAuthor: Sonia Duffy, PhD, RN, FAAN, cancer control researcher at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute; professor and Mildred E. Newton Endowed Chair, College of Nursing at The Ohio State University in Columbus; and research scientist at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Ann Arbor, Michigan.Background: “The rates of melanoma have been increasing in recent decades in the United States, and outdoor workers are at an increased risk for developing this deadliest form of skin cancer,” said Duffy. “We wanted to investigate how behavioral interventions can affect sunscreen use and sunburning among operating engineers as a way to prevent skin cancer.”While prior studies have indicated that interventions can result in beneficial sun-safety behaviors among outdoor workers, a systematic analysis revealed that this population had inadequate sun-protective behaviors. Furthermore, in a previous analysis, Duffy and colleagues found that approximately two-thirds of operating engineers reported rarely or never wearing sunscreen, even though 80 percent of this population reported spending four to five hours per day in the sun during summer work hours. The use of sunscreen and protective clothing can mitigate exposure to UV radiation and decrease the risk of developing skin cancer.How the Study Was Conducted: In this trial, Duffy and colleagues recruited 357 operating engineers in the winter or spring of 2012-2013. Participants were provided baseline surveys and were randomized to four interventions: education only; education and text message reminders; education and mailed sunscreen; and education, text message reminders, and mailed sunscreen. Following the summer intervention, 82.1 percent of participants responded to post-intervention surveys.The educational intervention comprised a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation delivered during pre-existing annual safety trainings. Key topics included current use of sun protection in this population as identified in a prior survey, the incidence and prevalence of skin cancer among outdoor workers, skin cancer risk factors and types of skin cancer, and methods to prevent sunburning.Related StoriesHow cell-free DNA can be targeted to prevent spread of tumorsTrends in colonoscopy rates not aligned with increase in early onset colorectal cancerSugary drinks linked to cancer finds studySample text messages included: “Your family and friends love you–put on sunscreen!” and “86% of [operating engineers] burn each summer–but not you, right?” Mailed sunscreen, which was received three times over the summer, included a large bottle of sun protection factor (SPF) 30 lotion and a small bottle that could be refilled and attached to key rings (as keys are important to operating engineers).Results: Overall, the percentage of participants who reported never wearing sunscreen was 38.1 percent at baseline and decreased to 21.8 percent at follow-up. All four interventions resulted in significantly increased use of sunscreen, with a marginally significant increase among participants who received the intervention comprised of education and text message reminders.Overall, the percentage of participants who reported burning at least four times during the summer decreased from 18.6 percent at baseline to 5.8 percent at follow-up. The number of reported sunburns decreased significantly across all intervention groups. However, there was no significant difference in reported sunburns among the four interventions.Author’s Comments: “Our most important finding was that a simple educational intervention significantly decreased the number of sunburns in operational engineers,” noted Duffy. “Text messages and mailed sunscreen further improved outcomes, but education had the largest effect. I think there’s a lack of knowledge about the risks of UV exposure in this population, and it was inspiring to see how a small effort resulted in a sizable health behavioral change.”Study Limitations: Limitations of the study include a reliance on self-reported data. Additionally, nearly half of participants who received text messaging opted out of this service; the authors hypothesize that the high opt-out rate was due to the perceived cost of text messaging fees.last_img read more